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How Do You Make A Fun Meeting

Meeting activities refer to the various tasks and exercises that are conducted during a meeting to achieve specific objectives. These activities can include icebreakers to break the ice and build rapport among participants, brainstorming sessions to generate ideas and solutions, presentations to share information, discussions to explore various viewpoints, decision-making exercises to make important choices, […]

How To Cancel A Meeting Professionally

A meeting canceled refers to when a scheduled meeting is called off or abandoned before it takes place. This could be due to various reasons such as conflicts in participants’ schedules, unexpected emergencies, insufficient agendas or objectives, or changes in priorities. Canceling a meeting helps to save time, resources, and effort that would have otherwise […]

How To Implement Meeting Free Days At Your Company

A Meeting Free Day is a designated day in a company or organization where no formal meetings are scheduled or allowed to take place. It is a strategic approach to improve productivity and efficiency by giving employees uninterrupted time to focus on their work, brainstorm creative ideas, complete tasks, and engage in deep work without […]

How to implement a no meeting friday

“No Meeting Friday” is a concept adopted by some organizations that designates Fridays as a day free from scheduled meetings. This practice is intended to give employees uninterrupted time to focus on their individual tasks and projects, enhancing productivity and reducing potential work stress associated with frequent meetings. The idea is to foster deep work, […]

How To Overcome Meeting Challenges

Meeting challenges encompass a broad spectrum of issues, affecting the efficiency and effectiveness of meetings at various stages. These challenges can be broadly categorized into logistical, communication, organizational, and procedural issues: Logistical Challenges: Scheduling conflicts making it difficult to find a suitable time for all participants. Technical difficulties with virtual meeting platforms, impacting connectivity and […]

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