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How To Run An Online School Board Meeting

Successfully running an online school board meeting entails setting a clear agenda, leveraging virtual meeting tools effectively, facilitating active participation, maintaining decorum, and ensuring clear communication among all participants.

An Online School Board Meeting is a virtual assembly of school board members that takes place via the internet, typically using video conferencing platforms. The key agenda of such meetings includes discussing and making decisions about school policies, educational programs, budget allocations, and other pertinent issues related to the school’s functioning. These meetings enable members to connect remotely, ensuring continuity of the school’s management during times when in-person gatherings may be impractical or impossible, such as during public health crises. Attendees can include not only board members but also teaching staff, parents, students, and other stakeholders who can offer input or stay informed about decisions being made regarding their school system.


How To Run An Online School Board Meeting: Step-by-Step


Step 1: Planning the Meeting

The first step in preparing a successful meeting revolves around establishing a robust agenda. It would entail defining key discussion areas, amalgamating needed supporting evidence or materials, identifying relevant correspondents, and coordinating to fix a suitable date and time that aligns with all participants’ schedules, ensuring optimal participation.

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Step 2: Notifying Participants

Make it known to all participants about the upcoming online school board meeting. Remember to communicate the date, start and end times, and the specific items that will be discussed. Additionally, share the necessary platform link or code for accessible virtual entry. This is to ensure everyone’s prepared and informed ahead of the scheduled meeting.

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Step 3: Preparation

All participants are expected to secure a stable internet connection, complemented with a compatible device for the proposed online meeting platform. Prior to the meeting, they should thoroughly review the agenda, anticipate points of discussion, and prepare any relevant feedback or input they might contribute to ensure a productive meeting.

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Step 4: Initiate the Meeting

The designated host or facilitator commences the online meeting using the chosen platform. This usually necessitates logging into the platform several minutes prior to the scheduled meeting time, allowing sufficient time to detect and rectify any technical glitches or connectivity issues before the meeting officially begins.

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Step 5: Conduct the Meeting

As a meeting expert, the facilitator governs the discourse, directing participants through the agenda, eliciting valuable input, and fostering a constructive dialogue. Each participant is awarded a chance to voice their considerations, thereby ensuring a collaborative and productive discussion, promoting open communication and shared decision-making.

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Step 6: Active Participation

Every meeting participant has an essential role to play, which includes voicing their opinions and perspective on discussed matters. They are encouraged to actively ask questions for better clarity, and provide answers or solutions to enhance the understanding or solve issues, ensuring a fruitful discussion.

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Step 7: Management of Meeting

Successfully managing a meeting is pivotal. This entails strict adherence to the designed program, steering the discussions effectively, efficiently allocating and monitoring time to accommodate all agenda items, and skilfully mitigating disputes or disagreements that could potentially disrupt the flow of the meeting.

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Step 8: Conclusion of the Meeting

To effectively conclude a meeting, succinctly encapsulate the main discussion points and decisions reached. Follow this with a clear outline of the next steps, specifying actions required, responsibilities assigned, and timelines agreed upon.

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Step 9: Sharing Minutes

Following a meeting, it’s crucial that a secretary or designated person collates the essential points discussed and promptly circulates meeting minutes to all attendees. This comprehensive record must include discussed topics, agreed decisions, and assigned responsibilities, ensuring all members are informed and accountable for taking necessary actions.



Executing an online school board meeting efficiently comes down to careful planning, clear communication, use of appropriate technology, and respectful engagement. Despite not being present in a physical location, regular and functional online meetings can still be an avenue to carry out meaningful discussions, make important decisions, and foster a healthier school community. It might take a little time to adapt to the new format, however once you master the guidelines and incorporate the necessary tools, your online school board meetings will become just as effective as those held in person. Remember, the goal is to keep the school’s vision alive, even in a digital setting.


Who can participate in an online school board meeting?

An online school board meeting can generally be attended by school board members, school administrators, teachers, parents, and sometimes students. However, the level of participation may vary.

How can an individual participate in an online school board meeting?

Typically, information on how to join the online meeting would be provided prior to the meeting. This often includes a link and instructions to connect to the meeting platform via computer or phone.

What is usually discussed during an online school board meeting?

Items on the agenda can vary but could include budgetary concerns, curriculum updates, school events, student achievement, school policies, and issues raised by parents, students or staff.

How do I raise a question or voice a concern during an online school board meeting?

You should familiarize yourself with the procedures of your particular school board. Some allow for direct questioning during the meeting, while others may require questions or concerns to be submitted in advance or raised during a certain portion of the meeting.

Can online school board meetings be recorded and replayed later?

It depends on the policies of the individual school board. Some may record meetings for accessibility and transparency, while others may not due to privacy considerations. Always consult your school board’s policy on this matter.