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Why we are building a Meeting Software?

A brief history of where we come from, what the problem is, and how we solved it. You can also try ZipDo free for 30 days - together with your team.

The Problem

In our first company, which we established entirely remotely in 2018, we were always in search of an ideal meeting workflow. For many projects, we relied on weekly team meetings. While our team’s productivity was very high, we were never truly satisfied with our meetings. We primarily used Google Docs as a tool for meeting agendas and notes. However, this solution was never satisfactory as it was extremely cluttered and nearly impossible to establish a clean structure for a meeting.

In the screenshot here, you can see an excerpt from our meeting agenda in the Content Team. Consequently, starting around 2022, we began to work on our own solution that would solve all the problems we encountered in our daily meeting routines.

At one point, one of our Google Docs was over 200 pages long, containing notes from a year of weekly meetings.

The Solution

We’ve released the first beta version of our software application, ZipDo in early 2024. We are 100 % self-funded and have been working on the idea for over 1.5 years.

Idea 1: Channels

Meetings should be organized. We got our inspiration from Slack, which we've used in our own company.

Idea 2: Collaboration

ZipDo sets up a collaborative editor for each of your meetings. There you can edit meeting notes and the meeting agenda. Just like Google Docs but with a system tailored specifically for meetings built around.

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Connect your calendar and ZipDo sets up a collaborative note for each of your meetings, so you can take, organize & share meeting notes in one place.

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