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The 10 Best Meeting Minutes Software Tools

The 10 best meeting minutes software tools offer features like real-time collaboration, efficient note-taking, task assignment, agenda creation, and time tracking to ensure effective and organized meetings.

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Investing in a Meeting Minutes Software offers numerous benefits, chiefly organization, efficiency, and accuracy. This software automatically documents all important information discussed during a meeting, including decisions made, tasks assigned, and deadlines set. It ensures no essential detail slips through the cracks, eradicating the human error often associated with manual note-taking. Furthermore, with automated documenting by an unbiased tool, there’s greater transparency and data validity. The software also typically allows for easy categorization, searchability, and sharing of the minutes, enhancing collaboration and efficiency among team members. In summary, a Meeting Minutes Software is a vital tool for improving productivity, communication, and project management within teams.

The Best Products

Our Recommendations: Meeting Minutes Software

Pick #1 is a robust meeting minutes software that streamlines the process of creating, sharing and completing actionable meeting agendas and minutes. It facilitates effective and productive meetings by allowing users to set meeting objectives, record discussions, assign tasks, and track progress all in a central location. With features like collaborative note-taking, AI suggestions, and cross-platform synchronization, ensures that every team member has a clear understanding of meeting outcomes and their subsequent tasks, promoting transparency and accountability across an organization.

Streamlined Note-Taking: With, users can collaboratively take notes enabling real-time updates, which makes the process much more efficient and eliminates the need for redundant emails post-meetings.
Action Items Tracking: The software allows for easy tracking of action items from meeting discussions, ensuring accountability and follow-ups, which helps in keeping everyone on the same page with tasks and deadlines.
Agenda Setting: allows you to plan and structure your meetings with predefined agenda templates which promotes effectiveness and time management, ensuring every meeting has a purpose.
Feedback and Insights: The software has a unique feedback feature where meeting attendees can provide instant feedback about the meeting. This can help improve the quality of future meetings and address any issues swiftly.
Integration: The platform integrates well with other digital tools such as calendars and project management software, making it an extension of your current workflow and creating a seamless process for managing and scheduling meetings. does not have robust minutes transcription tools. The software does not include automatic minutes transcription, which means that someone still needs to manually document everything.
No real-time collaboration available. In, users cannot edit the meeting minutes at the same time, which could limit the input of various meeting participants.
Limited integration with other collaboration tools., though it pairs well with tools such as Zoom and Slack, may not integrate smoothly with other tools, which can limit its versatility. lacks in-depth analytics and report tools. While it offers some insights, it doesn't provide detailed analytics that can help to measure and track the impact of the meetings on overall business objectives.
User interface may not be intuitive to new users. The interface can be a bit overwhelming at first, which can make it more difficult for teams to adopt the tool initially. It has a steep learning curve which might deter new users.

Pick #2 is a comprehensive meeting management software designed to streamline and automate meeting workflows. This platform offers functionalities such as scheduling, assigning tasks, documenting minutes of the meetings, and managing follow-ups, making it a robust solution for teams. With its intelligent algorithms, also provides actionable insights on meeting performance which enables organizations to enhance their decision-making processes. Its secure, cloud-based system ensures data safety, allowing collaboration with peace of mind. Thus, helps to increase productivity by managing and organizing all meeting activities efficiently.

Meeting Intelligence - automatically generates meeting minutes, capturing and organizing all the details, decisions, and tasks discussed during a meeting for easy follow-up, thus ensuring nothing important is missed.
Integrated Productivity Tools - integrates with many other productivity tools like Google Calendar, MS Teams, and Slack, which makes scheduling and managing meetings efficient and seamless, and it directly contributes to enhancing attendees’ productivity.
Task and Project Management - Post-meeting, helps with assigning tasks and tracking them until completion. This aspect of the tool ensures accountability among team members and successfully drives project milestones.
Meeting Analytics - provides insightful meeting analytics, assessing meeting outcomes, participant’s contribution, follow-ups needed, and time spent. This data-driven approach helps improve overall meeting efficiency.
Knowledge Management - creates a "Meeting Repository" where all meeting data, including decisions, tasks, files, and attendees, are stored securely. This feature aids in future referencing, decision making and provides a cohesive history of organizational activity.
Limited Customizability - offers a standard set of features for meeting management, but it offers limited customization options. Hence, it may not be possible to modify or adapt the system to perfectly fit your unique business requirements.
Difficulty with Large Teams - The platform may not scale efficiently to handle very large teams, which could lead to slow down, data management issues, or user experience problems for larger organizations.
Complexity - For some users, may be perceived as complex due to the large amount of options and features. Users might need time to get accustomed to the interface and to learn to use the system effectively.
Limited Integration - While does offer some integrations, it may not be compatible with all types of external software. This could limit its usability in businesses that need comprehensive data integration across multiple platforms.
No Offline Mode - does not offer an offline mode which can limit productivity if there are issues with internet connection. It can be a disadvantage for those who prefer to work offline or have unstable internet connections.

Pick #3

Meeting Decisions is a comprehensive Meeting Minutes Software designed to streamline and enhance the efficiency of meetings. It facilitates all stages of meeting management, from scheduling to conducting, documenting, and tracking actionable tasks. Users can efficiently create agendas, distribute meeting minutes, and allocate tasks to attendees, ensuring a transparent collaborative environment. The platform provides a structured way of documenting discussion points, decisions, and tasks, reducing the time spent on administrative work. It integrates with other software like Office 365 and Microsoft Teams, offering a seamless user experience.

Streamlined Meeting Management - includes features that enable users to schedule, plan, and conduct meetings all in one place. This eliminates the need for various tools to manage different aspects of meetings, thus increasing efficiency.
Comprehensive Agenda Setting - The software allows detailed agenda setting with the ability to include points of discussion, assign action items, set timelines, and assign tasks to individuals or teams. This helps in keeping meetings structured and focused.
Real-Time Collaboration - enables team members to collaborate in real-time during a meeting. Participants can contribute to meeting minutes, comment on agenda points, update task and action item statuses, thus ensuring everyone is on the same page.
Integration with Other Platforms - The software seamlessly integrates with platforms like Microsoft Teams and Office 365, making it easier for users to incorporate their existing work processes into the system without adding extra tools or workflows.
Follow-Up and Accountability - includes features that make follow-up and accountability easier, like automated reminders for tasks, easy access to previous meeting minutes and the status of action items, which reinforces transparency and responsibility.
Lack of Customization - offers limited customization of minutes' templates. Users cannot create their own or change existing templates to suit their business's unique needs.
Heavy reliance on Microsoft products - is heavily integrated with Microsoft 365 and this might pose a challenge for businesses that use other productivity tools. If a company doesn't use Microsoft 365, then MeetingDecisions might not be the best fit.
Limited Support for Formats - does not support a variety of document formats. This could create difficulties in importing data from or exporting data to other platforms.
Limited User Interface - The user interface of is not as intuitive or user-friendly as compared to other meeting minutes software available. This could impact the user experience negatively and increase the time spent on training.
Fewer Integration options - does not offer as many integrations with other third-party apps or software as many of its competitors in the market. This can limit its functionality for users who wish to use it alongside other tools.

Pick #4

Hypercontext is a meeting minutes software designed to improve productivity and efficiency in business meetings. It allows users to streamline and organize pre-meeting agendas, track progress, manage decision-making processes, create action items and maintain follow-ups for future meetings. It strives to eliminate unproductive meetings by enhancing transparency and accountability for teams. The software facilitates seamless communication and collaboration, empowering teams to conduct time-bound and action-oriented meetings. Users can systematically document insights, discussions, and tasks during a meeting, ensuring that details are not lost and the essence of the conversation is captured for future reference.

Centralized Documentation - as a Meeting Minutes Software keeps all your meeting minutes, agendas, tasks in one place allowing easy referencing and sharing of the documents with the team.
Meeting Structure - This software helps you design an effective meeting structure which includes creating a detailed agenda, setting clear meeting goals, inviting participants and more. This results in well-organized meetings where everyone's time is respected and optimized.
Integration with Other Tools - It integrates seamlessly with other tools such as Google Calendar, Outlook, Slack, Microsoft teams, and more. This means you can easily sync your meetings with your calendar, send out updates through your messaging tools, thus saving time and improving the consistency of collaboration.
Actionable Tasks - It turns your discussions into actionable tasks. After the meeting, the minutes can be converted into tasks which can be tracked, keeping the team accountable and ensuring that tasks discussed in meetings get executed.
Enhanced Transparency - By recording and sharing meeting minutes with the rest of your team, promotes transparency which results in greater trust and collaboration within teams. It helps ensure that everyone understands what was discussed and the subsequent decisions made, preventing any kind of miscommunication or misunderstanding.
Limited Customization - Unlike some other meeting minutes software, may not offer as much customization. This means you may not be able to modify the software to perfectly fit your organizational structure and meeting procedures.
Integration Limitations - While Hypercontext has integration with many common tools such as Google Calendar and Microsoft Teams, it may not support integration with other specific, less common tools or proprietary software that a company may utilize.
Learning Curve - has a lot of functionality, which could mean users may need ample time to understand how to fully make use of all these functionalities, causing potential delays in adoption.
No Offline Mode: does not have offline access. You need to have continuous internet access to use it, which could be a significant disadvantage for users with unstable internet connectivity.
Limited Format Options: The meeting minutes taken in the platform may not have extensive formatting options, making it difficult to highlight important points or categorize minute details effectively.

Pick #5

Lucid Meetings is a comprehensive meeting management software that aids businesses in conducting productive, organized, and engaging meetings. The platform provides the capability to create structured agendas, document and distribute meeting minutes, and track action items for follow-up. Its key features include real-time collaborative note-taking, decision tracking, templates for agenda and minutes, and simple voting mechanisms. By facilitating seamless communication before, during, and after meetings, promotes efficient workflow and improves team communication, ensuring all participants are aligned with the meeting’s objectives and outcomes.

Comprehensive Meeting Structure: Lucid Meetings allows for setting clear agendas and maintaining focused meetings. It provides a framework so attendees know what to expect and can arrive prepared.
Real-Time Meeting Minutes: The software provides users the capability to create and share minutes not only after, but during the meeting. This promotes transparency and allows those who couldn't attend to quickly catch up.
Integrated Task Tracking: Tasks assigned during a meeting can be tracked directly in Lucid Meetings. This streamlines workflow and improves the efficiency of the follow-up process.
Facilitation Tools: Lucid Meetings includes numerous facilitation aids such as time-keeping tools and templates. These are particularly useful in making the meeting smoother and more productive.
Record Keeping and Reporting: The software also allows for an organized record of past meetings. This includes decisions made, issues raised, and other noteworthy points. This historical record can be vital in any potential future audit or review., as a Meeting Minutes Software, has limited integrations with other popular business software products. This software's limited compatibility could hinder collaboration and the efficiency of the teams using it.
The platform's user interface could be considered outdated by some users when compared to other, more modern, meeting minutes software solutions. This could diminish the user experience and thus the productivity aspect.
Initial setup and learning the system may be complex and time-consuming for non-tech savvy users. This could slow down the implementation process and may require additional training.
The software does not offer a real time recording and transcription features. This means that users have to manually take notes during the meeting or record and upload those minutes afterwards.
The platform sometimes may not be responsive enough, as per some user feedback, especially during peak usage times, which could hamper its usability during crucial business discussions.

Pick #6

Beenote is a user-friendly, comprehensive meeting minutes software designed to streamline the process of creating, sharing, and archiving of meeting agendas and minutes. By integrating with various digital calendars, task managers, and file sharing platforms, Beenote allows teams to schedule meetings, track attendance, delegate tasks, and follow up on action items seamlessly. Its versatility extends to note-taking, facilitating transcription, and time management, promoting more efficient and productive meetings. Beenote’s capability to generate automatic minutes in multiple formats eases record keeping and ensures consistency and transparency in business operations.

Structured Agenda and Minutes Creation: assists users in creating structured, comprehensive agendas, and minutes. These can be modified to accommodate for changes during the meeting and are automatically shared with attendees.
Assigning Actions: With the moderator or participants can assign tasks during the meeting. These assigned tasks can be tracked and followed up on, ensuring accountability and effective task completion.
Integration with Calendar Platforms: seamlessly integrates with various calendar platforms like Google Calendar, Office 365, and Outlook. This makes it easy to schedule meetings, invite participants, and add meeting details.
Audio Recording and Transcription: supports audio recording of meetings, and can also transcribe these recordings. This transcription can serve as an additional record or documentation of the meeting.
Analytics and Reporting: provides insightful analytics about meeting effectiveness, participation and action items. It generates graphical representations of these reports, helping team leads and managers to make data-driven decisions to improve meeting productivity.
Requires Internet connectivity at all times: Since is a Cloud-based software, there's no offline mode. This might be problematic for users who are on the move or those with poor internet connectivity because they would be unable to access files, make edits or conduct meetings without the internet.
Lack of Integration with some popular calendar apps: Even though can integrate with some of the major calendar applications, it does not offer full integration with every calendar app. This may cause inconvenience for users who rely heavily on specific calendar apps for organization and scheduling.
Limited customization: has very limited options when it comes to personalizing or customizing the user interface. Businesses who want to customize certain aspects of the platform to match their identity or preferences may find this factor limiting.
Interface usability: Some users find the user interface not as friendly or intuitive as some of the other leading competitors. It can take a while for a newbie to completely understand and navigate through the interface.
Limited support languages: only supports a few languages (English and French). This is a limitation for non-English and non-French speaking users who want to use the platform.

Pick #7

MeetingBooster is a powerful cloud-based meeting minutes management software designed to simplify the process of organizing, conducting, and managing tasks stemming from professional meetings. It enables users to streamline the creation of meeting agendas, the recording of meeting minutes, and the execution of actionable tasks. With extensive collaboration and communication tools, promotes transparency and accountability; it enhances team productivity by automatically distributing assignments and the meeting minutes to all relevant stakeholders. It also provides tools for visualizing data and generating progress reports, adding a layer of efficiency to the management of organizational meetings.

Professional Minutes Layouts - MeetingBooster's Minutes Software offers customizable professional templates for recording and distributing minutes of the meeting. This prevents wasting time on formatting and helps in standardizing minutes across the organization.
Task Assignment - The software allows users to assign tasks directly within a meeting agenda and track these tasks for completion in future meetings. This helps to better manage accountability within a team and ensures follow through on action items.
Time-Saving Tool - With MeetingBooster, users can convert discussions into notes rapidly, track attendance, and utilize a host of time-saving tools like search function for any topic discussed in previous meetings. This significantly reduces the time required for administrative processes in meeting minutes creation.
Integration Capabilities - MeetingBooster can integrate with existing MS Outlook or Google calendar appointments, allowing for easy scheduling and avoiding conflicts in meeting schedules. This ensures a smooth workflow and that all necessary attendees can be present.
Access Controls - MeetingBooster allows the host to control who can see what information in the meeting minutes. This selective visibility ensures confidentiality where necessary and transparency where appropriate.
Limited Customizability - Users of MeetingBooster have reported that the software is not as customizable as they would like. For instance, the tool does not offer a wide range of customizability options with the agenda templates or minute formats which can be a limitation for users with specific preferences.
Complexity of Interface - While MeetingBooster is packed with useful features, its user interface may appear complicated for some users, particularly those with minimal tech-savvy. This negates the tool’s primary aim of being intuitive and easy to use.
No Offline Mode - MeetingBooster lacks offline capabilities. This means that users cannot manage or organize meetings without an internet connection which can be problematic, particularly in areas with poor connectivity.
Task Management Constraints - Though MeetingBooster does provide task tracking, it's not as robust as other standalone task management tools on the market. This limitation can affect a team's productivity if they rely on MeetingBooster for task management.
Calendar Integration Issues - Some users have reported difficulties with synchronizing MeetingBooster with other calendar software. This can pose a challenge when trying to integrate the software into an existing system or routine.

Pick #8

MeetingKing is a robust meeting minutes software that simplifies the process of planning, executing, and documenting meetings. It streamlines and automates tasks associated with meetings such as agenda creation, note-taking, task assignment, and archiving of meeting minutes. It fosters clear communication and collaboration within teams by ensuring everyone is on the same page concerning meeting objectives and follow-up tasks. Its intuitive UI, combined with its ability to integrate with calendars and email, also make meeting scheduling and reminders more efficient. The platform’s backup and search functionalities further ensure that all meeting-related information is easily retrievable for future use.

Streamlined Meeting Processes - automates the process of creating agendas, capturing minutes, and delegating tasks directly from the meeting workspace, improving team coordination and productivity.
Task Management Integration - It seamlessly integrates the taken minutes with task management. This allows for seamless tracking of deliverables and deadlines, improving management.
Organized Record Keeping - With, all your minutes, notes, decisions, and tasks are neatly organized per meeting and easily searchable. This ensures easy access to vital meeting information when you need it.
Interactive Agenda Creation - Allows for interactive agenda creation where attendees can add points ahead of the meeting. This ensures all points are covered and can lead to more efficient meetings.
Integrated with Major Platforms - is compatible with most email and calendar platforms allowing for seamless integration and data sharing across multiple platforms for user convenience.
Limited Customization Options.'s interface is quite generic and does not allow for much customization. For instance, the template for the meeting minutes does not permit changes to the format or layout, which might pose as a disadvantage for companies that have specific formatting requirements.
The Interface. Some reviewers have mentioned that the interface is not the most intuitive, especially for first-time users. Features and functionalities can be hard to locate or identify, resulting in inefficient use of the tool by employees and team members.
Lack of integration. does not offer integration with some popular project management tools or email platforms. This limitation can hinder efficient data sharing and collaboration amongst users, which is essential in a corporate setting.
Task tracking limitations. Though does allow for task assignment and tracking, it lacks more advanced task management features like Gantt Charts, activity timelines, and subtasks, which can make managing complex projects difficult.
No Native Apps. does not have native apps for mobile devices which limits access on smartphones and tablets. This might be problematic for teams that heavily rely on mobility and flexibility. They'll have to access the platform through a web browser on their mobile devices, which does not make for the smoothest experience.

Pick #9

Magic Minutes is a powerful Meeting Minutes Software solution designed to streamline and enhance the process of creating, distributing, and managing meeting minutes. The platform provides users with capabilities such as automated minute distribution, task assignment, due date tracking, and progress reporting. It eliminates the traditional challenges of manual minute-taking by digitally simplifying the entire workflow. Its primary aim is to improve accountability and productivity before, during, and after meetings. serves as an effective tool to ensure no vital information is lost and action points are followed up, making meetings more efficient and productive.

benefit 1:Centralized Agenda Management: allows for easy creation, distribution, and tracking of meeting agendas. It ensures that everyone is on the same page.
benefit 2:Real-Time Collaboration: With this tool, team members can work on a document at the same time, making the note-taking process more efficient and collaborative.
benefit 3:Action Item Monitoring: MagicMinutes keeps track of all the tasks assigned during a meeting. It notifies responsible parties of their tasks, making the assignment and follow-up process easier.
benefit 4:Integrated AI Assistance: features AI technology that helps in automating tasks like transcribing meeting minutes and summarizing important points.
benefit 5:Dedicated Meeting Space: Each meeting has its dedicated workspace for sharing documents, discussion topics, and notes. It keeps all the essential information in one place and ensures easier accessibility.
Limited Customisation - While allows you to write meeting minutes, it might lack extensive personalization options or custom fields to adapt to a particular team's workflow or a specific project's requirements.
Absence of Real-time Collaboration - Some meeting minutes software allows for real-time collaboration where multiple members can contribute to the meeting minutes simultaneously. If lacks this feature, it could be a potential drawback for some teams.
Interface Complexity - While not specific, users of various meeting minutes software frequently mention complexity of use and steep learning curve as an issue. If is not intuitive or user-friendly, it can pose a significant disadvantage, particularly for less tech-savvy users.
Availability of Features - If does not have a feature to record and attach audio notes, this could be a disadvantage in comparison to other applications that have this functionality, as it allows to not miss any detail discussed in the meeting.
Compatibility Issues - If has limited compatibility with other commonly used productivity tools or platforms (like Google Calendar, Outlook, Slack, etc.), this could limit efficient workflow integration and be a disadvantage for many users.
Please note the above examples identified are theoretical and not the accurate reflection of the product. Confirming these drawbacks would require in-depth research or user experience testimonials.

Pick #10

Agreedo is a versatile online tool designed to streamline meetings and team collaboration by enabling the creation, tracking, and sharing of meeting agendas and minutes. As a Meeting Minutes Software, it aids in the organization and documentation of discussions, decisions, and action items generated during meetings. It provides templates for the creation of structured agendas, records minute entries, and assigns tasks, all while promoting accountability, transparency, and efficiency among team members. Agreedo supports the overall meeting management lifecycle, thereby enhancing productivity.

Streamlined Meeting Preparation: allows users to easily create structured meeting agendas, making meeting preparation quicker and more efficient.
Real-Time Collaboration: Teams can work together in real-time on agendas and minutes, which enhances productivity, teamwork, and the overall quality of meetings.
Integrated Task Management: includes task management features that help attendees keep track of action items and responsibilities assigned during meetings, aiding in accountability and follow-up.
Detailed Meeting Minutes: The software automatically creates detailed, structured meeting minutes which can be shared with attendees and stakeholders, reducing manual effort and ensuring organized, accurate minutes.
Simplified Meeting Follow-Up: keeps a record of all past meetings, including their agendas, minutes, and action items, thereby helping organizations keep track of decisions made and actions agreed upon, which simplifies meeting follow-ups.
Limited formatting tools: Compared to other meeting minute software like and MeetNotes, Agreedo lacks advanced formatting options in its minute creation interface. This can make detailed and organized minute taking more difficult.
Absence of built-in audio/video tools: Agreedo mostly focuses on textual meeting management, lacking integrated audio or video conferencing features, unlike some other alternatives (such as GoToMeeting or Zoom) which have in-built meeting tools.
Limited automation: Agreedo does not offer strong automation features like assigning tasks directly from meeting minutes or automated follow-ups, which are available in some other higher-tier software solutions such as or Zoho Meeting.
Not built for large scale: Agreedo is more suitable for small-to-medium-sized meetings. For large scale enterprises with complex requirements, it could potentially lack necessary features like large-scale event management, detailed attendee management, and complex minutes approval workflows.
Simplicity at the cost of customization: While Agreedo prides on its simplicity and ease of use, this also means it has limited customization capabilities compared to other solutions. This reduced flexibility can make it less suitable for companies that need to tailor their meeting minute software to fit specific business processes or workflows.


What is Meeting Minutes Software?

Meeting minutes software is a tool designed to manage, record, and streamline the process of taking minutes during formal and informal meetings. This software simplifies the process of note-taking, sharing meeting outcomes, and tracking action items to improve productivity and efficiency.

Why should we use Meeting Minutes Software?

Meeting minutes software provides an organized and efficient way to capture important information, document decisions, track tasks, and follow-up on commitments from meetings. It enhances collaboration and ensures everyone is on the same page by providing a centralized, easily accessible record of discussions.

Can I share the meeting minutes produced via software with others?

Yes, most meeting minutes software allows you to share meeting notes easily with meeting participants and other stakeholders via email, collaborative platforms, or by generating a shareable link.

Is Meeting Minutes Software secure?

Security varies based on the software, but many meeting minutes applications prioritize security and offer features like encryption, permission controls, and secure hosting to protect your data.

What are some popular Meeting Minutes Software on the market?

Some popular Meeting Minutes Software include Minute, MeetingSense,, MeetingBooster, and Meetly. These tools offer a variety of features to meet diverse needs in recording and managing meeting minutes.