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The 10 Best Surfboard Teams Alternatives

Discover diverse options for surfboard themes that range from powerful performance capabilities to user-friendly designs, offering customization features, integrations, and robust support, making them notable alternatives to Surfboard Teams.

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A person might seek an alternative to the Board Management Software like due to various reasons. These could include finding the costs prohibitive, insufficient customization options, difficulty in using the user interface, lack of desired specific features, or dissatisfaction with customer service. Privacy and data security concerns could also compel someone to explore other options. The need for integration with existing systems or software, not handled by, could be another reason. The performance of the software might not be meeting the organization’s requirements or expectations, or its scalability might not fit well with the business growth projections.

Why would you look for Surfboard Alternative alternative?

In the fast-paced world of digital surfing, the software surfboard has been a staple for many. However, the quest for an alternative often arises from the need for more customized features that cater specifically to an individual’s or an organization’s dynamic needs. As digital landscapes evolve, users seek software that can effortlessly adapt, offering more intuitive interfaces, higher processing speeds, and better compatibility with a wider range of devices. This drive towards optimization and efficiency makes the pursuit of an alternative not just a preference but a necessity for staying ahead in the digital wave.

Furthermore, concerns about privacy and data security have prompted users to explore alternatives to the software surfboard. In an era where data breaches are not uncommon, the demand for software with robust security measures that protect sensitive information without compromising on performance is at an all-time high. Users are increasingly looking for solutions that promise not only a seamless surfing experience but also peace of mind when it comes to data integrity. This nuanced understanding of digital needs and challenges fuels the search for an alternative that aligns more closely with modern expectations of functionality and safety.

The Best Products

Surfboard Alternative: Our Recommendations

Pick #1: Our Software


ZipDo, a cloud-based board management software, radically enhances board collaboration by reinventing the approach to recording, structuring, and disseminating meeting notes. Its real-time note-taking, collective alterations, and compatibility with popular calendars and productivity apps make it a necessity for boards of all proportions.

One distinguishing characteristic of ZipDo is its live note-taking capability, ensuring every board member remains on-track during meetings, hence eliminating the hassle of traditional note circulation. Following the meeting, board members can comfortably modify and complement the notes to maintain current information.

ZipDo excels at note categorization, offering an easy-to-use system for sorting notes into channels or folders. Searchable notes boost efficiency by enabling swift access to targeted information without the inconvenience of extensive scrolling or manual searches.

In terms of security, ZipDo’s note sharing functionality employs stringent access control, safeguarding information sharing amongst trustees, external stakeholders, or key partners. Its seamless integration with calendars promotes the automated creation of collaborative notes for each board meeting, thereby doing away with manual data entry.

In summary, ZipDo presents a user-friendly platform that comes fully loaded with all-compassing features to augment board productivity, collaboration, and governance. Its real-time note-taking, collective editing, organization, search functionality, secure sharing, and seamless integration capabilities make it an indispensable tool. This software simplifies board meeting management, guaranteeing the smooth execution of strategic goals and plans.

Pick #2


Boardable is a comprehensive board management software solution designed as an alternative to Surfboard Team. It offers robust features tailored to streamline board management processes. Key features include meeting scheduling, centralized document management, task assignment, and voting capability, amongst others. It also offers a platform for collaborative discussions, promoting engagement and maintaining transparency within the organization. Boardable integrates with popular calendars and email systems, making its adoption seamless. With user-friendly navigation and mobile access, Boardable supports board members to efficiently partake in their responsibilities from anywhere and at any time.

Comprehensive Interface - Boardable comes with a very intuitive and user-friendly interface which makes it easier for the teams to cooperate and collaborate.
Centralized Information - All the information related to board meetings including documents, discussions, minutes, etc. is centralized, making it easy to access and keep track of things.
Meeting Scheduler - Boardable showcases a powerful meeting scheduler, which provides easy scheduling of meetings and optimizes time management on mutual consents.
Integration Flexibility - Boardable offers better integration with other softwares such as Mailchimp, Zapier, Outlook, etc. which provides a more integrated work environment and makes execution seamless.
Robust Tools For Task Management - Boardable’s task management capabilities are more extensive, allowing the assignment of tasks, setting up due dates, and tracking task completion directly within the software itself.
Boardable may not be as intuitive as Surfboard.Team when it comes to user interface and overall user experience. Users may find it more difficult to navigate and understand the platform.
Boardable might not provide all the team collaboration features that are available in Surfboard.Team. This could include real-time collaboration, file sharing or task management.
Boardable's integration capability may be limited as compared to Surfboard.Team. Surfboard.Team might offer better integrations with commonly used platforms like Google Workspace, Microsoft Office, etc.
Customization options in Boardable could be lacking or limited. Surfboard.Team might offer more ways to personalize the platform according to specific team or project needs.
Availability of customer support and service may be less in Boardable compared to Surfboard.Team. This could delay problem-solving and hinder productivity.

Pick #3

Board Pro

BoardPro is a comprehensive board management software designed as a streamlined alternative to solutions like Offering robust strategic and governance tools, it is oriented towards enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of board meetings. From preparing agendas to managing minutes and action items, BoardPro handles all aspects of board management, enabling a seamless flow of communication and collaborations between directors and executives. Its intuitive user interface, alongside powerful features such as decision tracking and calendar scheduling, simplifies and manages complex board processes, making BoardPro a compelling choice in the realm of board management software.

More Focused Decision Making: BoardPro emphasizes on delivering better outcomes through a more structured approach to meetings, thus ensuring focused and efficient decision-making.
Integrated Meeting Workflow: BoardPro offers an integrated meeting workflow, managing from the agenda preparation to automatic minute generation, thus making the transition between different parts of a meeting smooth and efficient.
Instant Access to Meeting Information: The software provides instant and easy access to all past and present meeting materials. This offers a rich repository of information, leading to more informed decisions.
Enhanced Accountability: BoardPro's software tracks actions assigned during meetings, ensuring that all members are accountable for their tasks. This enhances transparency and accountability within the organization.
Customization Options: BoardPro's interface is customizable per the user's needs. This enables organizations to tailor the software according to their unique requirements, providing a more personal usage experience.
Limited Customizability: While BoardPro does offer a number of useful features, it doesn't quite match the level of customizability that Surfboard offers. You're somewhat bound to use the platform as-is, without as many opportunities to fit it to your individual organization's needs.
Difficulty with User Permissions: With Surfboard, you have much more control over user permissions and can designate who can access what. BoardPro positively has this feature, but it is quite not as easy to use or intuitive as Surfboard's.
No Integrated Video Chat: One advantage of Surfboard is its integrated video chat function. It lets teams who are working remotely to stay tightly connected. BoardPro, unfortunately, does not have this feature.
Limited Agile Project Management Solutions: Surfboard incudes agile project management solutions as an integral part of its software. However, BoardPro lacks this feature and may not be the ideal choice for software development teams or other teams that rely on agile methodologies.
Absence of Collaborative Design Tools: Surfboard offers collaborative design tools which allow teams to work together and brainstorm more efficiently while BoardPro does not offer this functionality, limiting the scope of collaborative efforts.

Pick #4


BoardPAC is an effective, robust, and secure board management software that offers an efficient, digital, and user-friendly alternative to traditional board management systems like Surfboard. It allows for seamless collaboration and efficient board meeting organization by providing features like advanced document distribution, integrated conferencing, voting and survey tools, digital signatures, and more. With the capability to function on multiple platforms including iPad, Android, Windows, and MacOS, BoardPAC ensures improved productivity and decision-making process for directors and boards, irrespective of their location. Additionally, with high emphasis on data security, all sensitive communication and documentation is strictly protected, making it a trustworthy tool for board management.

Superior Integration Options: BoardPAC provides extensive, seamless integration with other enterprise systems like Microsoft 365, SharePoint or any other document storage systems. These integration options surpass that typically offered by platforms like Surfboard, making it easier for organizations to bring their processes online without significant overhauls to existing infrastructures.
Real-Time Updating Features: With BoardPAC, meeting agendas and documents can be updated in real-time and the changes can be synced across devices instantly. This ensures that everyone has access to the latest information at all times, helping to make meetings more efficient and productive.
Comprehensive Annotation and Discussion Features: Unlike many other platforms, BoardPAC allows users to make annotations directly on their meeting documents. These annotations can be kept private, shared with a select group, or made public to everyone in the meeting, providing a platform for more comprehensive discussions and collaborations.
In-built Compliance and Governance Structures: BoardPAC has built-in features that aid in compliance with various corporate governance guidelines and laws. This goes beyond the functionality typically offered by the Surfboard platform, making it easier for organizations to adhere to strict accountability standards and regulations.
Robust Support for Offline Mode: With BoardPAC, users have the ability to access documents and features even when offline. This is particularly important in situations where there may not be reliable internet access, ensuring that productivity is maintained in any environment. This is a feature not commonly found or as robust in alternatives such as Surfboard.
Lack of Collaboration Tools - Compared to, BoardPAC does not have as many advanced collaboration tools. Surfboard offers features like video calling, agile project management tools, task assignment, and more that are not as robust in BoardPAC.
Limited File Sharing Capabilities - BoardPAC offers limited file sharing and management compared to Surfboard. This might limit productivity since files and information cannot be shared as smoothly.
Less Intuitive Interface - The user interface of BoardPAC is not as user-friendly and intuitive as that of Surfboard. This could potentially lead to slower adaptation and lower usage rates among employees.
Absence of Kanban-style task management - Unlike Surfboard, BoardPAC does not offer a Kanban-style task management system. This system can be beneficial for visualizing work, limiting work-in-progress, and maximizing efficiency.
Inability to integrate with other software - BoardPAC has very few integrations compared to Surfboard. This might restrict the software's ability to communicate and work well with other systems and software used in a business setting.

Pick #5

Board Effect

BoardEffect is a board management software designed to enhance collaboration, streamline administration and improve overall efficiency within board meetings. As an alternative to Surfboard.Team, it provides robust features like secure messaging, task management, calendar integration, document management and more. It also offers tools for board education and evaluation, ensuring board members are well-informed and performance is optimized. This cloud-based solution delivers a high level of security and accessibility, allowing directors to access critical information anytime, anywhere, ultimately aiding in seamless decision-making processes.

Integrated Agenda Builder: BoardEffect provides an integrated agenda builder that streamlines the process of creating meeting agendas. This can help organizations to better prepare for meetings and makes it easier to keep track of discussion points and assigned tasks, potentially leading to higher productivity levels.
Comprehensive Library Functionality: With BoardEffect, users have access to a comprehensive library functionality, where they can securely organize, manage and share documents. This centralized space for storing and managing important documents can save you time and reduce the risk of losing important information.
Advanced Polling and Evaluations: BoardEffect provides advanced features for polling and evaluations, which can help in measuring board engagement and performance, facilitating more data-driven decision making within organizations.
Onboarding & Training: BoardEffect offers a clear and user-friendly onboarding and training process for new users. This is particularly useful for large organizations where regular chair or director turnovers can lead to a need for constant training of new users.
Detailed Reporting: BoardEffect stands out with its ability to generate detailed reports facilitating better analysis and informed decision making. It offers more granular control over setting up these reports which is a valuable administrative tool.
Limited Customization - BoardEffect has limited customization features compared to Surfboard Team. Users may not be able to tailor the system to their specific business needs and workflows to the same extent.
User Interface - BoardEffect has a more complex and not as intuitive user interface. While Surfboard Team is designed to be user friendly and easy to navigate, new users may have a harder time learning how to use BoardEffect efficiently.
Collaboration Features - The collaboration and communication tools in BoardEffect are not as robust as those in Surfboard Team. This makes it less ideal for team interaction and brainstorming sessions.
Agility in Updates - BoardEffect may be slower in terms of updating their system with new features and improvements. Surfboard Team, on the other hand, seems to be more agile in responding to user feedback and incorporating updates to enhance user experience.
Integration Capabilities - BoardEffect has limited integration capabilities with other existing software or platforms compared to Surfboard Team. This might lead to inefficiencies due to the use of multiple platforms and not having a fully integrated system.

Pick #6

Board Docs

BoardDocs is a technology platform that offers board management tools for effective governance, providing an encompassing solution for preparing, accessing, and managing board meetings, policies, goals, and administrative functions. Its cloud-based feature enables users to access documents anytime, anywhere, ensuring real-time collaboration and transparency among board members. Like, it’s an eco-friendly alternative for board management by minimizing the need for paper documentation. However, BoardDocs prides itself on specific features like advanced search functions, goal tracking, and policy development tools, which set it apart from other software systems. It’s customized to serve the needs of different types of organizations, including schools, municipalities, and other government entities.

Comprehensive Governance Tools - BoardDocs offers a suite of tools designed specifically for board management, which includes strategic planning, board evaluation, policy management, and meeting management. These are tools that may not be available in Surfboard Team.
Advanced Search Feature - BoardDocs offers an advanced search feature which enables users to quickly find specific information through documents, meetings, and policy files. This could be more advanced compared to the search functionality on Surfboard Team.
Integration with the Cloud - BoardDocs is inherently cloud-based and enables users to access information from anywhere, at anytime. While SurfBoard Team also offers this, BoardDocs may offer higher integration capabilities and more adaptability with other cloud reliant tools and technologies.
Intuitive Navigation - The design and interface of BoardDocs is created with intuitive navigation in mind. This simplifies the user experience and makes it easier for users who may not be as technologically inclined to navigate through the platform.
Collaborative Annotations - BoardDocs has unique feature that allows users to add collaborative annotations, notes and highlights to their documents. These can be saved and accessed by others within the organization which creates a more collaborative work environment. Some similar features might exist in Surfboard Team, but the collaborative annotation here is more comprehensive.
BoardDocs is heavily focused on educational and government sectors, and may not be as suited for the variety of businesses and teams that is designed to handle.
BoardDocs lacks some interactive features like real-time communication or note-taking facilities, features that includes to make collaborations smoother.
While is designed with a user-friendly interface, BoardDocs has a more complex interface which can stifle workflow for teams that aren't technologically savvy.
BoardDocs lacks the customizability in comparison to The ability to tailor the platform to the specific needs of a team, which offers, can be a major advantage in streamlining workflows.
BoardDocs primarily functions as a policy management tool but lacks the robust project management features that provides. Things like task assignment, progress tracking, and resource allocation are not as developed in BoardDocs.

Pick #7


Sherpany is a board management software that acts as an efficient alternative to the Board Management Software It offers features that facilitate easy management and organization of board meetings, enhancing the productivity of members. Like Surfboard, Sherpany’s software focuses on providing users with a comprehensive platform to organize meetings, compile documents and communicate effectively, all while ensuring the highest level of security. However, Sherpany differentiates itself through features like an intuitive user interface, direct voting capabilities on resolutions, integrated video conferences, and advanced meeting analytics, thus potentially offering a more comprehensive and streamlined board management solution.

Advanced Meeting Preparation: Sherpany allows for a sophisticated and simplified process of preparing for meetings. It offers features like a convenient pre-meeting workflow, agenda setting, and document sharing that enhances productivity and collaboration.
Time-Effective Decision Making: Sherpany's asynchronous business communication option moves the focal point of discussions to the pre-meeting phase, allowing for valuable time saved during actual board and executive committee meetings.
Multilingual Support: Unlike Surfboard, Sherpany offers multi-language support, making it a suitable solution for international organizations dealing with various languages. This would help to promote seamless communication among multinational teams.
Comprehensive Meeting Management: Sherpany's suite offers a dedicated space for all meeting assets, including documents, minutes, decision tracking, and action items. This kind of centralized feature set is beneficial for high-level executive meetings where multiple individual elements need to be tracked and managed effectively.
Integration Capabilities: Sherpany can integrate with other tools like Office 365, Börsenmedien intranet, and even a document exchange platform which expands its capabilities beyond just meetings. This makes it flexible to adapt to various operational needs.
Sherpany may lack in collaborative features that are prominent in Surfboard.Team, such as assignment tracking and collaborative team discussions. Its main focus is on optimising formal meetings, thus it may not facilitate communication as efficiently as a dedicated team collaboration tool like Surfboard.
Sherpany, compared to Surfboard.Team, is focused primarily on board management, making it somewhat less versatile in accommodating different team structures. It is often less suitable for non-board team tasks, for example daily workflows, project management or idea brainstorming.
Sherpany’s user interface and experience is more designed towards corporate and formal meeting settings. For teams that prefer a less formal, more dynamic and intuitive interface that fosters creativity (as appreciated in Surfboard.Team), Sherpany could feel restrictive.
As Sherpany is centered around meeting management, its platform may not offer the same level of document collaboration as Surfboard.Team. Teams working on mutual documents or tasks could face difficulties in simultaneous work.
Sherpany’s audio and video communication functionality might not be as robust as with Surfboard.Team. This could lead to less efficient remote communication between team members, a crucial aspect especially in today’s work-from-home era.

Pick #8

Nasdaq Boardvantage

NASDAQ Boardvantage is a secure, collaborative platform designed to streamline and centralize board communication and management. Suitable for public, private, and nonprofit organizations among others, it serves as an alternative to the Board Management Software like Surfboard. It offers features like real-time updates, document control, meeting management, digital signatures, and 24/7 support. It digitally streamlines the process of communication, document access, and meeting scheduling, enhancing productivity and decision-making abilities of the board. It also provides robust security measures to protect sensitive information, a critical feature for organizations with significant compliance requirements.

Advanced Document Collaboration - Nasdaq Boardvantage allows for real-time, secure collaboration on documents allowing annotation, redlining, and comparison capabilities which might not be available on
Customizable Meetings and Workflows - Nasdaq Boardvantage offers the potential to customize its interface according to the nature of the meetings and business workflows. This flexibility may not be present in the same way on
Integrated Voting and Signatures - With Nasdaq Boardvantage, members can vote on issues or electronically sign documents within the platform, streamlining the decision-making process, an advantage not specific to
Dedicated Management for Multiple Boards - Nasdaq Boardvantage provides dedicated portals for each board and committee, enabling users to manage multiple boards efficiently, a feature which might not be as comprehensive on
Board Evaluation Capability - Nasdaq Boardvantage offers a built-in board evaluation tool that can help assess the board’s performance and identify areas for improvement, a function that is not commonly found in platforms like
Lack of Customization: Unlike the platform, Nasdaq Boardvantage offers limited customization features. It's designed as a one-size-fits-all solution, which may not cater to the specific needs of different organizations or teams.
Complexity: Compared to, Nasdaq Boardvantage has a more complex user interface. This can pose difficult for users who are not tech-savvy and it can inhibit smooth and efficient operations.
Limited Integration: Nasdaq Boardvantage may not integrate fully or smoothly with other platforms or software that an organization uses, unlike that can ensure end-to-end digital workflows through seamless integration.
Time-consuming Onboarding: As a sophisticated corporate platform, Nasdaq Boardvantage can require a lengthy and somewhat complicated onboarding process for users to get fully accustomed to its functionalities. Such a time-consuming process can affect productivity and may not be ideal for organizations looking for quick team solutions.
Version Management: When compared to, Nasdaq Boardvantage may lack robust version management features, making it less reliable for handling multiple changes or updates simultaneously in collaborative scenarios.


Using Surfboard software makes perfect sense for businesses and individuals aiming for streamlined project management and seamless team collaboration. Its intuitive design and comprehensive features cater beautifully to those seeking efficiency and ease of use, ensuring projects are not only completed on time but with outstanding quality. Surfboard is particularly well-suited for users who prioritize agile project management methodologies and demand flexible yet powerful tools to adapt to various project sizes and complexities, making it the go-to solution for dynamic teams and projects.

On the other hand, exploring alternative software products is advisable when specific niche functionalities or industry-specific tools are a priority. If your projects demand highly specialized features that cater to unique business processes or if there’s a need to adhere to strict regulatory standards specific to your industry, then selecting a platform designed to meet these unique requirements may be beneficial. Furthermore, for those on a tight budget or with minimal requirements beyond basic task management, simpler or more cost-effective solutions might align better with your needs, ensuring you don’t pay for extensive features that you won’t use.

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