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The 10 Best Board Meeting Software Tools

The 10 Best Board Meeting Software Tools’ article provides an overview of top-notch software options designed to streamline and enhance the efficiency of board meetings.

"ZipDo is a very clean and organized app which focuses on the perfect meeting workflow."
"Boardable is a great Board Meeting Software because it streamlines communication, collaboration, and organization for board members and administrators."
"BoardEffect is a great Board Meeting Software because it streamlines collaboration, improves communication, and enhances efficiency for board members and executives."
Diligent Boards
"Diligent Boards is a great board meeting software because it streamlines communication, collaboration, and document management for board members."
"BoardPAC is a great Board Meeting Software because it offers secure document distribution and collaboration features tailored for board meetings."
"BoardPro is a great Board Meeting Software because it streamlines meeting preparation, organization, and communication, making the process more efficient and effective."
Directors Desk
"Directors Desk is a great Board Meeting Software due to its user-friendly interface, robust security features, and efficient collaboration tools."
"OnBoard is a great Board Meeting Software because it offers intuitive interface, secure access, and robust features for efficient and productive meetings."
Azeus Convene
"Azeus Convene is a great Board Meeting Software because it offers secure and efficient collaboration tools for seamless board meetings."
"BoardPaq is a great board meeting software because it provides secure document management, collaboration tools, and meeting automation features all in one platform."

Board Meeting Software is a digital platform designed to facilitate the management and organization of board meetings. It aids in streamlining processes such as scheduling, document sharing, conducting votes, and managing minutes of the meeting. These software solutions often come with features that enhance communication and collaboration, enabling members to participate remotely while ensuring security and privacy. The aim of this technology is to simplify the administrative tasks involved in running board meetings, thereby allowing board members to focus more on decision-making and strategic discussions.

The Best Products

Board Meeting Software: Our Recommendations

Pick #1: Our Software


ZipDo, a cloud-powered board meeting management solution, revolutionizes team synergy by reframing the manner in which meeting notes are composed, structured, and disseminated. The software’s capabilities in real-time minute drafting, team-based editing, and harmonization with widely-used productivity tools and calendars certify it as an invaluable asset for corporate boardrooms of any size.

One of the defining features is ZipDo’s capability for instant minute recording, ensuring meeting attendees stay synchronized, thereby expunging the resilience on conventional note swapping. After the meeting, board members can effortlessly revise and append notes to reflect the latest information.

Moreover, ZipDo’s excellence in minutes categorization becomes evident as it offers seamless filing into channels or folders. Archive-able and searchable minutes amplify effectiveness, offering swift retrieval of particular data sans the inconvenience of manual searches or relentless scrolling.

In terms of information sharing, ZipDo’s provision for detailed access control guarantees safe transmission of data within board members, associates, or business partners. Its compatibility with calendars supports simultaneous creation of meeting minutes, bidding goodbye to manual entries.

In conclusion, ZipDo is a user-friendly suite equipped with comprehensive tools designed to boost productivity, foster collaboration and optimize meeting management. Its feature-set encompassing real-time minute taking, shared editing, organization, searchability, data sharing, and integration casts it in a pivotal role in ensuring smooth board meetings and steady project progression.

Pick #2


Boardable is a comprehensive board meeting software designed to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in how boards prepare for, conduct, and follow up on meetings. It serves as a central hub where board members can access and review meeting agendas, minutes, policies, and other resources. The platform integrates with various digital tools and offers features such as scheduling, document management, task tracking, and voting, all designed to optimize board communication and productivity. Additionally, it provides advanced data protection to ensure board information is securely stored and accessible only to authorized members.

Intuitive Dashboard and Interface - Boardable comes with an easy-to-navigate dashboard that allows users to quickly view upcoming meetings, recent activity, and documents. It also provides a clear overview of tasks, discussions, and polls, making it easy to stay organized.
Integrated Meeting Center - Boardable is equipped with a meeting center that allows for planning, executing, and following up on meetings all in one place. This feature makes the coordination of agenda items and sharing of updated documentation effortless.
Polling and Voting Features - As board meetings often require decisions to be made, Boardable has integrated polling and voting features that allow for efficient decision making. Members can cast votes or respond to polls directly within the software, making the process streamlined and organized.
Board Packet Builder - Boardable's board packet builder allows you to create, store, and distribute essential meeting materials easily. This feature helps in the efficient and timely circulation of important information to all board members.
Smart Notifications and Reminders - Boardable sends automated reminders about upcoming meetings, pending tasks, and new documents to the members. This helps in keeping all participants informed and up-to-date about any changes or new events, promoting better participation and engagement in meetings.
Limited Integrations: While Boardable offers integration with Google Calendar and Outlook, it doesn't offer as many integrations with other tools as some alternatives do. Organizations using a wide range of applications might find this restrictive.
No Offline Access: Since Boardable is solely cloud-based, the lack of offline access can be frustrating for users who travel or work in areas with spotty internet connections. The inability to access data offline becomes a limiting factor.
Design Limitations: Some users report that Boardable's user interface can be less intuitive and a bit dated. More visual cues, advanced styling options, and design customization would enhance the user experience.
Limited Meeting Management: Boardable lacks tools for video conferencing and recording. This requires users to implement other tools in addition to Boardable, creating a more complex tech stack.
No App for Windows: While there is an app for IOS and Android devices, there is no dedicated app for Windows users. Making Boardable harder to access and operate efficiently on the move for Windows users.

Pick #3


BoardEffect is an innovative board meeting software designed to streamline and enhance all dimensions of board administration and collaboration process. It’s a user-friendly, highly secure platform that allows board members to communicate, share documents, schedule meetings, and carry out votes and approvals digitally. The software adheres to stringent security standards to ensure data protection and confidentiality. Its features include centralized document management, comprehensive board meeting management, committee/task workspaces, and strategic planning tools that help boards operate more effectively and efficiently.

Benefit 1:Centralized Access: BoardEffect allows users to access past and present documents from any location. This means that key stakeholders can see the information they need, at a time that suits them.
Benefit 2:Streamlined Workflow: The software integrates well with existing systems to streamline workflow. This promotes seamless operations by eliminating redundancies and reducing the time required to complete tasks.
Benefit 3:Fundamental Board Processes: With BoardEffect, you can streamline fundamental board processes such as meetings, evaluations, and goal setting. Its modules are built specifically to address these tasks in a clear and efficient manner.
Benefit 4:Dedicated Support: BoardEffect offers dedicated support for its users, ensuring that problems and queries are dealt with promptly. Comprehensive training resources are also available to maximize the software's benefits.
Benefit 5:Enhanced Collaboration: The software enhances collaboration among board members through features like shared calendars, rich-text discussions, and voting and approval workflows. These tools make it easier to coordinate and communicate about important decisions.
Difficult User Interface: BoardEffect, although loaded with features, can sometimes suffer from a user interface that is less intuitive and easy to navigate compared to similar platforms. New users may encounter a steep learning curve.
Limited Customizability: While BoardEffect provides a variety of tools and features, it lacks the flexibility to customize them fully to meet the unique needs of each board or organization.
Synchronization Issues: Some users have reported problems with synchronizing their data across different devices. This can cause inconvenience, especially for those who move frequently between devices.
Inefficient Search Function: The platform's search function has been noted for being less than optimal. Users can have difficulty locating specific information or files due to its lack of efficiency or filter options.
Occasional Slowness and Lag: There have also been complaints about the software's performance, with users experiencing slow load times and lag, which can disrupt the flow of board meetings.

Pick #4

Diligent Boards

Diligent Boards is an advanced and comprehensive board meeting software designed to enhance the efficiency, convenience, and security of board communication and collaboration. It provides a robust platform for organizing, distributing, and reviewing board materials, and facilitates seamless discussion and decision-making among board members. Diligent Boards offers advanced security features and compliance support, ensuring sensitive information remains confidential. This software not only streamlines the preparation and execution of board meetings, but also provides tools for annotation, voting, questionnaires, and board evaluations, effectively digitizing and enhancing overall board governance process.

Easy Board Pack Compilation: Diligent Boards allows for seamless organization and compression of board packs into an intuitive digital format. This streamlines the preparation process before board meetings and ensures all necessary information is readily accessible.
Real-Time Updates & Notifications: In Diligent Boards, users have the ability to access real-time updates, commenting and noting capabilities within the software. This enables immediate distribution of new information or changes, enhancing proactive decision-making.
Integrative Functionality: Diligent Boards is capable of integrating with other Diligent suite software, such as Diligent Messenger or Entities. This offers a smooth and interoperable system that combines various functional needs.
Personalised User Experience: Diligent Boards is designed to cater to individual preferences, allowing board members to annotate, bookmark and perform advance searches within documents. This provides a more seamless, personalised user experience.
Advanced Archiving & Record Keeping: Diligent Boards provides extensive archiving features. Past board books and materials can be easily stored and retrieved, aiding in efficient record keeping and document management.
Limited Customization: While Diligent Boards offer numerous pre-set features, the customization options are limited. This makes it difficult for organizations with unique or dynamic board meeting needs to adapt the software to their specific requirements.
Complex Interface: Numerous users have pointed out that the platform's interface may be complex and not very intuitive. Often, it requires a steep learning curve, especially for people who are not tech-savvy.
Limited Integration: Diligent Boards lacks strong integration capabilities with other software and tools. This could lead to manual data entry or reworking, which is time-consuming if the company already uses software and tools that are not compatible with this platform.
Inefficient Offline Mode: Users have reported issues regarding the offline mode, such as difficulties syncing and updating their content when not connected to the internet. This limits the flexibility and accessibility of the software.
Slow Update Process: Several users have reported a slow update process which can be a major setback in fast-paced environments where decisions need to be made quickly. While this may not affect all organizations, it's a potential issue in a critical board meeting scenario.

Pick #5


BoardPAC is a highly secure, intuitive and easy-to-use board meeting automation solution, which is trusted by enterprises worldwide for both in-person and virtual meetings. It provides professional directors with the ability to view and approve board papers and updates from any part of the world. BoardPAC, with its suite of advanced features including director analytics and risk scorecards, enhances the effectiveness of board meetings while ensuring optimal governance and compliance. Besides, it allows for digital note-taking, voting, e-signatures, and secure messaging, thus facilitating paperless, eco-friendly, and effective meetings.

Intuitive and User-Friendly Interface: BoardPAC has an easy-to-use interface that provides simple navigation, interaction, and smooth workflow for the users. This saves time and makes sure everyone can use the system, regardless of their technical skill level.
Real-Time Updates and Synchronization: BoardPAC allows for real-time updates and synchronization of meeting materials. This means that amendments can be easily made and all users will still have access to the most up-to-date documents during the meeting.
Comprehensive Meeting Management: From planning stages to real-time execution, BoardPAC efficiently supports all stages of a meeting. It offers scheduling, document management, voting, and resolution tools, helping to streamline board meetings and decision-making processes.
Extensive Accessibility Features: BoardPAC can be accessed on various devices, including iPads, Android tablets, and Windows devices. This provides flexibility for attendees to join the meeting remotely if necessary or prefer to use their own devices.
Seamless Integration with Other Software: BoardPAC can integrate with common business software like Microsoft Office. This enables users to work on documents using the tools they are already familiar with, enhancing productivity and ease of use.
Limited Collaboration Tools: BoardPAC lacks comprehensive tools for real-time online collaboration. This is troubling for Board members who may need to converse, annotate, or comment on documents during the meeting.
Lack of Integration: BoardPAC doesn't integrate well with other enterprise software solutions. This can cause difficulties for users who need to move between systems or share information from different sources.
Complex User Interface: Navigation within the BoardPAC system can be complex and non-intuitive. The steep learning curve associated with onboarding this software may be a hindrance to some users.
Limited Customization: The platform provides limited customization for individual company needs. Fixed features and lack of customization options might be a major setback for organizations that have unique board meeting requirements.
No Offline Mode: BoardPAC lacks a fully functional offline mode. For board members who may need to access or review critical documents and meeting information in areas with limited internet connection, lack of offline functionality is a major disadvantage.

Pick #6


BoardPro is a board meeting software specifically designed to streamline and enhance the workflows associated with board meetings management. This solution aims to simplify board governance by providing various functionalities such as document and decision tracking, agenda management, meeting reminders, notes taking, voting, and minutes recording. It facilitates greater productivity, transparency, and accountability within a board setting by ensuring information is readily accessible, organized, and secure. BoardPro is ideally suited to small-medium businesses, non-profits and local government bodies seeking a dedicated tool for optimized board management.

Streamlined Meeting Management: BoardPro provides features like the 'meeting wizard' and templates that simplify the process of planning and conducting board meetings. This includes the ability to set agendas, assign tasks, and track action items, making it easier to navigate and manage the entirety of the board meeting process.
Integrated Document Management: BoardPro has a comprehensive document management system allowing users to store, access, edit, and share meeting documents and board papers securely. This aids in creating an efficient workflow and keeps all necessary documentation in one central location.
Decision Tracking: The software includes a feature for tracking decisions made during board meetings. This includes who made the decision and when. This feature is particularly useful for tracking accountability and ensuring accurate record keeping.
Robust Reporting Features: BoardPro offers robust reporting capabilities, including governance reporting. This can help boards in achieving regulatory compliance, and also in tracking their strategic goals and monitoring their performance against those goals.
Detailed Meeting Minutes: BoardPro has a unique feature where it automatically generates draft minutes based on input and changes made during the meeting. This simplifies the post-meeting process and ensures that all crucial points and decisions are appropriately recorded.
BoardPro doesn’t support real-time collaboration. Unlike some of its competitors, it lacks features for board members to collaborate in real-time during meetings, which can limit interaction and efficiency,
The software has been criticized for occasional poor performance with larger files. This can lead to longer loading times and decreased efficiency, especially during board meetings where such documents are used frequently,
A not so user-friendly interface as it is quite cluttered and not very intuitive. New users may require training or time to familiarize themselves with the system, which leads to a slower onboarding process,
BoardPro doesn't have a chat feature integrated into the platform. While it does allow members to make comments, having a chat feature would provide instant communication within the platform itself,
Limited customer support. Several users have noted that it can be difficult to get prompt responses from the support team. This gap in support can lead to increased downtime or inefficiencies if an issue arises during a crucial board meeting.

Pick #7

Directors Desk

Directors Desk is an innovative board meeting software designed to streamline the board communication and management process within an organization. As a part of Nasdaq Governance Solutions, it provides secure, efficient, and effective methods for board directors, executives, and administrators to distribute, review and update essential board materials. Key features include easy access to board books and documents, real-time note syncing, voting and signing capabilities, and a platform for board evaluations. Essentially, Directors Desk enhances organizational oversight, governance workflow and aids decision-making by offering a user-friendly, interactive, and secured digital environment for conducting board meetings.

Comprehensive Board Content Management: Directors Desk provides an integrated platform where board members can access and review meeting materials, calendars, action items, and insights. This centralized repository eliminates the need for physical documents and multiple email chains.
Collaboration and Communication Enhancement: Directors Desk offers robust collaboration tools that facilitate real-time discussions. Annotated documents can be shared amongst the directors, fostering an interactive decision-making process.
Seamless Integration with Other Nasdaq Governance Solutions: Directors Desk is part of the Nasdaq Boardvantage suite, hence it can be seamlessly integrated with other governance solutions like Nasdaq OneReport for corporate sustainability reporting or Nasdaq Boardvantage Teams for team/project management among the senior leadership, etc. This integration capability caters to an expanded governance ecosystem and ensures alignment across the organization's leadership.
Role-Based Access Controls: Directors Desk enables a more granulated control over who can view, edit, or distribute specific content. This role-based access enhances the efficiency and ensures that confidential or sensitive information can be managed appropriately within your board members and key stakeholders.
Customizable and Interactive Dashboards: Directors Desk offers customizable dashboards that provide board members or directors with at-a-glance insights they need. Its interactive dashboard feature enables board members to make more informed and accurate strategic decisions.
User Interface - Directors Desk has a user interface that may not be the most user-friendly. It could be complex for those who are not technologically proficient, thus making it less efficient for quick and easy use during board meetings.
Customization Limitations - While Directors Desk does offer some personalization, it lacks extensive customization features. This could be a disadvantage for boards that have specific, non-standard requirements for their meeting software.
Limited Integration - Directors Desk may not integrate seamlessly with a range of other business tools and software, which can complicate workflow and data sharing if board members are accustomed to using other platforms.
Performance Issues - There are some reports of occasional non-responsiveness and slow running which could interrupt workflow and impact productivity during crucial board meetings.
Document Management - The document management capabilities of Directors Desk are somewhat limited. Board members may find it challenging to organize, search, and manage documents efficiently, compared to other dedicated document management systems.

Pick #8


Aprio is a comprehensive board meeting software that provides a platform for efficient and effective board communication by centralizing all board-related activities. It offers an intuitive interface where users can manage meetings, access documents, make annotations, vote online, and sign documents electronically. The platform ensures robust security and transparency, allowing board members to collaborate seamlessly while also maintaining confidentiality. Aprio also facilitates automated scheduling and reminders, member surveys, and board evaluations, significantly improving overall board governance and streamline workflow.

Comprehensive Document Access - Aprio allows all board members to access required documents for a board meeting anytime and anywhere. This includes archive and meeting document search and access. It keeps all board documents organized in one secure place, thus requiring less time to prepare for meetings.
Intelligent Annotations - In Aprio, board members can make private notes and annotations directly on the board materials. This feature enables each board member to ensure their inputs are captured accurately for future references.
Real-Time Updates - Aprio provides real-time updates to ensure all board members have access to the most current information. Any additions or changes to the board materials are instantly available to all members, ensuring everyone is looking at the same version of a document.
Easy-To-Use Voting Tools - Aprio has intuitive voting and consent tools for faster decision-making processes. This feature allows board members to vote remotely and securely, thus making decision-making processes quicker and more efficient.
Enhanced Collaboration - Aprio enables more collaborative board meetings by providing features such as discussion forums. This fosters better collaboration among board members even between meetings, which in turn can lead to better decision-making.
Limited Customization. Aprio's board meeting software comes with a standard interface and feature options. Companies with unique or non-traditional board meeting structures might find it difficult to customize according to their specific needs.
Steep Learning Curve. For non-tech savvy users, Aprio may pose a steep learning curve. This can lead to delays or inefficiency in deploying it across the organization.
Lack of Integration with Other Software. Aprio often doesn't integrate well with other software. This could deter smooth data and information transfer and affect overall productivity.
System Performance Dependence on Internet Speed. Since Aprio is a cloud-based application, its system performance heavily depends on Internet speed. Slow or disrupted internet can lead to unresponsiveness and delay in accessing required information or documents.
Document Preview Limitations. In Aprio, the document preview function can be limited, causing unnecessary downloads when a simple preview is required. This can be time-consuming and inconvenient for board members who want to quickly glance through documents.

Pick #9


OnBoard is a comprehensive and secure board management software designed to optimize the process of organizing, conducting, and managing various aspects of board meetings. Its intuitive interface allows members to collaboratively review agendas, create and annotate meeting minutes, vote electronically and sign documents while ensuring advanced levels of security. It’s compatible with multiple device platforms providing access from anywhere, improving overall efficiency and engagement for board of directors and stakeholders. OnBoard also offers integration with other tools including video conferencing, making it a comprehensive solution for virtual board meetings.

Detailed Meeting Minutes - OnBoard offers capabilities to easily capture detailed, accurate meeting minutes. The software can be used to record any actions or decisions made during a meeting, allowing for clear documentation of board decisions.
Real-time Collaboration - OnBoard facilitates effective collaboration amongst board members. The software allows for documents to be shared and edited in real time, enabling all board members to participate actively in meetings, regardless of their location.
Agenda and Meeting Management - OnBoard provides a centralized platform for managing agendas and meetings. This helps in structuring board level communication and decision-making processes, making them more efficient.
Customized Permissions and Control - OnBoard allows for exceptional granularity when it comes to permissions and control. Board administrators can control who has access to what information, allowing for sensitive data to be protected.
Integration with Existing Software - OnBoard can seamlessly integrate with existing software solutions like Microsoft Office. This means that board members wouldn't need to learn how to use a whole new suite of tools, minimizing the transition period and maximizing efficiency.
Limited Integration Options - Unlike other board management software, OnBoard does not offer a broad range of integration with other applications. This can create constraints for organizations that use a variety of different tools for their operations.
Difficulty in User Management - Users have reported difficulties in managing team members within the platform, such as adding, removing, and changing user roles, which can affect the smooth operation of the board meeting.
Inadequate Offline Access - While OnBoard provides an offline mode, its functionality can be limited. The ability to download and access documents offline is not as robust as some other meeting software, which may pose an issue for users without reliable internet access.
Document Formatting Issues - There have been instances where documents uploaded on the platform lose their formatting, creating inconvenience for users and potentially delaying the meeting proceedings.
Limited Customizability - OnBoard offers fewer customization options compared to some competitors. This limits the level of control users have over how they interact with the software and can make the platform less convenient or intuitive for some users.

Pick #10

Azeus Convene

Azeus Convene is a versatile board meeting software designed to streamline the process of organizing, scheduling, and conducting virtual or face-to-face meetings. It provides an all-in-one platform for creating agendas, sharing meeting materials, voting on proposals, and documenting minutes. Equipped with robust security features, it guarantees confidential information remains secure at all times. Azeus Convene also offers cross-platform support, enabling users to access these features from any device, making it easier for board members to connect, collaborate and make informed decision from wherever they are.

Intuitive User Interface: Azeus Convene offers an intuitive dashboard and user-friendly interface, making it easy for board members of any technological ability to navigate and use.
Real-time Collaboration: The software provides real-time collaboration between members, allowing edits, comments, and annotations to be made during the meeting. This fosters more dynamic and interactive discussions.
Integrated Document Management: Azeus Convene allows you to store, share, and retrieve documents securely. It even converts them automatically to a consistent format for easy reading and annotation.
Comprehensive Audit Trails: It features an audit trail function acting as a transparency tool - keeping track of every action and modification within a document, which can be essential for statutory compliance or matters of business governance.
Cross-Platform Access: Azeus Convene operates across multiple platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, making it convenient for users to access information from their preferred devices. It also supports offline access, enabling board members to view documents and make notations even when they're not connected to the internet.
Limited Customization Options: Azeus Convene has fewer customization features compared to some other board meeting software. This could potentially limit the scope for companies who want to customize the software to fit into their unique board meeting setup.
Lack of Seamless Integrations: Although Azeus Convene can integrate with some common software, it may not integrate seamlessly with all organizational tools or platforms. This means that users might have to either switch back and forth between different software or manually transfer data, which can lead to inefficiency and possible errors.
Learning Curve: For first-time users or for those who are not tech-savvy, the user interface of Azeus Convene could raise a steep learning curve, which means more time and resource needs to be spent on training the users.
Limited User Support Options: Compared to other board management software, Azeus Convene's customer support is not available 24/7. This can be disadvantageous for organizations operating in different time zones or if any problems should arise outside of the normal operating hours.
Versatility and Functionality: While Azeus Convene offers a good range of functionalities, some specific tools or features provided by other Board Meeting Software, such as advanced brainstorming tools or specific voting and approval processes are not available in it. This could limit the scope of collaboration and efficient decision-making processes during the meeting.

Pick #11


BoardPaq is an innovative board meeting software designed to streamline and improve the efficiency of board meetings and related administrative tasks. It offers secure, cloud-based technology to manage and organize board materials, agendas, documents and notes for both meetings and committees. BoardPaq’s features include paperless board and committee meetings, collaborative tools, customizable templates, voting, surveys, and a board library for sharing key documents. Its security protocols are robust, ensuring data privacy and confidentiality. BoardPaq enables directors and boards to have more effective, engaging and efficient meetings, thereby enhancing overall organizational governance.

BoardPaq provides a DocuSign integration, allowing board members to electronically sign important documents within the same platform instead of juggling various applications.
It features the SWOT Analysis tool that supports the board's strategic planning process by helping board members analyze strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of a particular agenda.
BoardPaq's unique "BoardPaq Library" provides an organized system for storing and archiving board documents, such as meeting minutes, by-laws, charters etc. You can access them quickly whenever you need.
It offers "Meeting Overview" functionality for quick summarization of the key points of each meeting, improving the efficiency and understanding of discussions for members who cannot attend or have missed a meeting.
BoardPaq empowers users with offline access. This means members can view materials and make updates even when there is no internet connection, and changes will sync once they're online again.
Limited Customization Options - BoardPaq offers limited customization options compared to some of its competitors. Users might find it challenging to tailor the platform to their specific needs.
Less Intuitive User Interface - Although BoardPaq offers many useful features, the user interface isn't as intuitive as some other board meeting software, this could increase the learning curve for new users.
Absence of a Free Trial - BoardPaq does not offer a free trial version for users to test and get comfortable with the system before committing to a purchase. This can be a significant drawback for potential users who want to try the service before purchasing.
Limited Integration Capabilities - BoardPaq has limited integration capabilities with other business productivity tools like Slack, Asana or Google Workspace, which could cause an inconvenient workflow for organizations utilizing these platforms.
Difficulty in Large Document Handling - The system can sometimes struggle with large document uploads or handling numerous documents at once. This can cause delays in the smooth functioning of a board meeting where numerous large files need to be accessed and discussed.

Board Meeting Software: Key Features

Board meeting software is designed to revolutionize the traditional board meeting, making it more efficient, secure, and accessible. The key features of such software include seamless real-time collaboration, allowing board members to share documents, cast votes, and contribute to discussions no matter where they are in the world. Enhanced security measures protect sensitive information, ensuring confidentiality and compliance with regulations. Furthermore, the software typically offers a centralized repository for all meeting-related documents, making it easy to organize, retrieve, and archive board materials.

Another crucial aspect of board meeting software is its ability to automate and streamline the scheduling and follow-up processes. With features like integrated calendars, automated notifications, and task assignment, the software helps in ensuring that meetings are well-coordinated, and action items are clearly tracked and managed. Advanced analytics and reporting tools give insights into participation and decision-making patterns, helping boards to continuously improve their processes. By embracing these key features, board meeting software empowers organizations to conduct more productive and effective meetings.

Buying Criteria

In the fast-paced corporate world, selecting the right board meeting software is much like finding a trusted advisor – essential and transformative. The key lies in identifying a platform that not only streamlines collaboration and decision-making but also respects the sanctity of confidential information. Look for software that offers robust security features, ensuring that sensitive documents and discussions remain protected. Flexibility in terms of access, with seamless integration across devices, guarantees that key stakeholders can connect, no matter where they are in the world.

Moreover, the ideal software should offer an intuitive user interface that requires minimal training, enabling board members to focus on strategic decisions rather than navigating a complex system. Consider platforms that provide comprehensive support for agenda management, minute-taking, and action item tracking, as these features significantly enhance productivity and accountability. By prioritizing these critical attributes, you’ll find a solution that not only meets the current needs of your board but also scales to accommodate future growth and challenges.


Investing in board meeting software can be a wise decision for organizations that operate across different geographical locations, where executives or key members cannot always convene in one place. This technology fosters seamless communication, ensuring that decision-making is swift and efficient despite the physical distances. It makes sense for companies dealing with sensitive information to utilize these platforms, as they often come with enhanced security features that protect against data breaches. Large corporations with complex governance structures can also benefit significantly, as the software can simplify the process of scheduling, document sharing, and collaboration, making board management more streamlined and less time-consuming.

On the other hand, it might not be sensible to invest in board meeting software for small startups or organizations with a limited budget where such an investment could strain financial resources. If face-to-face interactions are feasible, and the team is located in a closely-knit geographical area, the traditional approach may still be effective. Additionally, in companies where the frequency of board meetings is minimal or the structure is more informal, the benefits of such a system might not justify the cost. In these scenarios, simpler, less expensive communication tools could suffice, allowing the organization to allocate resources to areas that directly contribute to growth and operational efficiency.

Popular Questions

What is a Board Meeting Software?

A Board Meeting Software is a tool that facilitates the scheduling, organization, and management of board meetings. It streamlines communication between board members, stores important documents, and often includes features for voting and presentations.

What are the key functionalities of a Board Meeting Software?

Key functionalities can include agenda management, minutes documentation, action item tracking, member directories, meeting notifications, voting tools, and the ability to share and store secure and important documents. Some software also may include video conferencing technology.

How does a Board Meeting Software improve efficiency?

A Board Meeting Software improves efficiency by automating several administrative aspects such as scheduling, sending out notifications, creating agendas, and tracking action items. It reduces the need for physical documents by providing a secure repository for digital documents.

Is the data stored on a Board Meeting Software safe?

Yes, most Board Meeting Softwares come with robust security features including encryption for data at rest and in transit, role-based access, and often adhere to strict compliance standards ensuring data is protected.

Can Board Meeting Software be accessed remotely?

Yes, most Board Meeting Software is cloud-based, which means it can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. This accessibility makes it possible for board members to prepare for meetings and participate in discussions from anywhere in the world.

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