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Sprint Review Meeting Agenda Template

A Sprint Review Meeting Agenda Template is a structured plan for a meeting where the Scrum team and stakeholders review what was achieved during the sprint, discuss what could be done next, and get immediate feedback, meant to ensure clear communication and efficient sprint analysis.

A Sprint Review meeting agenda is a crucial part of the Scrum framework where the Scrum team and stakeholders come together at the end of each sprint to assess the team’s accomplishments. This meeting involves a demonstration or presentation of the functionality of the product increment that has been completed during the sprint. It provides an opportunity to get feedback and insights from the stakeholders which help in determining what to work on next. The meeting will typically cover a review of what was planned versus what was achieved, a demonstration of the work done, feedback gathering, and discussions about possible changes or next steps for the upcoming sprint backlog. This participation and collaboration help in reassessing the product backlog and aligning everyone’s understanding of the work.

Our Sprint Review Meeting Agenda Template

Title: Sprint Review Meeting


1. **Welcome and Introduction** (5 minutes)
– Meet and greet, settle down and brief about meeting objective.

2. **Overview of Sprint Progress** (10 minutes)
– Scrum Master to provide a high-level summary of work done, highlighting major achievements, roadblocks, and themes of the past sprint.

3. **Review of Sprint Backlog Items** (45 minutes)
– Presentation of each completed item in the sprint to stakeholders and team.
– Include:
– Brief explanation of work
– Demonstration of the new feature or functionality
– Review of acceptance criteria and how it’s met
– Sharing of user feedback, if any

4. **Discuss Incomplete Items** (15 minutes)
– Discuss the reasons behind each incomplete item.
– Decide on whether to move them to the next sprint or the backlog.

5. **Feedback From Stakeholders** (20 minutes)
– Inviting comments, questions, and feedback from stakeholders about the completed work.
– Discuss how feedback will be incorporated in future work.

6. **Sprint Retrospective Look-Ahead**(15 minutes)
– High-level preview of potential backlog items for the next sprint.
– Short discussion on the anticipated challenges or focus for the next Sprint.

7. **Update on Product Backlog** (15 minutes)
– Product Owner presents an updated outlook on the backlog, given the outputs from the current sprint review.
– Discuss key priorities and expectations for the next sprint.

8. **Review of Business and Market Context** (15 minutes)
– Discussion of any changes or shifts in the wider business or market context that may influence the product’s direction.

9. **Feedback and Lessons Learned** (15 minutes)
– Open-floor discussion for the team and stakeholders to share thoughts, lessons, or suggestions for improving next sprints.

10. **Wrap Up and Close** (5 minutes)
– Recap of key decisions and accountabilities established in the meeting.
– Confirm the date/time of the next meeting and any specific preparation required.

**Note:** This is an exemplary agenda which can be tailored according to the organization’s specific needs and according to the meeting’s participants. Also, it can be adjusted to meet the set duration of the sprint review meeting in Scrum.

To plan a sprint review meeting agenda, start by defining the objectives and desired outcomes. Next, identify the key items to be reviewed, such as completed user stories and product increments. Allocate enough time for each item and consider including a demonstration or live product walkthrough. Lastly, ensure that there is room for discussion, feedback, and prioritization to make the most of the meeting.

How To Plan A Sprint Review Meeting
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As a leader, running a sprint review meeting involves creating a structured agenda that allows for the team to showcase their completed work, gather feedback from stakeholders, and collaborate on next steps. Set clear objectives, encourage open and constructive communication, facilitate discussions, and ensure everyone’s input is valued. Keep the meeting focused and on track to ensure valuable outcomes and continuous improvement.

How To Run A Sprint Review Meeting
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How Software Can Help To Manage Meetings Better

Software streamlines the sprint review process for leaders by offering features like interactive whiteboards, video conferencing, and real-time collaboration. It helps in organizing and documenting feedback, tracking progress, and generating comprehensive reports. With automated reminders and task assignment, software facilitates efficient planning and execution of sprint review meetings, enabling leaders to effectively assess project outcomes.

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In conclusion, a thoroughly planned Sprint Review meeting agenda template can significantly enhance the productivity and execution of your scrum teams. This template can streamline the process of discussion, feedback, and future planning, ensuring that all team members are on the same page and that there is a constructive dialogue between all stakeholders. It promotes accountability, transparency, and teamwork, while aligning everyone towards the common goal of delivering market-ready solutions in an effective and timely manner. Thus, it plays a critical role in the successful realization of the Scrum framework, driving overall business growth and competencies.

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