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Staff Meeting Agenda Template

A Staff Meeting Agenda Template is a tool used to outline the topics or activities needed to be addressed during a meeting, ensuring focused and productive discussions.

Definition: Staff meeting agenda

A staff meeting agenda is a detailed outline that lists the plan of topics, issues, or updates to be discussed during a staff meeting. It serves as a roadmap to direct the flow of the meeting, keeping it organized and focused. This document is typically distributed in advance, allowing participants to prepare ideas or materials necessary for the meeting. Agendas can include specific items such as reviewing minutes from the previous meeting, giving updates on ongoing projects, discussing new initiatives, and allocating tasks. The use of an agenda ensures that all critical points are covered within the given meeting time frame.

Our Template

Meeting Name: Staff Meeting
Date: (Date)
Time: (Time)
Location: (Location)
Expected Attendees: (List Names)


1. Call to Order
1.1 Welcome – (Chairperson/Meeting Lead)
1.2 Roll call – (Secretary/Assistant)
1.3 Acknowledgment of the traditional owners (if this is an established practice)

2. Approval of Previous Minutes
2.1 Checking and Approval of minutes from the previous meeting

3. Standard Reports
3.1 Financial Report – (Finance Manager)
3.2 Operations Report – (Operations Manager)
3.3 Marketing Report – (Marketing Manager)
3.4 HR Report – (HR Manager)

4. Old Business
4.1 Review of action items from the previous meeting
4.2 Progress reports on ongoing projects
4.3 Follow-ups on past issues

5. New Business
5.1 Introduction to new projects or initiatives
5.2 Discussion on new business opportunities/ideas
5.3 Staffing updates or changes
5.4 Departmental or organizational updates/reforms

6. Round-Table Discussions
6.1 Open floor for ideas or concerns
6.2 Area-specific discussions (Each department head to discuss key points or issues)

7. Training / Development Session
7.1 Employee development presentation/workshop/training session (if any)

8. Recognitions and Announcements
8.1 Recognizing staff achievements
8.2 Company or industry news
8.3 Upcoming events or team building activities

9. Review of Action Items
9.1 Summary of decisions made in the meeting
9.2 Assignment of tasks/responsibilities

10. Feedback & Closing
10.1 Feedback or suggestions for the next meeting
10.2 Confirm date and time for the next meeting
10.3 Closing Remarks

*Please be prepared to speak about your department’s progress, concerns, and possible solutions.
**REMINDER: All mobile devices to be set to silent mode during the meeting. Please be punctual.

Meeting Prepared By: (Your Name)
Reviewed and Approved By: (Meeting Lead)
Date Prepared: (Date)

We encourage everyone to contribute to making our meeting as informative and productive as possible. Your participation is crucial for our collective success.


In conclusion, a well-structured staff meeting agenda template serves as a guiding tool, ensuring that meetings are productive, efficient, and goal-oriented. It provides clear expectations for what needs to occur before, during, and after a meeting, ensuring that every participant understands their role, the topics to be discussed and the follow-up actions needed. This optimization of time and resources leads to increased productivity and engagement while fostering a culture of open communication within the organization. Therefore, harnessing the power of a granular and purposeful staff meeting agenda can dramatically improve your meeting effectiveness, driving your team towards achieving strategic objectives.