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First With Mentor Meeting Agenda Template

The First With Mentor Meeting Agenda Template outlines the objectives, expectations, communication preferences, and goals for the initial meeting with a mentor.

A first meeting with a mentor agenda is a structured plan or list that outlines the key points and topics that will be addressed during the initial encounter between a mentor and a mentee. This agenda is crucial in setting the tone and expectations for the mentoring relationship. It typically includes introductions, a discussion of goals and objectives, an overview of the mentorship process, a clarification of roles and responsibilities, and the establishment of future meeting schedules and communication methods. Additionally, it often provides an opportunity for both parties to ask questions, express concerns, and determine the areas on which the mentorship will focus.

Our First With Mentor Meeting Agenda Template

Meeting Title: Initial Mentorship Meeting

Purpose: The main objective of this meeting is to establish a clear understanding between the mentor and mentee, discuss expectations, establish communication guidelines, set mentorship goals, and align on the mentorship schedule.

Please see the detailed agenda below:

**1. Introduction (10 minutes)**

– Self-introduction of the mentor and the mentee
– Sharing backgrounds, interests, and experiences

**2. Understanding Mentorship Objectives (10 minutes)**

– Define mentorship: Briefly discuss the definition and understanding of mentorship
– Objective of this specific mentorship relationship: Discuss the mentee’s expectations and objectives for the mentorship

**3. Expectations & Boundaries (15 minutes)**

– Define responsibilities: Setting clear expectations about each person’s role
– Setting boundaries: Discuss mentoring boundaries (e.g., confidentiality, trust, respect for each other’s time)

**4. Communication Protocols (15 minutes)**

– Preferred communication tools: Establish the platform/method of communication (e.g., email, phone, in person, Zoom, etc.)
– Frequency: How often the mentorship meetings will occur

**5. Setting Goals (15 minutes)**

– Define S.M.A.R.T. goals: Discuss the mentee’s individual goals for the mentorship period and ensure they are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound

**6. Mentorship Schedule (10 minutes)**

– Agreement on a regular meeting schedule
– Setting timelines for achieving specific goals
– Discuss potential topics for future meetings

**7. Addressing Questions & Concerns (15 minutes)**

– Allow time for any additional questions or concerns the mentee or mentor may have
– Discuss how questions will be handled between mentorship meetings

**8. Action Items & Next Steps (10 minutes)**

– Summary of key points and items each party needs to follow up on

**9. Meeting Wrap-Up (5 minutes)**

– Express appreciation for each other’s time
– Confirm the date and time of the next meeting

This meeting agenda is designed to take approximately 105 minutes, but additional time should be allocated as necessary to ensure all items are thoroughly discussed.

Note: This is a draft agenda and it’s open for changes as per the preferences of mentor or mentee.


In conclusion, a well-planned agenda for your first meeting with a mentor can be an essential tool in establishing a productive and focused interaction. An effective first meeting agenda template will allow both parties to arrive prepared, outline key talking points and objectives, streamline the conversation, and set the stage for ongoing, valuable mentorship. This not only emphasizes your commitment to professional growth, but it can also help facilitate a more open, rewarding conversation with your mentor. Reflecting on and preparing your discussion points beforehand will ensure that you gain the most valuable insights and guidance out of this initial interaction, setting a solid foundation for your future mentoring relationship.