The 10 Best Meeting Minutes Apps

Meeting minutes apps offer various features such as collaborative note-taking, task assignments, smart templates, easy scheduling, real-time editing, and integration with other productivity tools, enabling teams to have successful, well-documented, and organized meetings.

Purchasing a Meeting Minutes App can significantly enhance productivity and streamline workflow in both business and personal engagements. This app automatically records, transcribes, and captures important points, action items, and decisions during meetings, saving you the trouble of manual note-taking. It eliminates potential human errors, oversights, and forgetfulness, ensuring all crucial information is accurately captured and easily accessible post-meeting. Therefore, it aids in accountability, improves collaboration amongst team members, and ultimately leads to better decision-making and project execution. Additionally, it offers convenience with features like cloud storage, collaborative editing, and real-time updates, facilitating a more organized approach to managing meetings.

Meeting Minutes App: Key Features

A meeting minutes app streamlines the process of documenting discussions, decisions, and action items during meetings, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks. Key features include real-time collaboration, allowing multiple attendees to view and edit minutes concurrently, enhancing accuracy and efficiency. With an intuitive interface, users can effortlessly organize notes into categories, flag important items, and assign tasks directly from the app. This facilitates clear communication and accountability, ensuring that all participants are on the same page regarding outcomes and next steps.

Another vital feature is the ability to effortlessly schedule follow-up meetings and reminders within the app, promoting timeliness and follow-through on action items. Integrated search functionality allows users to quickly find specific discussions, decisions, or tasks, saving valuable time and increasing productivity. Security measures such as encrypted data storage and controlled access permissions ensure that sensitive information discussed during meetings remains confidential. These features make a meeting minutes app an indispensable tool for any team looking to enhance their meeting effectiveness and productivity.

The Best Products

Meeting Minutes App: Our Recommendations

Pick #1: Our Software


ZipDo reshapes the dynamic of team communication and collaboration in the digital era with its advanced cloud-based Meeting Minutes App. This pioneering platform redefines how meeting records are compiled, categorized, and disseminated among users, making it a crucial asset for teams, regardless of their size.

The app is renowned for its real-time minute taking feature, which keeps everyone on the same wavelength throughout meetings. This eliminates the outdated approach of passing handwritten notes and offers users the versatility to modify and append notes post-meeting for the most accurate, up-to-the-minute information.

One area where ZipDo outshines the competition is in its approach to organizing notes. Users find it incredibly easy to sort notes into specific channels or folders, improving navigability. The app also features a search option for notes, making it simple for users to quickly find specific content instead of having to scroll endlessly or conduct manual searches.

When it comes to sharing the minutes, the granular access control of ZipDo ensures that your valuable information is safely passed on to colleagues, customers, or collaborators. The inclusion of calendar integrations automates the creation of collaborative notes for every meeting, thereby eradicating the need for manual input.

In summary, ZipDo meets all your minute-taking needs with a user-friendly interface packed with numerous features that contribute towards improved productivity, team cooperation, and project management. From real-time note capturing, collaborative editing, seamless organization, and quick search capabilities to secure sharing and comprehensive integrations, the app is an essential tool that simplifies meeting administration and accelerates project progression.

Pick #2 is a powerful software solution that takes the process of meeting minutes generation to the next level. It helps in synchronizing teams in both physical and remote settings by capturing crucial meeting details, assigning actions, and fostering collaborative agenda-setting in real-time. In addition to a coherent documentation workflow, integrates with tools like Google Calendar, Outlook, Slack, and Zoom for seamless data exchange. The app is designed to streamline meetings, enhance accountability, boost productivity and help businesses be more organized and effective in their communication and decision-making processes.

Streamlined Organization: helps to keep meeting notes synchronized across the team. It ensures everyone has access to the meeting's decisive points, action items, and key information, making the process smooth and efficient.
Tasks and Action Items Tracking: The app allows the user to assign tasks directly from the meeting minutes. It provides functionality to track progress on these tasks until they are completed, fostering accountability amongst team members.
Sync with Calendars and Video Conferencing Software: integrates with other calendar and meetings apps such as Google Calendar, Office 365, and Zoom. This simplifies the process of documenting and following up on meetings.
Capturing Decisions: With, all critical decisions made during the meeting can be logged and easily referenced later. This ensures that decisions aren't forgotten or lost in the shuffle of daily business operations.
Collaborative Agenda Setting: Team members can add, edit, and prioritize agenda items for the meeting. This encourages active participation and collaboration leading to more effective meetings.
Complexity: The interface of can feel over-complicated for a user who wants a simple and straightforward meeting minutes app. This could discourage some users who want something a little more streamlined.
Integration limitations: While can integrate with a variety of other tools such as Slack, Zoom and calendars, it does not integrate with all toolsets. Users of less popular conferencing and project management tools might face difficulties.
Not fully optimized for mobile use: Its mobile version does not carry over all features flawlessly which can make on-the-go adjustments and use less efficient.
Text editor limitations: The text editor within lacks some of the flexibility and options of more dedicated document editing tools. This can make creating well formatted Meeting Minutes slightly cumbersome.
Limited Offline Functionality: relies on an internet connection for most of its functionality, which can be problematic in remote areas or where the internet connectivity is poor.

Pick #3 is an intelligent meeting and collaborative project management software designed to enhance productivity by facilitating end-to-end meeting content management. As a Meeting Minutes App, it centralizes all meeting-related information including agendas, minutes, decisions, and tasks in one accessible location. The platform utilizes AI technology to automatically capture minutes, track progress, and ensure follow-ups, optimally simplifying post-meeting tasks. Ideal for both personal and professional use, provides an interactive platform to schedule, conduct, and follow up on meetings, fostering efficiency and accountability.

Automated Minute Taking: eliminates the tedious task of manual note-taking. It automatically records and transcribes the minutes of a meeting.
Action Items Tracking: turns decisions into actions. It automatically identifies action items in the transcript and assigns them to the responsible individuals with deadlines, allowing for efficient task management.
Content Organization: organizes all meeting-related content in one place. It synchronizes with your calendar and stores all details, agendas, minutes, decisions, and files from your meetings.
Integration with Popular Tools: can seamlessly integrate with common productivity tools like Google Calendar, Microsoft 365, Slack, and more. This allows for better collaboration across tools and makes information easily accessible across platforms.
AI-Powered Insights: aids decision-making through powerful business analytics. It supplies data-driven insights about the meeting and team performance based on the tracked meetings, decisions, and action items.
Limited Integration Options: While integrates with a decent number of apps, it still lacks integration with many popular platforms that other meeting apps support. This could mean a lot of switching back and forth for users who require specific tools for different tasks.
Absence of Offline Mode: doesn't offer an offline mode for users. If you don't have an internet connection at the time of the meeting, you can't access the service, which can be inconvenient.
Complicated User Interface: The interface is not as user-friendly as other meeting applications. Some users might find the UI to be a bit complex or confusing, particularly those who are less tech-savvy.
Absence of AI-powered transcription: Most advanced meeting minutes apps offer real-time transcription services, but lacks this feature. This puts additional burden on the user to manually document everything.
Limited customization: does not allow users the ability to extensively personalize their dashboard or other user interfaces which can limit user experience and might not be suitable for everyone’s taste or work style.

Pick #4

Meeting Decisions is a robust meeting minutes tool designed to streamline and enhance the effectiveness of your meetings. The app enables users to plan and execute meetings, craft an agenda, assign follow-up tasks, and handle real-time note-taking with ease. By summarizing key points and decisions, it enhances transparency and fosters accountability among team members. Its structure seamlessly integrates with Microsoft platform (Teams, OneNote, and Outlook), facilitating smart synchronization and easy sharing capabilities. This user-friendly platform aids in fostering a coordinated workflow, ensuring that meetings are purposeful, well-documented, and action-oriented., as a Meeting Minutes App, supports comprehensive on-the-spot notetaking, enabling users to capture discussions, decisions, and actions in real time.
It streamlines the workflow with its OneNote and Outlook integration, allowing users to seamlessly sync their notes and calendar, and reducing the need to switch between multiple platforms.
The app is equipped with document sharing capability, facilitating collaborative editing, and ensuring all attendees have access to the relevant documents before, during, and after the meeting.
It offers the functionality to assign action items during the meeting with due dates and responsible parties, increasing the accountability of team members and efficiency of task management.
The app provides a dashboard with an overview of all past and upcoming meetings, actions, and tasks, giving users an instant snapshot of their meeting activities.
Since MeetingDecisions is a relatively new platform and not as well-reviewed or well-known as others in the industry, it is difficult to pinpoint specific disadvantages that are exclusive to this tool. That being said, based on research and user reviews, the following are some potential drawbacks:
Limited Integrations -, as a less known platform may not integrate smoothly with other productivity tools that a company may be using. This lack of compatibility can cause inefficiency.
User Interface - Some users have cited that the user interface, though clean and intuitive, can sometimes feel a little too simplified, which might not cater to businesses who require more comprehensive or complex features.
Limited Customization - lacks depth in terms of personalization. Users might not have the ability to customize the app deeply to suit the specific needs of their meetings or organizational workflow.
Difficult to Use for Large Meetings - For larger meetings with many participants, the app's focus on simplicity might prove to be a disadvantage as it might not be able to handle the complexity of larger, more involved meetings.
Lacking Advanced Features - Compared to its competitors, might not offer the same level of advanced features such as detailed analytics, AI-powered assistance, and other advanced technology-backed features. This might make the application less appealing to tech-savvy businesses.

Pick #5

Hypercontext, as a meeting minutes app, provides a comprehensive, centralized platform to optimize business meetings. It allows users to set and track meeting agendas, create collaborative notes in real-time, and assign tasks, ensuring that conversations are converted into action. The software further promotes productivity by giving reminders for follow-ups and measuring progress on assigned tasks. Various integrations are also provided to seamlessly work with other platforms like Slack, Google, and Outlook, making it a valuable tool for managing efficient and effective meetings.

Actionable Agendas: provides a built-in agenda tool, which makes it easier for users to plan, execute, and manage meetings effectively.
Real-Time Collaboration: Hypercontext also allows real-time collaboration among team members during a meeting, improving productivity and making communication more efficient.
Integration with Workplace Tools: It seamlessly integrates with popular workplace tools including Google Calendar, Outlook, Slack, Microsoft Teams, making it much more convenient for users to track and manage meeting minutes without the need for switching between multiple applications.
Transparency and Visibility: It provides comprehensive visibility into meeting minutes, actions, decision points, and follow-ups, providing a high level of transparency for the entire team.
Built-in Feedback System: With, users can provide and receive feedback immediately after meetings, leading to continuous improvement in meeting effectiveness and overall communication within the team. is heavily tied with Google and Microsoft tools. If you do not primarily use these platforms, you may not find it as beneficial.
It has limitations when it comes to third-party integration. This can limit the amount of functionality that the user has, especially if they are using other apps alongside it.
The application doesn't allow the user to markup or directly edit the meeting minutes within the app itself; you can create and share agendas, but not edit after sharing.
The user interface of might not be as intuitive or user-friendly, especially for users who are not tech-savvy.
The task assignment functionalities are quite basic, lacking advanced features such as progress tracking and due dates, making it less suitable for complex project management.

Pick #6

Lucid Meetings is a comprehensive meeting management system specifically designed to streamline and automate business meeting processes, including crafting and sharing meeting minutes. As a Meeting Minutes app, it enables users to effortlessly capture key outcomes and action items during meetings, effectively eliminating the manual process of noting down and disseminating minutes. This advanced tool also integrates with calendar apps for seamless scheduling, offers role-based access, team management, and facilitates real-time collaboration with features like multi-user editing, inline commenting, and more. Lucid Meetings further ensures transparencies and record-keeping by storing the minutes, along with other meeting-related data in a secured, easily searchable digital platform.

Comprehensive Meeting Lifecycle Management: provides full lifecycle management for meetings, including before, during, and after stages. This makes it a complete solution for managing meeting minutes effectively, including creating agendas, documenting discussions, assigning follow-up actions, and more.
Standardized Professional Minutes: helps you produce professional, well-structured minutes. There are templates which you can customize to fit your organization's needs, resulting in consistent and high-quality meeting records.
Integrated Real-time Collaboration: The app provides an integrated platform that supports real-time collaboration and interaction during meetings. Attendees can add notes, comments, and assign tasks directly within the meeting minutes, enhancing participation and engagement.
Time-saving Meeting Automation: offers meeting automation features like automated reminders, scheduling, time tracking, and action items follow-up. This helps ensure that no crucial points are missed out and all assigned tasks are tracked and accomplished on time.
Accessible repository of past meetings: The app provides a searchable database of past meetings. This makes referencing past decisions and actions easy, thus contributing to better organizational knowledge and historical context.'s interface may not be very intuitive or user-friendly for first-time users or non-tech savvy users. This could cause difficulties in recording meeting minutes effectively.
The ability to search and navigate through past meetings and their minutes is somewhat limited, which could make it difficult to review historical data or find specific information from past meetings.
Some users have reported that the video conferencing feature occasionally lacks stability and clarity, which may make it less valuable or productive for users who rely heavily on video meetings.'s automatic transcription service may sometimes deliver inaccurate or unclear transcriptions. This could possibly lead to misunderstandings or misinformation in the meeting minutes.
The platform does not provide offline access. So if a user has internet connectivity issues, they lose access to all of their meetings and minutes, not allowing any work to be done on them offline.

Pick #7

Beenote is a comprehensive meeting management application designed to streamline the process of organizing, conducting, and documenting meetings. It aids in setting agendas, scheduling meetings, assigning tasks, and documenting minutes of the meeting efficiently. The platform facilitates easy collaboration among teams, enabling them to comment, share files, and track their tasks progress in real time. It’s designed to seamlessly integrate with popular calendars and video conferencing tools, adding a layer of productivity and ensuring a more organized approach to meetings. Users can also leverage the accessibility of across multiple devices, enhancing their ability to manage meetings wherever they are.

Centralized Database - keeps all your teams' meeting minutes, decisions, and action items in one easily accessible platform. This means all your information is organised, easily locatable, and can be referred to at any time.
Automatic Transcription - It effortlessly transcribes your meetings, saving you the long hours you'd otherwise spend manually doing the same. This feature enhances productivity and accuracy.
Integrated Calendar - Beenote has an integrated Google or Outlook calendar. This feature ensures effective meeting scheduling, including setting recurring meetings, sending invites, and reminders to avoid last-minute rush or forgotten meetings.
Defined Roles and Participants - In, you can clearly define roles for each participant (observer, decision-maker, or simply a participant). This helps to assign tasks and follow-ups efficiently ensuring increased participation and accountability.
Real-Time Collaboration - Beenote allows team members to collaborate in real-time during meetings. This means all updates are made in real-time and everyone can view and contribute to the discussions immediately.
Limited support for multiple languages: Beenote only supports a few primary languages, which can be a barrier for international teams that consist of members who speak a variety of different languages.
Limited integrations: Beenote has fewer integrations available compared to other meeting management solutions. The lack of integrations such as Slack, Google Docs, Dropbox etc, can limit its usability and functionality for teams that rely heavily on such tools.
Lack of direct voice-to-text transcription: Beenote might not be the best tool for meetings that require on-the-spot minutes, as it does not offer direct voice-to-text transcription. This could lead to situations where important details could be missed.
Absence of a chat feature: Beenote does not include a chat feature so team members cannot engage with the agenda items and meeting notes in real-time, creating a potential communications gap between teams.
Complexity in use: Beenote can be a bit complex to understand and use effectively especially for beginners or users who are not tech-savvy. It can be time-consuming for these users to familiarise themselves with the tool which can decrease productivity.

Pick #8

MeetingBooster is a professional and powerful meeting management solution designed to aid the planning, execution, and follow-up of business meetings. As a Meeting Minutes App, MeetingBooster provides numerous features such as automated scheduling, agenda creation, task assignment, and tracking, ensuring efficient recording of vital meeting data. The application eliminates the challenges of disorganized minutes, untracked actions, and delayed follow-ups by streamlining the meeting process end-to-end, thus boosting productivity and promoting effective communication within corporate teams.

Enhanced Organization - takes care of all meeting details from scheduling, invitations to assignment of tasks and deadlines. This helps in maintaining a streamlined and organized workflow.
Efficient Time Management - With one-click meeting summaries and generated minutes, time spent on note-taking is substantially reduced, enabling focus on more productive tasks.
Accountability and Transparency - With the task tracking feature, it becomes easier to assign responsibilities and deadlines, bringing about accountability and transparency in the manner the tasks are being executed.
Professional Meeting Minutes - MeetingBooster allows customization of meeting minutes and professionally distributes them to all participants, eliminating common communication discrepancies.
Reducing Miscommunication - ensures that everyone has a clear understanding of what was discussed and decided. This clarity helps in reducing miscommunication and ensuring that everyone is on the same page. lacks some usability features, such as intuitive drag-and-drop for reordering action items or decisions within the minutes.
It does not have a speech-to-text option to quickly jot down meeting minutes, which can be more time-consuming in comparison to other platforms.
It does not offer offline access. Thus, if you're in an area with unstable, slow or no internet connectivity, you'll have a hard time accessing or updating the meeting minutes.
The software does not integrate with all types of calendars (like Apple calendars), which may restrict smooth synchronization between different platforms.
It lacks native applications for mobile devices which decreases accessibility and flexibility in usage.

Pick #9

MeetingKing is a comprehensive meeting minutes app that fundamentally streamlines the process of planning, conducting, and documenting business meetings. The app facilitates the end-to-end management of meetings by enabling the creation of agendas and minutes within the same platform, while also providing tools for task assignment and follow-ups, thus improving team productivity. Its technology features also include the ability to organize meetings directly from email invitations, save documents in the cloud, and access them from any device. Its powerful collaboration tools make it a versatile web-based solution, helping businesses to save time, ensure accountability and enhance the effectiveness of their meetings.

Automated Task Assignment - has a feature that captures decisions during the meeting and turns them into tasks. These tasks are automatically assigned to team members, and then tracked until completion, thus saving time and ensuring execution.
Agenda and Minutes Template - The software provides a structure for your meetings with professional, pre-made agenda and minutes templates. This aids in the organization of the meeting contents and ensures that all relevant information is captured systematically.
Integrated with Email - is integrated with email. This means you can easily send your meeting invitations, agendas, and minutes directly from the platform. This enhances communication between meeting participants.
Automatic Reminders - The software sends automatic reminders about tasks, upcoming meetings and deadlines. This ensures that no important activities are overlooked or forgotten.
Centralized Documentation - All meeting minutes, agendas, decisions, and tasks are all saved in one place on, making it easy for all team members to access and retrieve information when needed. is not tailored for video conferencing, which means you still need to use another software for online meetings, adding complexity to your process.
The user experience might not be intuitive for some users. The interface is somewhat dated and lacks the visual appeal and intuitiveness of modern software designs. lacks a mobile application. This means that if one needs to access a meeting or notes on the go, they'll encounter difficulties and it can restrict flexibility.
It falls short in terms of task management features. While it allows you to assign tasks, the tracking and managing of these assignments isn't robust, there's no feature to control and monitor the progress of these tasks.
The App lacks integration with many common business tools. Although it has some integrations, it does not match up to other apps in the market that allow seamless integration with a wide array of apps like CRM tools, file storage apps, and more.

Pick #10

Agreedo is a meeting minutes application designed to enhance productivity by facilitating the efficient planning, execution, and management of meetings. It enables users to devise agendas, collect necessary team inputs, assign tasks, and document decisions comprehensively. The platform streamlines the process from agenda setting to meeting follow-ups, thereby fostering effective team collaboration.’s main features include creating meeting agendas, discussing them online, tracking action items and decisions, and sharing them with the team, which makes it a powerful tool for business meetings and team collaboration.

Trackable Action Items - Agreedo allows users to assign tasks to team members directly from the meeting notes, providing a clear accountability and trackability for each action item.
Collaborative Agenda Creation - Agreedo enables team members to create and share the meeting agenda collaboratively, ensuring everyone is aligned and prepared for the meeting.
Easy-to-Use Searchable Format – Agreedo stores all past meeting minutes in an easy-to-navigate format. Meeting attendees can quickly search and reference past meeting details improving clarity and productivity.
Efficient Workflow Integration - Agreedo seamlessly integrates with many other workflow management tools, such as MS Office, GoogleDocs, making it easier to import/export data and streamline processes.
Real-Time Sharing and Editing - With Agreedo, users can share the meeting minutes in real-time, allowing for any necessary amendments or inputs to be made during the meeting itself, improving team collaboration and efficiency.
Limited functionality: As compared to a Meeting Minutes App, might lack some specific attributes. For instance, an in-depth customization option may not be available, making it less flexible to user-specific needs.
Limited Collaboration: offers limited collaboration opportunities during the meetings. Unlike Meeting Minutes App, all attendees cannot collaborate simultaneously and may have to wait for their turn to input their part, hence affecting the fluidity of the meeting.
No Live Chat Feature: does not have an embedded live chat feature. This could be a major drawback for real-time communication and coordination among the meeting attendees.
Dependency on Internet: requires continuous internet connectivity making it challenging in areas with poor or limited internet access, whereas most Meeting Minutes Apps can work online and offline.
Lack of Integration Options: may lack integration with common software such as Google Calendar and Microsoft 365, which are often available in dedicated Meeting Minutes Apps. This could affect the workflow and reduce productivity.

Buying Criteria

Choosing the right meeting minutes app requires careful consideration of several key features to ensure the tool meets your specific needs. First and foremost, assess the app’s ease of use; an intuitive interface and easy navigation are paramount for quickly recording and retrieving minutes. Equally important is compatibility with your team’s existing technology stack—look for apps that integrate seamlessly with your calendar, email, and other collaboration tools. Additionally, consider security measures; the app should offer robust protection for your sensitive discussions and decisions.

Functionality tailored to your meeting’s structure can greatly enhance efficiency. Some teams might benefit from features like automatic transcription, while others may prioritize task assignment capabilities within the app. Look for customizable templates that align with your meeting formats, ensuring that note-taking is streamlined and nothing important is overlooked. Lastly, evaluate the app’s ability to export or share minutes in various formats, ensuring all participants and stakeholders can easily access and review the outcomes. Balancing these considerations will guide you to a meeting minutes app that not only captures the essence of your discussions but also enhances your team’s productivity and collaboration.


Investing in a meeting minutes app is a wise decision for organizations with frequent meetings, especially those involving complex projects or multiple departments. When discussions entail detailed plans, deadlines, and responsibilities, a reliable minutes app can streamline communication, ensure accountability, and enhance collaboration by keeping everyone on the same page. Furthermore, for businesses operating across different time zones or those heavily reliant on remote work, such an app is invaluable. It enables asynchronous communication, ensuring that decisions and discussions are documented and accessible to all team members, regardless of their location, thus maintaining the flow of information and reducing misunderstandcalls.

On the other hand, investing in a meeting minutes app might not make sense for smaller teams or startups with limited budgets, where meeting frequency is low, and tasks are straightforward. In such scenarios, traditional methods like shared documents or email summaries can suffice, allowing resources to be allocated to more critical areas of the business. Additionally, for close-knit teams working in a single location, the informal exchange of information and decisions may naturally occur throughout the day, diminishing the need for a dedicated app. In these cases, the cost and time associated with implementing a new tool might outweigh the benefits, making it an unnecessary expense.

Popular Questions

What is a Meeting Minutes App?

A Meeting Minutes App is a software or application designed to help users keep track of the important details discussed during meetings. It helps in recording, organizing, and managing the information discussed, the attendees, the decisions made, and the tasks assigned in a very clear and systematic manner.

What are some key features of a Meeting Minutes App?

Key features of a Meeting Minutes App typically include real-time collaborative note-taking, task assignment and tracking, storage and organization of past meetings, integration with calendars and other apps, and the ability to quickly turn discussions into action items.

How can a Meeting Minutes App help companies improve their productivity?

A Meeting Minutes App can boost productivity by making sure all meeting participants are on the same page with what was discussed and what needs to be done moving forward. It prevents miscommunication by keeping a written and organized record of all meeting details, tasks assigned, and deadlines.

Are Meeting Minutes Apps typically user-friendly?

Yes, most Meeting Minutes Apps are designed with user-friendliness in mind. They generally have intuitive interfaces and straightforward functionalities to ensure that even those who are not tech-savvy can effectively utilize the application.

Can I access my meeting minutes on various devices with a Meeting Minutes App?

Yes, most Meeting Minutes Apps allow for cloud-based storage, which means you can access your meeting minutes on any device with an internet connection. This function provides convenience and flexibility as you can view and update your meeting minutes anytime, anywhere.