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The 10 Best Gotomeeting Alternatives

The 10 Best Gotomeeting Alternatives include popular video conferencing and collaborative solutions such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, Google Meet, Zoho Meeting, Bluejeans, Adobe Connect,, Slack, and Skype for Business.

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Zoom is a well-known alternative to GoToMeeting. It is a cloud-based video conferencing service that you can use for virtually interacting with others – either by video or audio-only, or both while conducting live chats. It is widely used for webinars, online meetings, and mobile collaboration. Zoom provides high-quality video and audio with robust features like screen-sharing, recording options, and in-meeting chat. The service can accommodate up to 1000 participants at a time, making it a great fit for corporate meetings and web conferences.

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Pick #1


Zoom is an alternative to GoToMeeting, providing a comprehensive and intuitive cloud-based video conferencing and communication solution that seamlessly combines video and audio meetings, collaboration tools, webinars, chats, and mobile collaboration. With its high-quality HD video and audio, screen sharing capabilities, virtual background feature, and compatibility across different platforms and devices, it offers robust functionality that suits both small businesses as well as large enterprises. Enhanced security measures, including end-to-end encryption, further solidify Zoom’s position as an effective alternative to GoToMeeting.

Simplicity and User-Friendliness: Compared to GoToMeeting, Zoom's user interface is more straightforward and easy to navigate. This simplicity reduces the learning curve for first-time users and makes it more approachable for all types of participants.
Superior Video Quality: Zoom is recognized for its exceptional video quality, providing a clear and stable connection that exceeds that of GoToMeeting. For users who depend on visual aids or the clarity of expression in their conferencing, this could be a significant factor.
Virtual Background and Touch Up My Appearance: Zoom offers fun and helpful features that are not available in GoToMeeting like virtual backgrounds and the “Touch Up My Appearance” feature which allows users to present themselves in a more professional manner.
Recording Transcriptions: Zoom offers automated transcription for recorded meetings while GoToMeeting does not. This feature increases the accessibility and usability of recorded information post-meeting.
Break Out Rooms: Zoom stands out with its functionality for ‘Break Out Rooms’, which allows large meetings to be split into smaller groups for focused discussions. GoToMeeting does not have this feature.
Zoom does not provide an option to pre-qualify attendees like GoToMeeting does. This means you cannot vet attendees beforehand which might be a crucial failure point if you need a specific crowd for the meeting.
Zoom's user interface, while intuitive for most, can be cumbersome or complicated for less tech-savvy users compared to GoToMeeting's more user-friendly UI.
Zoom requires the installation of a desktop client to host meetings, a step that GoToMeeting eliminates by allowing hosts to start meetings directly from the browser.
Zoom has a smaller capacity for attendees in the basic payment plan, it supports up to 100 participants while GoToMeeting has the ability to host up to 250 participants with no additional fees.
Zoom's meetings have a 40-minute limit on group meetings in their basic plan whereas GoToMeeting does not impose this limitation in their basic plans.

Pick #2

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a powerful alternative to GoToMeeting, serving as a comprehensive communication and collaboration platform from one of the leading technology companies in the world. It provides a slew of features including chat, video meetings, file storage, and app integration capabilities all within a secure, enterprise-grade setting. Microsoft Teams is fully integrated into Microsoft 365, enhancing its functionality with seamless access to tools like SharePoint, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Its versatile nature and robust options for customisation make it ideal for teams of various sizes and industries seeking an all-encompassing solution to improve productivity and collaboration.

Integration with Office 365: Microsoft Teams is deeply integrated with Office 365, making it easier to work seamlessly with apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and SharePoint. This results in higher productivity compared to GoToMeeting which may require additional steps to work on documents or presentations.
More Robust Collaboration Tools: Microsoft Teams has superior collaboration tools compared to GoToMeeting. Features such as file sharing, threaded conversations, and co-authoring documents facilitate improved team collaboration and communication.
Seamless Transition from Chat to Video Call: Microsoft Teams allows users to switch from text chat to video call effortlessly with the same group of people or individual, a feature that's not as smooth in GoToMeeting.
Organized Team Management: Microsoft Teams offers a systematic and organized way to manage different teams and projects through its Channels and Tabs feature. This is especially beneficial for large teams working on different projects simultaneously, which GoToMeeting might not support as effectively.
Customization and Third-party Integrations: Teams allows customizing the workspace with tabs, connectors and bots to include content and capabilities users need every day. It also provides seamless integration opportunities with third-party tools, giving it an edge over GoToMeeting which might not offer as broad a range of integrations.
Integration Challenges: As compared to GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams can present difficulties when integrating with software that is not part of the Microsoft suite. If companies rely heavily on non-Microsoft tools, this can pose significant usability issues.
User Interface: Microsoft Teams has a complex user interface, especially compared to the simpler, more intuitive interface of GoToMeeting. This can lead to longer initial training periods and slower adoption rates amongst users.
Feature Overwhelming: Microsoft Teams come with a great deal of features and functionalities. While this can be an advantage, it can also make the platform more complex and overwhelming for users who are looking for simplicity in a video conferencing solution, linearly as in GoToMeeting.
Absence of certain webinar features: Microsoft Teams does not support all of the webinar features, like large scale public broadcasts, that GoToMeeting does. Users may find this limitation restricting, particularly in larger enterprises where such features are required.
Limited Browser Support: Microsoft Teams lacks full feature functionality when accessed through a browser as compared to its application, unlike GoToMeeting which offers full features on both platforms. This can limit accessibility for users who prefer or only have access to the online version.

Pick #3

Cisco WebEx

Cisco WebEx is a leading alternative to GoToMeeting, offering a comprehensive suite of communication and collaboration tools. It is a cloud-based platform that provides video conferencing, online meetings, screen sharing, and webinars. Cisco WebEx’s key features include high-definition video and audio quality, document, application and desktop sharing, interactive whiteboards and polling, meeting recordings, and scheduling tools. It also provides a robust set of security measures. Unlike GoToMeeting, Cisco WebEx supports larger meetings and webinars, and integrates with other Cisco products, making it a more scalable solution for larger organizations.

Superior Video Quality: Cisco WebEx delivers a smoother and more robust video conferencing experience than GoToMeeting, reducing glitches and enhancing user experience.
Advanced Integration Capabilities: Cisco WebEx easily integrates with other Cisco products as well as with third-party tools. This provides streamlined work processes and greater productivity, which may not always be feasible with GoToMeeting.
Innovative Webinar Features: WebEx provides a more advanced set of features for webinars such as polling, Q&A, and "raise a hand" that can improve engagement and collaboration during larger virtual group settings when compared to GoToMeeting.
Robust Mobile Support: WebEx provides a sophisticated mobile experience. It allows not only joining meetings from mobile devices but also the ability to present directly from your mobile, scheduling, and even initiating meetings. This mobile functionality is more advanced than GoToMeeting's mobile options.
Cisco WebEx Training Center: Unlike GoToMeeting, Cisco WebEx provides a specialized platform for virtual training which includes a virtual classroom setting, breakout sessions, hands-on labs, testing, grading, and attendance tracking.
Limited Collaboration Features - While WebEx provides basic tools like screen sharing and chat, it lacks more advanced collaboration tools like shared whiteboards and projectors, which are available in GoToMeeting.
Slow Performance and Bandwidth Issues - In comparison to GoToMeeting, Cisco WebEx can have issues with slow performance especially when a large number of participants are involved. This can be due to high bandwidth consumption, which might not be ideal for companies with limited internet capabilities.
User Interface - The user interface of WebEx is not as intuitive or user-friendly as GoToMeeting. New users may find it more challenging to understand and navigate, and this could affect productivity and efficiency.
No HD Video Support - Unlike GoToMeeting, WebEx does not provide high-definition video support. This can affect the quality of communication and engagement in virtual meetings.
Inadequate Customer Support - Cisco WebEx's customer support is criticized as less responsive and helpful than GoToMeeting. More complex technical issues might take longer to get resolved.

Pick #4


Skype is an effective alternative to GoToMeeting providing communication and collaboration features for businesses and individuals alike. Offered by Microsoft, it facilitates video conferencing, voice calls, instant messaging, file sharing and screen sharing, much like GoToMeeting. The platform is widely recognized for its ability to connect people around the globe, either through one-on-one interactions or group meetings. However, beyond this, Skype’s integration with other Microsoft tools like Office 365 adds to its utility as a business tool, making it a cost-effective option for enterprises looking for comprehensive communication solutions.

Extensive Integration - Skype integrates with Microsoft Office 365, a tool many businesses already use. This makes file sharing, email communication, and Appointment scheduling more seamless.
Real-time Transcription - Skype includes live subtitles and captions during calls, improving accessibility for persons with hearing impairments or for those who don't speak English natively.
Instant Messaging - Outside of video meetings, Skype has a robust instant messaging platform that can help keep the lines of communication open within a team or with clients. This is innovative compared to one-off meeting platforms.
Live Event Capabilities - Skype allows users to host live events and webcasts for large groups. These meetings can accommodate up to 10,000 attendees, which may not be possible with other software like GoToMeeting.
Background Blur - A little more personalised, but Skype comes with the background blur feature which can disguise an unprofessional or distracted environment during a video call.
Meeting setup - While Skype is great for personal calls and quick professional meetings, setting up more complex meetings or webinars can be a bit cumbersome compared to GoToMeeting due to interface design.
Connection Quality - Skype's performance can be less consistent in terms of connection quality. Though this varies depending on the user's internet stability, experiences of call dropouts, latency issues, and video stutter are more often reported with Skype than GoToMeeting.
Limited co-working tools - Skype lacks a robust array of collaborative tools, such as annotation capabilities, meeting notes, and whiteboarding, which are easily accessible on GoToMeeting.
Scalability - Skype's participant and meeting size capabilities can be limiting for larger businesses. GoToMeeting offers a much larger participant capacity, making it more suitable for larger or quickly-growing businesses.
Limited Integration - Compared to GoToMeeting, Skype has fewer direct integrations with customer relationship management (CRM) and other business intelligence tools, which may cause some inconvenience for users.

Pick #5

Google Meet

Google Meet is a robust video conferencing software developed by Google as an alternative to platforms like GoToMeeting. It belongs to Google’s suite of collaborative tools and promises a reliable platform for conducting sophisticated virtual meetings. It is widely admired for its smooth integration with Google applications like Google Calendar and Gmail, enabling users to schedule and join meetings directly from these apps. Google Meet delivers high-quality video and audio conferencing, live streaming, real-time catch-up, and the ability to record meetings for future reference, which makes it an excellent alternative to GoToMeeting.

Seamless Integration with Google Workspace - Google Meet integrates efficiently with various Google applications such as Gmail, Google Drive, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, and Slides, facilitating an instant and seamless collaboration and sharing process unlike GoToMeeting.
Simultaneously Present and Engage - Google Meet provides the ability to simultaneously present your screen and see participants, containing in view both your audience reactions and the content being presented, a feature that sets it apart from GoToMeeting.
Advanced AI Features - Google Meet offers features such as live captioning during meetings powered by Google’s speech-to-text technology, which is more advanced than GoToMeeting.
Larger Meeting Capacity - Google Meet provides the option of hosting larger meetings (up to 250 participants) compared to GoToMeeting, which may at times limit the meeting participant capacity.
Customizable Layouts - Google Meet offers more customizable layouts, allowing users to tailor the interface to be focused on specific participants or to see everyone at once, unlike GoToMeeting, which does not provide much interface flexibility for attendee views.
Limited Features in Comparison: While Google Meet covers the basic needs for an online meeting platform, it lacks some advanced features that GoToMeeting offers. For instance, Google Meet doesn't provide drawing tools or the ability to have breakout rooms, which can be important for collaborative and interactive meetings.
Lower Maximum Participants: Google Meet supports up to 250 participants in a meeting, whereas GoToMeeting's enterprise plan allows up to 3,000 participants. This can be a limiting factor for larger organizations or events.
Dependence on Google Infrastructure: Google Meet is tightly integrated with other Google services such as Google Calendar and Gmail. If a user doesn't use these services, they might not get the most out of Google Meet. In contrast, GoToMeeting is a standalone tool and doesn't require any specific email or calendar service.
Lack of Teleconferencing Options: Unlike GoToMeeting that provides a teleconferencing option where people can join the meeting via a phone call, Google Meet does not have this feature. This can be problematic when users have internet connectivity issues or if they are on the go.
Administrative Control: Google Meet lacks some administrative control features, such as the ability to manage attendees' permissions and controls, that are available in GoToMeeting. This could impact the meeting management and privacy.

Pick #6


BlueJeans is a cloud-based video conferencing service that provides an effective alternative to GoToMeeting. It allows for simple, efficient interaction between users irrespective of the hardware or software they’re using. Bluejeans provides high-quality audio and video calls, screen sharing, recording capabilities, event hosting, and other telecommunication features that make it ideal for businesses. Standout components of this platform include its multi-vendor, multi-device interoperability and single-touch meetings which increase efficiency and promote seamless communication in a professional setting. The technology is powerful yet user-friendly, making it a viable alternative to traditional solutions like GoToMeeting.

Superior Video Quality - BlueJeans provides true high-definition video conferencing, making it stand out as an alternative to GoToMeeting. It maintains consistent video quality even when the participant count is high.
Smart Meetings - BlueJeans offers intelligent video conferencing features like voice recognition, automated meeting recaps, and action item tracking. This suite of cognitive collaboration capabilities is a unique offering that enhances productivity.
Comprehensive Interoperability - BlueJeans provides better interoperability than GoToMeeting by allowing seamless connectivity with various room systems, such as Polycom, Cisco, Life Size as well as with software like Skype for Business.
Advanced Recording Capabilities - BlueJeans allows users to record meetings and save them on the cloud or locally, unlike GoToMeeting which has limited recording feature. Additionally, its automated meeting highlights feature is a significant benefit for referencing and follow-ups.
Command Center Analytics - BlueJeans' Command Center is a sophisticated live meeting analytics tool providing insights in real-time about meeting room usage, network conditions and conference statistics, a feature that GoToMeeting doesn’t offer.
BlueJeans does not have a polling feature like GoToMeeting, which means users cannot instantly gather participant feedback during a meeting.
Unlike GoToMeeting, BlueJeans does not offer a feature for meeting transcription. This can make it difficult for users to review detailed meeting minutes later.
BlueJeans lacks the integrated scheduling offered by GoToMeeting. The latter allows users to schedule and manage meetings directly from Office 365, Outlook, and Google Calendar.
BlueJeans's interface is perceived to be less intuitive and user-friendly than GoToMeeting's, which could potentially frustrate less tech-savvy users trying to navigate the platform.
BlueJeans limits the number of video feeds it displays simultaneously, unlike GoToMeeting which displays all participants' video feeds at once. This can hinder communication and collaboration in large group meetings.

Pick #7 is a user-friendly and intuitive web conferencing platform that stands as a viable alternative to GoToMeeting. It boasts a streamlined interface that provides video conferencing, screen sharing, and virtual meeting capabilities suitable for both private and business users. Unlike GoToMeeting, offers a simple “one-click” meeting setup, and a distinct feature which allows users to personalize their meeting “URLs”, hence making it easier for participants to join in. Its accessibility, functionality and competitive pricing make it appealing to small and medium-sized businesses looking for efficient remote collaboration tools.

Simplicity of Use: Join.mereally distinguishes itself with its user-friendly interface. It's designed to be as simple as possible, making it easier for users to set up and conduct meetings without any lengthy setup or learning curve.
Screen Sharing and Annotation: offers superior screen sharing capabilities which is desirable for collaboration. Its annotation tools allow users to highlight, draw, and add texts on the shared screen for improved interactive discussions.
Mobile Application: has an efficient and functional mobile app, allowing users to join or host meetings from their mobile devices. This enhances flexibility, providing the ability to conduct or participate in meetings on-the-go.
Personalized URL: A unique feature of is that it allows users to create personalized URLs for meetings which could be essential for branding or creating a professional impression.
Unlimited Audio: Different from some competitors, Join.meprovides unlimited international conference calling using Voice over IP (VoIP). This allows for long-duration meetings without worrying about audio cut-off.
Limited Video Conference Capabilities - Unlike GoToMeeting which supports up to 250 participants in its meetings, only supports up to 10 participants in its video conferencing, thereby limiting larger discussions.
Less Integration Possibilities - GoToMeeting offers numerous integrations with various applications, such as Office 365, Slack, and Salesforce, while offers less variety in compatible applications.
Lacks Advanced Features - Compared to GoToMeeting, lacks some advanced features such as transcripts, polling and surveys, and detailed reports, which are beneficial for business meetings and webinars.
Less User-friendly - Some users find's interface less intuitive and harder to navigate than GoToMeeting. Issues such as finding and joining meetings can be more difficult.
Lower Quality of Audio and Video - Some users have reported that the quality of audio and video is less consistent in as compared to GoToMeeting, which offers HD video conferencing.

Pick #8

Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting is a robust web conferencing solution that serves as a viable alternative to GoToMeeting. It empowers businesses and individuals alike to host online meetings and webinars without requiring additional software downloads. With features such as screen sharing, recording, live chat, and an eligible participant limit, Zoho Meeting offers similar functionalities to GoToMeeting. However, it distinguishes itself through its seamless integration with other Zoho Suite applications, affordable pricing models, robust security measures like SSL encryption, and user-friendly interface, making it an appealing choice for small to medium enterprises and corporates looking for a cost-effective, integrated web conferencing solution.

Zoho Meeting provides a robust web conferencing feature which allows users to host webinars, online meetings, and conferences easily. its seamless integrations with other Zoho products like CRM, Projects, and Connect makes it superior to GoToMeeting in a Zoho-operated ecosystem.
The streamlined and intuitive user interface of Zoho Meeting makes it easier to navigate and operate even for beginners. This helps to reduce the time and efforts in understanding and managing the tool wisely, as compared to Gotomeeting.
Zoho Meeting comes with the feature of "Embed meeting link," which allows you to paste the online meetings and webinar links on your website or blogs. This feature is not provided by GoToMeeting and therefore gives Zoho Meeting another edge.
Zoho Meeting provides an efficient recording and storage feature, enabling users to keep safe the recordings of webinars and meetings. The best part is that Zoho stores these recordings in the cloud, meaning accessibility is not an issue.
International dial-in numbers are provided by Zoho Meeting, allowing participants to join meetings from anywhere. These numbers are available for many countries, while GoToMeeting may not always provide this option.
Zoho Meeting lacks some of the advanced features that GoToMeeting offers, like webinar management, attendee reports, and pre-recorded webinars.
The user interface of Zoho Meeting is not as intuitive or streamlined as GoToMeeting. This can result in slower adoption rates among new users or people less familiar with conferencing software.
Zoho Meeting doesn't offer a dial-in option for attendees to join the meeting via a regular phone call, a feature that is available in GoToMeeting.
Zoho Meeting does not include features like "Drawing Tools" and "Hand Raising" that are offered by GoToMeeting, thus limiting interaction opportunities.
Zoho Meeting experiences a lag or delay in connectivity and it is not optimized for users in rural or remote areas with limited internet access, whereas GoToMeeting is known for its robust connectivity even in low bandwidth situations.

Pick #9


Slack is a powerful communication and collaboration tool that serves as an excellent alternative to GoToMeeting. It provides a platform for individuals and teams to communicate in real-time, share files, manage tasks, and collaborate on projects. Unlike GoToMeeting, which is primarily focused on video conferencing, Slack combines instant messaging, file sharing, voice and video calls, screen sharing, and integrations with a wide array of other productivity and business apps. This makes it a more versatile platform that can streamline workflows and improve productivity, making it suitable for continuous team collaboration rather than just scheduled meetings.

Seamless Integration: Slack integrates effectively with many other tools and software, aiding in work efficiency. From Google Drive files to Jira tickets, everything can be easily synchronized with minimal fuss.
Advanced Messaging: Slack includes superior messaging abilities compared to some platforms. Features such as threads, reactions, @mentions, and message pinning greatly enhance team communication and collaboration, keeping discussions connected and easy to follow.
Channel Organization: Slack allows users to create multiple channels, public or private, to categorize their conversations and keep them confined to their respective topics. This helps in better organization and less clutter in discussions.
Searchable History: Slack offers a feature of easily searchable history, meaning you can go back in time to retrieve details from past conversations. This can be particularly beneficial for businesses who want to reference previous decisions or discussions.
File Sharing: One of the advantages of using Slack is its easy, drag-and-drop file sharing. This aspect enhances convenience and improves workflow within a team, especially when working on collaborative projects.
Lack of dedicated webinar features: Unlike GoToMeeting, Slack doesn't offer dedicated functionalities designed specifically for webinars, like scheduling, reminders, registration, or audience polling.
Limited video conferencing: Slack only supports direct one-on-one video calls or up to 15 participants in a video conference for paid plans. GoToMeeting, however, supports larger meetings with up to 250 participants depending on the plan.
Inefficient file sharing for larger files: Although Slack does offer file sharing, it can be less effective when it comes to larger files. Also, the search option for file finding is subpar when compared to a dedicated meeting tool like GoToMeeting.
Limited integration with calendar apps: Slack does not offer native integrations with many popular calendar apps. While GoToMeeting allows for seamless scheduling by integrating with calendar apps like Google Calendar, Office 365, Outlook etc.
Lack of in-meeting functionality: Slack lacks features like real-time screenshare annotations and drawing that GoToMeeting provides. These are handy in explaining complex concepts during a meeting.

Pick #10

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is a comprehensive web conferencing and eLearning software that serves as an alternative to GoToMeeting. This platform supports interactive and engaging virtual meetings, webinars, training sessions, online conferences and presentations, complete with customizable meeting rooms and multi-modalities of collaboration. Adobe Connect’s notable features include breakout rooms, multimedia sharing, customizable layouts, and robust analytics. Additionally, it boasts advanced security measures, mobile access, and integration with other Adobe products. Compared to GoToMeeting, Adobe Connect may offer more flexibility in terms of customization, but it can also be more complex to use, making it a suitable choice for users needing advanced features and controls.

Adobe Connect offers an engaging and immersive user interface. Unlike GoToMeeting, Adobe Connect supports custom pods, meaning you can create unique interactive experiences by aligning the layout according to your needs.
Adobe Connect supports persistent virtual rooms. This means that you can create a room with specific settings and add-ons and save it for future meetings, a feature not available in GoToMeeting. The preparations you make for a meeting are saved and ready for the next time you log in.
Adobe Connect offers a broad range of integration options not seen in GoToMeeting. It integrates seamlessly with a number of learning management systems (LMS), customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and other marketing automation tools, allowing for better streamlining of processes.
Adobe Connect features advanced analytics and reporting tools. It offers a comprehensive view of engagement levels throughout the session that provides actionable insights, this is a level of detailed reporting that GoToMeeting does not offer.
Adobe Connect is more versatile in terms of usage scenarios. Beyond web meetings, it also caters to webinars and learning environments (with Adobe Connect for eLearning). This flexibility makes it a more comprehensive web conferencing solution than GoToMeeting.
Adobe Connect requires Flash: To run Adobe Connect efficiently, Flash player is necessary which can be a hurdle as most modern browsers are moving away from Flash due to numerous security vulnerabilities.
Complex setup: Adobe Connect's user interface can appear overly complex compared to GoToMeeting. Some users might feel overwhelmed by its numerous features and settings.
Quality of Video and Audio: Users have reported issues with the quality of video and audio during longer sessions on Adobe Connect. This problem is less often reported in GoToMeeting.
Limited integration: Adobe Connect struggles with limited integration facilities with other software tools when compared to GoToMeeting, which can work in conjunction with a wider range of tools.
Performance issues on lower bandwidth: Adobe Connect requires a high-speed internet connection for smooth functioning, which makes it less suited for areas with poor connectivity, compared to GoToMeeting which performs better on lower bandwidth.


What are some alternatives to GoToMeeting?

There are several alternatives to GoToMeeting that serve as great options for online meetings and conferencing. Some popular ones include Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Cisco Webex Meetings, and Skype for Business.

How does Zoom compare to GoToMeeting?

While both offer similar video conferencing features, Zoom is often praised for its superior video quality and screen sharing abilities. It also offers a free tier service, which GoToMeeting lacks.

How is Microsoft Teams as an alternative to GoToMeeting?

Microsoft Teams is a strong alternative that’s deeply integrated with Office 365, making document collaboration during meetings seamless. It’s an excellent choice if your organization is already invested in the Microsoft ecosystem.

Are the alternatives more affordable than GoToMeeting?

Pricing differs across each platform and depends on the scale and specific needs of your business. Some platforms, like Zoom and Google Meet, do offer free tiers with basic feature set, which may be a more affordable option for smaller businesses.

Can the GoToMeeting alternatives also support large conferences?

Yes, most of these alternatives have capacity for larger meetings or webinars. However, the maximum number of participants allowed may vary between platforms, with most allowing at least 100 participants in their basic paid plans. It’s always best to check the specific details depending on your needs.

Top 10: Best Gotomeeting Alternatives