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The 10 Best Board Meeting Management Software Tools

The 10 Best Board Meeting Management Software Tools provides a comprehensive list of top-tier digital platforms designed to facilitate seamless board meeting organization, efficient document handling, secure communication, and robust decision-making processes.

Board Meeting Management Software is a specialized digital platform designed to streamline the process of planning, conducting, and documenting board meetings for organizations. This type of software provides tools for scheduling meetings, compiling and distributing meeting agendas, facilitating communication and collaboration among board members and relevant stakeholders, recording minutes, and tracking action items. By digitizing and centralizing these tasks, board meeting management software enhances efficiency, promotes transparency, boosts security, and ensures compliance with legal requirements for formal meetings.

Key Features

Board meeting management software streamlines the process of organizing and conducting board meetings, making it seamless and efficient for organizations of all sizes. Key features of such software include agenda preparation, whereby users can easily create, distribute, and update agendas in real-time, ensuring all participants are on the same page. Additionally, it offers document management capabilities, enabling secure storage, sharing, and access to board meeting documents, minutes, and reports, which facilitates better preparation and informed decision-making during meetings.

Another vital feature is the scheduling and calendar integration, which simplifies the process of finding suitable meeting times for all members, and integrates with popular calendar applications for hassle-free coordination. Effective meeting management tools also provide robust security measures to protect sensitive information, along with compliance with legal and regulatory standards. These features collectively improve the efficiency, productivity, and governance of board meetings, making them more effective and easier to manage.

The Best Products

Board Meeting Management Software: Our Recommendations

Pick #1: Our Software


ZipDo, a progressive cloud-based board meeting management software, reshapes the dynamics of team collaboration by reinventing the way meeting minutes are captured, sorted, and circulated. Its features of instantaneous minute capturing, collective editing, and synchronization with commonly used calendars and productivity tools make it a formidable solution for teams of any scale.

A key strength of ZipDo is its live minute-capturing functionality, which makes sure everyone is on the same wavelength during meetings, hence eliminating the antiquated practice of manual note sharing. After the meeting, team members have the flexibility to easily revise and supplement the notes to export the most current data.

Another area where ZipDo shines is minute organization, providing simple classification into distinct channels or folders. The software’s intelligent search feature enhances productivity by providing quick access to specific details, doing away with time-consuming scrolling or hand-operated searches.

ZipDo’s information sharing tool asserts secure distribution of data with team members, customers, or partner firms thanks to its fine-grained access control. The software’s compatibility with popular calendars automates the note creation process for each meeting, thus eradicating the need for manual inputs.

To conclude, ZipDo is an intuitive software that comes equipped with an exhaustive list of features aimed at enhancing team efficiency, cooperation, and project management. Its live minute recording, collaborative editing, organization, searchable features, information sharing, and integrations are indispensable attributes that aim to greatly simplify board meeting management and ensuring efficient progress tracking.

Pick #2


BoardEffect is a board meeting management software designed to streamline and simplify the operations of boards, committees, and leadership teams. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools such as secure meeting portals, collaborative agenda management, voting capabilities, document storage, and more to efficiently manage board activities. The software allows for better collaboration, communication, and decision-making, while ensuring the highest level of security and compliance with governance policies.

Streamlined Communication and Collaboration: BoardEffect allows users to streamline board materials and communications efficiently. It allows for collaboration between members before, during, and after a meeting, and offers features for voting, signatures, note taking, and discussion.
Ease of Agenda and Meeting Management: BoardEffect offers robust features for agenda and meeting management. Users can easily create agendas, schedule and organize meetings, and link relevant documents directly to the agenda items.
Centralized Document Repository: BoardEffect provides a centralized, secure, and accessible document repository. This allows board members to quickly access board-related documents, such as meeting minutes, policies, bylaws, and other key information, minimizing the need to search for scattered information.
Robust Reporting Capabilities: With BoardEffect, users can generate a variety of reports related to governance and compliance. This makes it easier to keep track of board activities and discussions and allows for more informed decision-making.
Integrative Survey and Evaluation Tools: BoardEffect has in-built evaluation and survey tools for gauging member performance, meeting effectiveness, and other areas of governance. These tools provide critical insights for improving efficiency and accountability within the board.
Limited Customization: Although BoardEffect does provide options to customize the interface, the scope for customization is quite limited compared to other similar software. Users wishing to change the aesthetics or interface to better meet their specific requirements might find this as a limitation.
Lack of Advanced Search Feature: BoardEffect lacks an advanced or intuitive search feature. This can limit the ease for board members in searching for specific documents or information, potentially affecting the efficiency of board meetings.
No Integrated Time Zone Support: With BoardEffect, there is no integrated support for international time zones. This could lead to scheduling complications, especially for international organizations that operate across different time zones.
Slow Loading Time: Some users have reported that the software can take a considerable amount of time to load, especially when dealing with large files or documents. This slow data processing can interrupt the flow of board meetings.
Complexity in User Management: BoardEffect's interface can be less user-friendly when it comes to managing rights and roles of different users. It can become quite complex for novice users to understand the allocation of user roles and permissions.

Pick #3


Boardable is a comprehensive board meeting management software designed to simplify and streamline board activities. It offers an efficient way to organize meetings, automate routine tasks, and promote effective collaboration among board members. The software provides a range of features including scheduling and reminders, meeting agendas and minutes, document and file management, task assignments, polls, discussions, and robust privacy settings. Boardable integrates with existing calendars and other tools, offering a centralized online portal to foster better board communication and productivity while ensuring high levels of data security.

Comprehensive Centralization: Boardable offers a comprehensive management system where all board-related activities and documents can be organized and accessed from a single place, enhancing efficiency and productivity.
Advanced Scheduling: With Boardable, ensuring meeting attendance is made easy as it allows for scheduling, reminders, RSVPs and even rescheduling in its system, accommodating for changes in availability of board members.
Optimal Collaboration: Boardable's platform enables board members to easily collaborate by sharing documents, commenting on minutes and agendas, and actively participating in discussions, which can lead to more informed decision-making.
Agenda and Minutes Builder: Boardable provides tools to create and share meeting agendas, attach documents and automatically convert agendas into meeting minutes, saving crucial time and ensuring all members are on the same page.
Insights and Reporting: Boardable offers robust activity and participation tracking features, allowing board leaders to monitor team engagement and get performance metrics to track board effectiveness.
Limited Customization: While Boardable provides a great deal of general functionality, the customization options could sometimes be limited. Companies with specific requirements may find it hard to adjust the software to suit their needs.
Interface Usability: Although the software boasts a clean design, it can still be challenging for non-technical users to navigate or understand. It requires a learning curve which might be difficult for some board members, especially those not comfortable with technology.
Integration with Other Tools: Boardable lacks wide-ranging integration capabilities with several other popular software tools. This can lead to challenges when trying to seamlessly consolidate various data streams from other productivity tools.
Limited Offline Access: Boardable is primarily designed as an online tool, which means functionality could be limited or unavailable without internet access. It's difficult to work offline or in low connectivity situations.
Document Handling: Although Boardable does allow document management, it lacks sophisticated document handling capabilities. It doesn't provide a very robust solution for board members who have high-level document management needs.

Pick #4

Diligent Boards

Diligent Boards, as a Board Meeting Management Software, is an advanced digital platform designed to streamline all aspects of board management. This software assists board members in securely accessing and sharing board materials, discussions, and annotations in real-time, ensuring productive and well-managed board meetings. Additionally, Diligent Boards offers robust agenda and meeting minute functionality, easing board governance. Its other noteworthy features include e-signature capabilities, a user-friendly interface, and high-level security measures to protect sensitive corporate information.

Enhanced Collaboration: Diligent Boards allows for real-time collaboration between board members, making it easier for them to work on the same documents and other resources at the same time.
Comprehensive Board Meeting Management Suite: The software includes all the tools necessary for efficient board meeting management, including agenda setting, minutes taking, task management, and more.
Smart Tools for Decision Making: Diligent Boards provides insightful analytics and online voting tools that make decision making smarter, transparent, and more efficient.
Seamless Integration: The software is designed to seamlessly integrate with other applications, which means it can fit well into a company's existing software ecosystem, and enhance the connectivity between various platforms.
Advanced Search & Archiving Capabilities: Diligent Boards offers robust search and archiving capabilities, allowing board members to easily retrieve past meeting materials, notes, and other resources, reducing time spent searching for these items and increasing productivity.
Limited Customization Options: Diligent Boards' interface and functionality is fairly rigid, and users do not have an extensive suite of customization and configuration options. This can be a disadvantage for companies that have specific and unique requirements for their board meeting management software.
Lacks Innovation: Compared to some newer and more disruptive software on the market, Diligent Boards can be perceived as lacking in innovation. The features and functionality of the software remain largely unchanged, and representatives from Diligent seldom engage the user community to solicit feedback for new ideas or improvements.
Lack of Integration Capabilities: The application doesn’t integrate efficiently with other commonly used software or systems, which can limit its utility. For instance, it doesn’t sync smoothly with calendar apps, which may cause inconveniences to the users.
Heavy Application: Although the Diligent Boards software is mobile-friendly, it can be quite heavy. Therefore, pages may load slowly and interacting with the app may be lagging on older devices or in areas with poor connectivity.
Customer Support Issues: Some users have reported that customer service could be improved. While Diligent offers 24/7 support, the availability of support professionals with a deep understanding of the product tends to be inconsistent causing delays in addressing issues or queries.

Pick #5


OnBoard is a comprehensive board meeting management software that facilitates a fully digital board experience. It empowers board members with easy access to crucial information and materials anywhere and anytime. OnBoard also facilitates secure communications, meeting scheduling, voting, note-taking and approvals, making it a robust tool for efficient, collaborative, and strategic decision-making processes. The software provides an intuitive interface and supports board management with advanced features like 360-degree board assessment, compliance tracking, and robust audit trails, ensuring a seamless, effective, and accountable board management operation.

Seamless Meeting Setup: OnBoard allows users to organize and manage all board materials in one place. It significantly reduces the time required to set up meetings by allowing administrators to build agendas, create books, and upload or drag and drop board materials.
Real-Time Collaboration: OnBoard fosters collaboration by enabling board members to comment, annotate, and discuss issues in real time. This fosters more effective board communication and decision-making.
Simplified Voting and Approvals: OnBoard simplifies the decision-making process with its voting and approval feature. It allows the board members to vote on important issues online, and the results are instantly available to all participants.
Integration with Trusted Applications: OnBoard integrates with a variety of trusted business applications that board members already know and use, such as Microsoft Outlook, OneDrive, Teams, and more. This allows for streamlined access and easier management of board materials and third-party information.
User-Friendly and Accessible: OnBoard's intuitive platform makes it easy for all users at any tech-savvy level to navigate and leverage its functionality. Moreover, it’s accessible on any device, including tablets, desktops, smartphones, etc., ensuring members have access to necessary materials anywhere, anytime.
Limited Offline Capabilities: Although OnBoard does offer an offline mode, it isn't as immersive or as efficient as the online one. Some functionality may get lost when a user is not connected to the internet.
Performance Issues: Some users have reported that the system can sometimes be slow, particularly when dealing with larger files or higher volumes of data. For busy executives who do not have the luxury of time, this delay can be significantly disruptive.
Limited Customization: OnBoard doesn't have as many customization options as some of its competitors. The inability to tailor the platform specifically to the board's needs can be a considerable downside for some organizations.
Complex User Interface: Some users of OnBoard have expressed that the user interface is not as intuitive as they would like. New users may require training, and this may be a high-entry barrier in terms of both time and money.
Inefficient Search Function: Users have reported issues with the search function. Trying to find past board materials or specific agenda items can be cumbersome and time-consuming.

Pick #6


BoardPaq is a board meeting management software designed to streamline and enhance the efficiency of boardroom affairs. It offers a secure, collaborative platform where board members can review meeting materials, annotate documents, and collaborate in real-time. It’s also equipped with tools for agenda planning, discussions, voting, surveys and approval of consent agendas. The software allows secure access from any device, providing a practical solution for organizations aiming to move from paper-based to digital board packet distribution. Its ease-of-use, robust feature set, and cost-effective pricing make it an attractive choice for all types of boards, including nonprofit, corporate, and government boards.

BoardPaq offers functionality of drag and drop interface which simplifies agenda creation and editing, making it easier for board administrators to manage meetings. The software provides a cloud-based library for storing and accessing all board materials in one centralized, secure location. This makes it easy for board members to find and refer back to older documents. BoardPaq includes a feature called 'BoardPaq Minutes,' which simplifies the process of creating and reviewing minutes. There’s no need to switch between applications, as everything is available in one place. The platform includes intuitive, integrated voting tools that allow board members to make decisions in a structured, traceable manner. This promotes transparency and accountability in decision-making processes. BoardPaq's Dashboard allows quick access to upcoming meetings, tasks, announcements, and progress towards goals, providing board members with a concise overview of the organization's status.
Limited Customization - BoardPaq lacks significant customization capabilities, which would allow organizations to tailor the software to better align with their needs, business processes, and brand identity.
Inconsistencies across Devices - Some users report inconsistencies in functionality and user experience across different devices. Some features might work well on a tablet but not as smoothly on a desktop or laptop.
Lack of Feature-rich Text Editor - The platform's text editor lacks sufficient formatting features. For users drafting extensive board minutes or notes, a feature-rich text editor would be beneficial.
No Real-Time Collaboration - BoardPaq does not support real-time collaboration or co-editing of documents. This feature would enhance the productivity of board members who need to work collectively on the same documents.
Absence of Advanced Search Capabilities - BoardPaq does not support advanced search capabilities. For boards dealing with large volumes of data and documents, the ability to perform advanced searches (search within documents, filter by tags, dates, etc.) would enhance usability.

Pick #7


Aprio is a comprehensive board meeting management software designed to streamline and facilitate efficient board management processes. It provides a secure platform for board members to access meeting information, review documents, and collaborate in real-time. The software organizes board materials into a central, easy-to-navigate portal, allowing for better planning, scheduling and execution of board meetings. Additionally, Aprio features robust security measures to protect sensitive information. It offers features like digital signatures, voting, surveys, and agenda item approvals, simplifying administrative tasks and enhancing overall productivity of board meetings.

Intuitive Dashboard and Interface: Aprio's simple and intuitive dashboard makes it incredibly user-friendly. It does not require extensive training or technical knowledge to navigate. Users can easily access board packages, meeting agendas, minutes, and other documents.
Real-Time Collaboration: Aprio facilitates real-time collaboration. Board members can review, comment, and make annotations on board materials simultaneously. This ensures efficient communication and collaboration among members, even remotely.
Comprehensive Calendar Management: Aprio's robust calendar management functionality enables easy scheduling of board meetings. It also ensures that board members are kept informed about important dates and upcoming events.
Granular Access Control: Aprio provides sophisticated access control mechanisms. Administrators can limit access to sensitive documents on a need-to-know basis. This protects confidential information while still promoting transparency.
Audit Trails: Aprio provides complete audit trails for all document accesses and actions taken within the software. This is crucial for compliance with various corporate governance standards and also promotes accountability within the organization.
Limited Customizability: The layout and format of Aprio are not very flexible. This can interfere with the workflow of board members who prefer a customizable user interface specifically tailored to suit their personal preferences or the unique needs of each meeting.
Slow Updates and Fixes: Users have reported slow response times for updates and bug fixes from the Aprio support team. This can pose challenges, especially in situations where quick solutions are required for problem-solving during high-stakes board meetings.
Steep Learning Curve: The functionality of Aprio is extensive, making it complex and daunting for less tech-savvy board members. Onboarding and comprehending the full features of the software can take a considerable amount of time.
Limited Integration Capabilities: Aprio doesn't seamlessly integrate with other commonly-used software and tools. For example, integration with MS Office or Google Suite is not fluid. This requirement to manually import or export information can be time-consuming.
Lesser Suitability for Small Organizations: Aprio's functionality and range of features are designed with a focus on mid-large scale organizations. This can result in underutilization of its services for smaller companies or startups and may not be the optimum choice for such settings.

Pick #8


BoardPro is a board meeting management software designed to simplify and streamline board governance for small to medium businesses and non-profit organizations. The software allows users to schedule meetings, create and share agendas, add and annotate documents, track actions, and compile minutes in a unified, long-lasting, easy-to-search digital library. Additionally, BoardPro features decision tracking and reporting tools that provide comprehensive oversight and accountability. This robust tool helps to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and professionalism of board meetings and communication by consolidating vital tasks in one secure hub.

Seamless Board Management: BoardPro simplifies board meetings by streamlining the creation of agendas and minutes, reducing the hassle of managing documentation.
Intuitive Decision Tracking: With BoardPro, you can easily track decisions and actions from previous meetings. It ensures no crucial decision slips through and helps maintain accountability.
Enhanced Governance: BoardPro's structured meeting processes and in-built governance tools help high-performing boards operate efficiently while also emphasising proper protocols, and compliance with industry standards and regulations.
Time-Saving Capabilities: BoardPro reduces time spent on administrative tasks, freeing up more time for directors and management to focus on strategy, risks, and important discussions.
Accessible from Anywhere: BoardPro is cloud-based, meaning board members can access critical board materials, minutes, and action items anytime, anywhere, which is highly beneficial for geographically spread out boards.
Limited Customization - BoardPro has less flexibility in terms of customization compared to its competitors. Users have limited options on designing or personalizing their dashboard based on their preferences or the needs of the organization.
Lack of Integration - BoardPro might not seamlessly integrate with other software tools that a company may already be using. This can be inconvenient and could create disruptions in the workflow.
Mobile Experience - The mobile app version of BoardPro does not replicate all the features of the web-based version, which can significantly limit its usage for those who want to manage their tasks on the go.
User Learning Curve - Despite its user-friendly interface, new users might experience a steep learning curve with BoardPro because of its unique set of tools and features. This can slow down the efficiency of a board meeting initially.
Limited Features - Compared to other board management software, BoardPro might seem elementary. It lacks some advanced features, like live chat or video conferencing, that would make communication and collaboration more efficient.

Pick #9


BoardBookit is a leading board meeting management software designed to improve corporate governance processes for companies of all sizes. It streamlines and simplifies how board packs are produced and provides your board members with secure access to their board papers and supplementary information directly from any device, anytime. With capabilities for easy customization, collaboration, minute management, rostering, and more, BoardBookit ensures efficient meeting preparation, seamless communication, and effective decision-making. Its features are enhanced with comprehensive security measures, ensuring that all sensitive information is kept confidential and secure.

Advanced Board Engagement Analytics- BoardBookit has a detailed analytics dashboard that allows you to monitor and track directors' activity, which can help in improving board engagement.
Comprehensive Meeting Management - Apart from standard meeting scheduling, BoardBookit allows for detailed meeting setup including automatic syncing of meetings to board member calendars, easy minute tracking, and voting tools to facilitate decision-making.
Efficient Document Management - BoardBookit facilitates well-organized and safe storage of board documents with the ability to categorize and global search, making information acquisition straightforward during and outside meetings.
Universal Access and Real-time Updates – BoardBookit is a cloud-based solution accessible via desktop or mobile apps. Real-time features ensure that directors can access the most current data, upload new documents, or address changes to meetings instantaneously.
Fosters collaboration and engagement - BoardBookit incorporates interactive tools that increase communication and engagement among board members. It allows annotations on board documents and directors can make notes, ask questions, and share thoughts immediately with others.
Limited Customization: BoardBookit offers pretty standardized structures for best practices. However, this can be a disadvantage for companies seeking a higher degree of customization to match their unique workflows or procedures.
Lack of Advanced Features: While BoardBookit provides critical functionalities for board management, it may lack advanced features such as automatic minutes generation, vote counting feature, or speech to text capabilities, that other software provides.
User Interface: Some users report that BoardBookit's user interface can feel a bit dated and lacking in intuitive design, which potentially impacts the user experience in a negative way.
Reporting Capabilities: BoardBookit's reporting capabilities are relatively basic. For organizations requiring complex and comprehensive reporting, this software may not meet their needs.
Integration with Other Software: BoardBookit may lack seamless integration with other business software. This lack of integration may lead to difficulties in managing information between systems or extracting data from BoardBookit and may eventually affect the overall workflow.

Pick #10


DirectorPoint is a comprehensive and sophisticated board meeting management software designed to streamline board administration processes, enhance communication, and foster improved decision-making among board members. It combines multiple functionalities, including meeting agendas, document management, member communication, voting, and surveys in one secure platform. Integrated with high-level security protocols, DirectorPoint allows real-time collaboration and provides insightful analytics, aiding boards of various organizations to increase efficiency while ensuring secure and effective governance.

benefit 1:Advanced Collaboration Features: DirectorPoint has comprehensive collaboration tools that allow for seamless communication between board members. They can share files, annotate documents, and participate in discussions, all within the platform.
benefit 2:Integrated Agenda Planning: DirectorPoint provides an integrated system for setting up the agenda of board meetings. This not only makes scheduling easier but also ensures that all members are up-to-date with the meeting plan and any changes made.
benefit 3:Centralized Information Management: DirectorPoint stores all relevant information in one place, including documents, meeting minutes, reports, etc. This prevents information scattering across multiple platforms and emails, making information retrieval quick and convenient.
benefit 4:Board Evaluation Tool: It includes a built-in tool for evaluating the board's performance. This helps in identifying areas that require improvement and implementing necessary changes to enhance overall productivity.
benefit 5:Detailed Reporting: DirectorPoint’s user-friendly platform allows the generation of numerous reports related to various aspects of board meetings. This ensures a complete view of the operations, promoting transparency and enabling efficient decision-making through data-driven insights.
DirectorPoint doesn't have automated scheduling functionality. Tasks as simple as meeting scheduling require manual input, which can be time-consuming and inefficient.
DirectorPoint lacks advanced annotation tools. Although it provides some basic tools, more sophisticated commentary and editing tools for pdf documents, word documents, etc. are not available, making it difficult for board members to make notes directly on the documents.
DirectorPoint does not have a personalized dashboard. The absence of a customized dashboard makes it difficult for users to have a quick overview of the most relevant information and tasks at a glance.
DirectorPoint doesn't offer a built-in video conferencing system. The lack of a video conference feature might demand an external integration or platform, which can be a hassle.
DirectorPoint’s UI can be perceived as less intuitive and user-friendly. This could lead to a steep learning curve for users not familiar with this kind of software, potentially causing delays and a decrease in efficiency.

Pick #11

Leading Boards

Leading Boards is a comprehensive board meeting management software that enhances the efficacy and organization of board meetings. It facilitates seamless preparation of meetings, secure dissemination of confidential documents, and collaborative decision-making. It integrates elements like agendas, meeting minutes, and voting mechanisms into a user-friendly digital interface. By centralizing information and providing a secure platform for board-level communication, Leading Boards promotes effective governance and supports compliance with regulatory standards, thereby optimizing the overall function and productivity of the board.

Enhanced Collaboration: Leading Boards offers real-time sharing and editing of documents. This encourages interaction and collaboration among board members, reducing the time spent on circulating emails or paper documents. Streamlined Decision Making: With all information and documentation easily accessible in one place, decision making becomes faster and more effective, reducing overall processing time. Cloud-Based Accessibility: Being a cloud-based platform, Leading Boards provides instant access to board materials from anywhere, anytime, offering convenience and enhancing productivity of board members. Customizability: Leading Boards allows a high degree of adjustability to match the unique requirements of different boards. This could range from customize viewing rights for specific documents to organizing and structuring the software interface according to the board’s preference. Environmental Friendliness: Using Leading Boards eliminates the need for paper-based documentation, cutting down on physical storage space, plus making your operations more eco-friendly.
Limited Customization Options - Leading Boards does not offer many options for customization. This can make it difficult for organizations with unique or specific needs to effectively use the software.
Difficult Navigation - The user interface of Leading Boards can feel very cluttered and complicated. It is often a challenge for new users, especially those who are not tech-savvy, to navigate through the system and locate the features they need.
Insufficient Integration Capabilities - The ability of Leading Boards to integrate with other softwares is not as extensive. This can lead to efficiency issues for businesses already using other software solutions they wish to combine with their board meeting management.
Slow Updates and Upgrades - The software does not seem to update or introduce new features as quickly as many of its competitors. This is a disadvantage for corporations that need to adapt to the constantly changing digital landscape and expect frequent product improvements.
Limited Support Options - The support provided by Leading Boards is somewhat limited. They do not offer 24/7 customer assistance, which may cause difficulties for businesses operating outside of standard working hours or in different time zones.

Buying Criteria

Choosing the right board meeting management software is paramount for ensuring effective and productive governance. The first step is identifying the specific needs of your board, which can vary greatly depending on the size of your organization and the scope of your operations. Look for software that offers functionalities such as agenda setting, minutes taking, document sharing, and task assignments. It’s important to select a tool that is user-friendly and accessible for all board members, regardless of their tech savviness. Additionally, consider the level of customer support provided, as timely assistance can be crucial, especially in the initial stages of implementation.

Security is another critical factor to weigh in on during your selection process. With sensitive information being discussed and shared, ensure that the software complies with industry-standard security protocols and data protection laws. Scalability should also be on your checklist; as your organization grows, your chosen solution should be able to accommodate increased demand without a drop in performance. Lastly, integrating with other tools used by your organization can streamline processes and enhance productivity. By carefully evaluating these aspects, you can choose the right board meeting management software that aligns with your organizational needs and enhances your board’s operational efficiency.


Investing in board meeting management software makes eminent sense for organizations focused on optimizing governance, collaboration, and decision-making efficiency among their board members. Companies that operate across multiple time zones, manage voluminous documentation, or have boards that include external or international members, stand to benefit significantly. This platform streamlines scheduling, document sharing, and the organization of meetings, ensuring key stakeholders are well-informed and can contribute meaningfully to discussions. Particularly for entities facing stringent regulatory compliance requirements or those aspiring to elevate their governance standards, adopting such tools can be a game-changer, fostering enhanced strategic alignment and decision-making agility.

Conversely, it may not make sense to invest in board meeting management software for small organizations or start-ups where the board comprises a tight-knit group of founders and investors who interact frequently in informal settings. In such cases, the cost and complexity of implementing a specialized software may not justify the marginal benefits over simpler, more cost-effective communication tools that the team already uses efficiently. Similarly, non-profits or volunteer-led groups operating on lean budgets might find the investment hard to justify, especially if their meeting processes are straightforward, infrequent, or if they can meet their needs through basic organizational tools that do not incur additional costs.


What is a Board Meeting Management Software?

Board Meeting Management Software is a specialized application designed to streamline the process of organizing, scheduling, and conducting board meetings. It helps in creating agendas, sharing documents, recording minutes, and post-meeting follow-ups.

How does Board Meeting Management Software help in conducting efficient meetings?

Board Meeting Management Software enables easy scheduling, timely notification, and distribution of meeting agendas. It allows members to review and annotate documents prior to meetings, encourage collaboration, record minutes efficiently, and maintain records securely. It helps make meetings more organized, productive, and efficient.

Can Board Meeting Management Software ensure data security?

Yes, most Board Meeting Management Software come with high-grade security measures. They ensure data encryption during transfer, host secure two-way communication, maintain access controls and permissions, and regularly back up the data. However, it’s important to review the security features of each software individually.

Is Board Meeting Management Software accessible on mobile devices?

Yes, most modern Board Meeting Management Software offer mobile compatibility. This allows board members to access meeting agendas, documents, contribute to discussions, and follow tasks on the go, from their smartphone or tablet.

How does a Board Meeting Management Software support post-meeting tasks?

Post meeting, the software aids in quick and easy retrieval of meeting minutes, decisions taken, and assigned tasks. It helps track whether tasks are completed on time, archives documents, and records for easy access at any time, and provides analytics for meeting productivity.