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How to run a debriefing meeting

A debriefing meeting is a gathering of individuals who have recently completed a project, task, or activity, with the purpose of reviewing and discussing the outcomes, successes, challenges, and lessons learned. It is an opportunity to reflect on the process, evaluate the results, and identify areas for improvement or future actions. The meeting aims to […]

How to run an effective team meeting

An effective team meeting is one where the objectives and agenda are clearly defined and communicated to all participants in advance. The meeting should be well-organized, with a designated leader to facilitate and keep discussions on track. Participants should actively engage, contribute ideas, and listen to one another with respect, fostering an open and collaborative […]

How to run a workshop meeting

A workshop meeting is a form of collaborative gathering where a group of individuals, often from various backgrounds or departments, come together to actively engage in problem-solving, brainstorming, or learning sessions. It is typically more interactive and participatory compared to traditional meetings, with the goal of generating ideas, fostering creativity, enhancing teamwork, and making decisions. […]

How to run an agile stand up meeting

An agile stand-up meeting is a brief daily gathering conducted by an agile team, typically lasting around 15 minutes. The purpose of the meeting is to provide a forum for team members to share updates on their progress, discuss any obstacles or challenges they are facing, and coordinate their work activities. Participants typically stand up […]

How to run a back to back meeting

A back-to-back meeting refers to a series of consecutive meetings, where one meeting immediately follows another without any gaps or breaks in between. This format is commonly used to optimize time and efficiency by allowing participants to discuss multiple topics or engage with different stakeholders in a shorter span of time. While it can be […]

How to run a coaches meeting

A coaches meeting is a gathering of coaches, typically from the same team or organization, where they come together to discuss various aspects of their team’s performance, strategies, and plans. It serves as a platform for coaches to share their insights and experiences, exchange ideas, and collaborate on improving their coaching techniques and strategies. These […]

How to run a departmental meeting

A departmental meeting is a scheduled gathering of employees within a specific department or team in an organization. It serves as a means to discuss and address various issues, projects, goals, and updates related to that particular department. Departmental meetings are often led by the department manager or team leader and help promote collaboration, transparency, […]

How to run an async meeting

An async meeting, short for asynchronous meeting, refers to a type of collaboration where participants do not have to be present in real-time. Instead of gathering in a physical or virtual meeting room at a set time, participants can contribute their ideas, thoughts, or feedback at their convenience within a specified timeframe. Async meetings often […]

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