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How To Write A Meeting Purpose Statement

A meeting purpose refers to the specific reason or objective for convening a meeting. It outlines the goals, objectives, or outcomes that the meeting is intended to achieve. A clear meeting purpose helps to establish the focus and direction of the meeting, ensuring that participants are aligned and engaged in discussions and decision-making processes. It […]

How Do You Name A Meeting Room

A meeting room is a dedicated space specifically designed to hold meetings, discussions, and collaborations among team members or individuals from different departments or organizations. It provides a comfortable and conducive environment for participants to come together, share ideas, brainstorm, make decisions, and address relevant topics. Meeting rooms typically come equipped with essential amenities such […]

How Do You Choose Meeting Attendees

A meeting attendee refers to the individuals who participate in a meeting, whether it is in person, online, or through other means of communication. They are typically invited by the meeting organizer and may include employees, stakeholders, suppliers, or clients, depending on the purpose and nature of the meeting. Attendees are expected to actively engage […]

How To Coordinate A Meeting

Meeting coordination is the process of organizing and managing all aspects of a meeting to ensure its effectiveness and productivity. This involves tasks such as setting the agenda, scheduling a suitable time and place, inviting participants, preparing and distributing meeting materials, and overseeing logistics such as arranging for equipment and catering. The goal of meeting […]

How Do You Drive A Decision In A Meeting

A meeting decision refers to the outcome of a discussion or deliberation within a business meeting where participants come to a conclusion or resolution on an issue or topic that requires a collective decision. It represents the agreement or choice made by the group on how to proceed, implement a plan, allocate resources, or address […]

Effective Agenda Management: A Guide for Teams and Organizations

The meeting agenda is a crucial element of efficient meetings. Most online tips focus on how this agenda should be structured. However, in reality, many teams struggle to establish a process that also manages various meeting agendas effectively. In our article, we show you how to maintain an overview of numerous different agendas. Why is […]

How to set up a meeting

A Meeting Set Up refers to the process of arranging and preparing all the necessary details required for a successful meeting. This involves determining and scheduling an appropriate date and time that suits all participants, choosing a suitable location whether physical or virtual, ensuring the availability of necessary equipment and materials, preparing and distributing an […]

How to set the perfect meeting cadence

A Meeting Cadence refers to the frequency and consistent schedule of meetings held within an organization. It establishes a standard pattern of meetings, such as daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly, depending on the team’s communication needs, project requirements, and organizational goals. The cadence ensures regular communication, fosters teamwork, allows for updates on progress, helps in […]

Meeting Management: How to manage your meetings effectively (Best Practices)

What is meeting management? Meeting management, from our standpoint, is the strategic process of planning, executing, and reviewing business meetings with a focus on achieving specific goals. This involves meticulously preparing agendas that align with the team’s objectives, judiciously selecting participants to foster productive dialogue, and efficiently guiding the meeting towards actionable outcomes. Meeting management […]

How To Set Effective Meeting Objectives

What are meeting objectives? Meeting objectives refer to the specific goals or outcomes that a meeting aims to achieve. These are the central focus points that set the direction of the meeting and guide its discussions. They can be based on a broad range of topics such as decision making, problem-solving, planning, coordination, or team […]

How to become a meeting coordinator

A Meeting Coordinator is a professional who oversees and facilitates the organization and execution of meetings in a business environment. Their role includes scheduling meetings according to participants’ availability, arranging for necessary materials, ensuring the right equipment is in place, coordinating teleconferences or videoconferences when needed, and managing any necessary follow-up. They may also be […]

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