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Jannik Lindner

Jannik is the Co-founder of MeetingFever

Alexander Eser

Alexander is the Co-founder of MeetingFever

Florian Felsing

Florian is the Co-founder of MeetingFever

Our Philosophy About Meeting

Having “too many meetings” is unavoidable, but managing them well isn’t.

Enduring numerous meetings becomes a necessary evil when collaborating as a team or organization. They seem to proliferate like the Hydra from Greek mythology: once one meeting concludes, two more are already scheduled as follow-ups. Consequently, our calendars are packed, and we all suffer from what we call “meeting fever.”

It might be tempting to dismiss meetings entirely and offer a solution promising to “spend less time in meetings,” “have more productive meetings,” or “just cancel them all with our asynchronous meeting solution.” Well, it’s not that easy. If we were to ask users whether they want to have “fewer, more efficient meetings,” everybody would say “yes, of course!” But meetings are our collective guilty pleasure—it’s the time when we bond at work, exchange backchannel information, and keep each other updated. A little like the time between classes in school: you just don’t want to miss it.

Hence, we must accept that having “too many meetings” is just part of our work life, but that doesn’t mean there’s no way to improve the status quo. We’ve realized that most of our meeting fatigue can be attributed to poor organization and administrative hassles. We all know that every meeting should have an agenda, somebody should take notes, and afterward, we should distribute our meeting protocol to everyone involved to increase accountability. But it’s just too much pain to do this constantly for every meeting.

Enter ZipDo. Our software replaces the administrative work necessary to have great meetings, so you can get through your meeting schedule without spending a minute thinking about creating meeting agendas, keeping notes, or sharing minutes. We connect with your calendar and set up a shared workspace for each of your meetings, allowing you to collaborate on agendas, keep notes, and follow up on decisions in one place. So, all your meetings are well-prepared before they even start, and afterward, everyone has access to relevant information. Boom! As easy as that, we can take out almost 100% of the pain involved with meetings, just by making sure every meeting is well-organized with the basics.

So yes, “too many meetings” might just be the world we live in, but ZipDo makes sure you don’t get lost in the meeting jungle and can stay organized across your meeting schedule.

How do we monetize?

At, we aim to educate managers, executives, and entrepreneurs on how to conduct efficient meetings.

We’ve developed our own software product tailored to our method. Our content is designed to deliver maximum value. We monetize through our proprietary product, ZipDo. For more information about ZipDo, all details are available here.