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If you’ve landed on MeetingFever, it’s likely you were searching for information on productive meetings or related topics. That’s exactly what this site is about.

We aim to show you how to increase your productivity at work despite numerous meetings, and how to make your meetings more productive.

We’re turning the world of meetings upside down and debunking common myths.

MeetingFever is your go-to resource if you:

  • Have too many meetings and want to boost your productivity.
  • Believe that AI-generated summaries won’t solve your meeting issues.
  • Are a manager or team member looking to discover innovative collaboration methods.

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Alexander has a background in finance and is responsible for developing our company strategy.


Florian is our tech lead and responsible for developing our SaaS tools.


Jannik is responsible for the newsletter and for our content strategy.

You can read more about us and our mission with MeetingFever on the about page here. If you want to give us personal feedback or get in touch with use, please write us an email. We are happy to hear from you.

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