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The Best Meeting Tools

Explore our selection of premier software designed to enhance your meetings and team collaboration. Each tool is meticulously evaluated to ensure it meets the dynamic needs of managers and leaders, helping you streamline your meeting workflow with cutting-edge technology.

What types of meeting software are there?

Most managers, entrepreneurs and executives probably immediately think of Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet or Skype when they think of meeting software.

However, very few people know that there are several sub-categories in the meeting tools category and that there are very interesting tools that can be used to significantly increase meeting productivity in your own company.

We have created an in-depth overview for you here, which will give you a good overview of the individual meeting tools, and then you can decide for yourself which tools might be of interest to you.

We distinguish between the following meeting tool categories:

  1. pre-meeting
  2. during meeting
  3. post-meeting

Category 1 includes all tools that either help to optimize meeting management or that relate to the preparation of a meeting.

Pre-Meeting Tools

Category 2 refers to tools that are used during a live meeting. These can be collaborative tools or video conferencing tools.

During The Meeting Tools

In category 3, you will find tools that are used to follow up meetings, e.g. to record action items or meeting minutes.

Post-Meeting Tools


Pre-Meeting Tools