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MeetingFever consulting offers strategic advice for fewer, more efficient meetings across your whole organisation in the age of remote work. Learn how to reduce meeting time and sign up for our free webinar.

Communication becomes complex when teams grow...

When startups scale, communication among team members and across departments often fails. Too many lines of communication have to be managed, and when left unchecked, meetings become an end in themselves instead of a means to move work forward.

Avoid meeting creep by adopting a battle-tested meeting management framework, which ensures meeting time is cut down and employee productivity soars.

Stop being enslaved by your meeting procedures and implement modern meeting guidelines across your entire organization with our help.

It's time to make your company's meetings more efficient

$399 Billion Lost Annually

U.S. businesses lose this due to poorly organized meetings.

31 Hours Spent Monthly

Average time employees spend in unproductive meetings.

When you look at these numbers, you’ll realize that something is wrong with our meetings. Too often, meetings are characterized by the following negative points:

Yet, this doesn’t have to be the case. Meetings are a central and crucial component for any organization. However, meetings require structure and must be utilized correctly. We’ll show you how it’s done.

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About Us

We are Florian, Jannik, and Alexander, founders, tech enthusiasts, and online marketers.

In 2016, we launched our first media company, fueling our passion for optimizing work life. In 2023, we started a new venture, ZipDo, a productivity software firm. Through MeetingFever, we aim to share our productivity tips and routines with you.

Learn more about our background here.

Our Meeting Lifecycle Concept

We write extensively on this page about the meeting process. When we were dissatisfied with our own meetings in our first company, we studied all available resources on meetings and developed the Meeting Lifecycle for ourselves. We describe this principle in detail on this page.

Before the meeting, it’s crucial for all participants to prepare, gather, and distribute relevant documents. The necessity of the meeting should also be evaluated at this stage. A meeting agenda should be created and made accessible to all participants.

During the meeting, notes should be taken. The meeting’s moderator must ensure adherence to the agenda.

Archive your meeting notes or retrieve valuable information from previous meeting notes and enable users to quickly find, share and export critical knowledge.

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MeetingFever is a content platform dedicated to the topic of efficient meetings. We are the founders of a meeting notes software, ZipDo, and have spent a considerable amount of time in our company focusing on meeting effectiveness. On MeetingFever.com, we share our insights and demonstrate to other companies how they can make their meetings more efficient.

ZipDo is our Meeting Software, that we’ve developed based on our experience with meetings. Our content is designed to help all users improve their meetings. From time to time we describe how you can improve your meeting processes with our software; this type of monetization allows us to finance content creation.

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