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The 10 Best Group Meeting Apps

Group meeting apps offer diverse functionality such as video conferencing, screen sharing, strategic planning tools and document collaboration, making them essential for effective remote and in-person group collaboration.

"ZipDo is a very clean and organized app which focuses on the perfect meeting workflow."
"Fellow.app is a great Group Meeting App due to its intuitive interface, collaborative features, and seamless integration with other productivity tools."
"adam.ai is a great group meeting app because it provides efficient collaboration tools, streamlined meeting management, and real-time communication features."
Meeting Decisions
"Meeting Decisions is a great Group Meeting App because it streamlines decision-making processes and enhances collaboration among team members."
"Hypercontext is a great Group Meeting App because it streamlines meeting organization, agenda creation, and action item tracking in one collaborative platform."
Lucid Meetings
"Lucid Meetings is a great Group Meeting App because it offers comprehensive features for organizing, running, and documenting effective meetings."
"Beenote is a great Group Meeting App because it streamlines meeting management, fosters collaboration, and increases productivity through features like agenda preparation, meeting minutes, and action items tracking."
"MeetingKing is a great group meeting app because it streamlines meeting preparation, organization, and follow-up through intuitive and collaborative features."
Magic Minutes
"Magic Minutes is a great Group Meeting App because it streamlines agenda creation, task assignment, and real-time collaboration for seamless and efficient meetings."
"Apollo.ai is a great group meeting app because it offers seamless integration with productivity tools and provides advanced AI assistance for more efficient meetings."

Buying a Group Meeting App is crucial in today’s digitally-driven working environment as it streamlines the process of conducting remote or in-person meetings immensely. It provides functionalities that help schedule, manage and conduct meetings efficiently with features like shared calendars, real-time document collaboration, instant messaging, video conferencing, and automatic reminders. These features not only enhance the smoothness of communication but also significantly increase the productivity of the team, saving time and reducing the chances of misunderstandings. With many of these apps offering the ability to record and archive meetings, users can conveniently revisit any discussion points or ideas that were previously generated. In essence, a Group Meeting App can be a game-changer for both professional and personal group interactions.

The Best Products

Group Meeting App: Our Recommendations

Pick #1: Our Software


ZipDo is a cloud-based note-taking platform that seamlessly integrates with group meeting applications to revolutionize team collaboration. It modernizes how meeting notes are constructed, sorted, and shared, making it an essential tool for groups of all sizes.

A distinct advantage of ZipDo is its real-time note-taking feature. This ensures everyone in a group meeting stays synchronised, removing the hassle of manually passing notes. Once the meeting concludes, team members can conveniently modify and append additional details, ensuring all information remains current.

As a master of note organization, ZipDo permits effortless classification into channels or folders, working particularly well with group meeting apps. Notes can effortlessly be found, improving efficiency by making it easy to pinpoint specific information without unnecessary scrolling or manual searching.

Through stringent access control, ZipDo’s note-sharing capability ensures secure dissemination of information to colleagues, clients, or partners within the shared group. Automatic note creation for each meeting is made possible due to its integration capabilities with calendars, removing the need for manual data entry.

To conclude, ZipDo is an easy-to-use platform that offers comprehensive features to boost productivity, teamwork, and project management within any group meeting app setting. By providing real-time note-taking, collaborative editing, superior organization, advanced searchability, secure sharing, and smart integrations, it proves to be an invaluable resource for streamlining group meetings and ensuring efficient project progress.

Pick #2


Fellow.app is an innovative group meeting application that offers a collaborative approach towards conducting, managing, and structuring meetings. It provides a digital space for setting meeting agendas, recording minutes, assigning actions, and maintaining a log of all decisions made during meetings. The platform is designed to enhance productivity and improve communication within teams, either in the workplace setting or remote environments. It features integrations with other productivity tools and offers an efficient solution to streamlining team meetings, leveraging technology to manage workflow, and track tasks ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

Meeting Organization: Fellow.app allows users to streamline meeting workflows. Users can create agendas, take collaborative notes, assign action items, and store files that are linked directly to the meeting it concerns which makes them easy to locate and access later.
Integration Capabilities: Fellow.app can integrate with popular workplace productivity apps like Google Calendar, Outlook, Slack, JIRA, and many more. This means that all your appointments, tasks, discussions, and notes can be accessible from one place, which allows for a smooth workflow.
Feedback Collection: Fellow.app includes functionalities for requesting and providing feedback. This feature can be vital for maintaining high levels of communication and productivity within the group. The feedback can be exchanged in real-time, keeping everyone engaged and updated.
Streamline One-on-ones: Not only does Fellow support team meetings, but it also streamlines one-on-ones and individual check-ins. Leader's guides and templates are available to make these processes efficient and beneficial.
Streamlined Decision Making: Fellow.app provides a space to discuss topics even before the meeting begins. This allows everyone to align their thoughts, which can make decision-making during the meeting more efficient. Also, it keeps track of decisions, helping to assure everyone is on the same page post-meeting.
Limited integration scope- Fellow.app offers several integrations, however, they are primarily with very established platforms such as Google and Slack. Any organization depending on different or newer platforms might face integration challenges.
Lacking native video call capability- Fellow.app itself doesn't provide a native video conference feature, relying instead on integrations with other apps. As a Group Meeting app, this might prove to be a limitation for some companies preferring all-in-one solutions.
Task assignment tracking- The app seems to lack strong tracking and reporting regarding the status of assignments during group meetings, which many projects require for efficient team management.
Absence of a built-in chat function- A built-in chat function that could be used during a meeting to send instant messages to the team without leaving the app is not present in Fellow.app. Users have to rely on other applications for real-time discussions during a meeting.
Limited user interface customization- Fellow.app's UI does not offer much in terms of customization for users to personalize their workspace. This could potentially impact usability and user experience, especially in a group meeting scenario where different people may prefer different interface layouts.

Pick #3


adam.ai is a comprehensive group meeting app designed to streamline and manage all facets of business meetings. The platform allows users to schedule meetings, set agendas, assign tasks, and make informed decisions by providing usefulness metrics. It further allows the sharing and storing of meeting minutes and integrates these features within a user-friendly interface. The robust AI technology behind the platform ensures that all meeting details are efficiently captured, organized, and can be easily retrieved. It is an all-in-one platform for effective and efficient meeting management, ensuring productivity and simultaneous automation of various tasks.

Smart Summarization: Adam.ai automatically generates detailed minutes from your meetings, capturing all important points, decisions, and tasks, thus no crucial information will be lost or forgotten.
Comprehensive Meeting Management: Adam.ai offers a powerful set of features for the full meeting lifecycle: scheduling, preparing the agenda, inviting participants, tracking decisions, generating minutes, assigning tasks to team members, and even more.
Project Oriented: It offers seamless integration with project management to align meetings with particular projects and to maintain consistent project progression. This includes features like associating meetings with relevant projects, project-oriented agendas, and project-based files and notes.
Integrations with other platforms: Adam.ai integrates with well-used platforms like Microsoft Teams, Google Calendar, Slack, and Zapier. This allows for more efficient and convenient usage, as it can fit smoothly into most workflows.
AI-powered Insights: Adam.ai tracks meeting data and decision-making processes over time, providing valuable and actionable insights with an AI-powered analytics dashboard. This helps teams to become more efficient, informed, and strategic in their meeting practices.
While adam.ai provides various features, it lacks comprehensive options for real-time collaborative editing. This could cause inconvenience when team members need to simultaneously work on the same project during a meeting.
adam.ai does not support video conferencing within the platform, which means an additional reliance on external apps for video calls during group meetings. Users often prefer a fully integrated solution for seamless online collaboration.
It does not provide native integration with some popular business productivity applications such as Trello or Asana. The lack of integration can cause tedious back and forth administrative work and compromise efficiency.
As a relatively new platform, the user interface and interaction flow can sometimes be non-intuitive, which could result in a steeper learning curve for some team members.
The customizability and personalization capabilities are limited in adam.ai, which may not meet the needs of teams seeking a highly adaptable meeting planning tool. The lack of custom report formats and dashboard views can become a hindrance to some users.

Pick #4

Meeting Decisions

Meeting Decisions is a comprehensive group meeting app designed to streamline and enhance the meeting process in professional settings. It helps teams plan, execute, and follow-up meetings effectively by creating agendas, tracking action items, sharing relevant documents, and promoting clear communication. The platform can be fully integrated with Microsoft 365, providing seamless collaboration, and is uniquely positioned to foster efficiency, accountability, and productivity within a team. Thus, it transforms meetings from time-consuming events into outlets for productive and decisive action.

Meeting Structure: Meeting Decisions ensures every meeting has a clear purpose by helping users set timely agendas and ensures that everyone sticks to them, keeping meetings productive and on track.
Task Management: The app allows users to assign tasks during the meeting and follow up on their progress. This ensures everyone knows their responsibilities and no task goes unaddressed.
Integration with Microsoft 365: Meeting Decisions seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365. This makes it easier for users who already use Office 365 tools, providing a familiar environment, and reducing the learning curve.
Decision Records: The app provides a central repository for all decisions made during meetings. This feature ensures everyone is on the same page post-meeting, which makes follow-ups and future referencing easier.
Accessible from Multiple Devices: Meeting Decisions can be accessed from various devices including android, iOS and web. This brings flexibility for users to join and contribute to the meetings irrespective of their location.
After examining meetingdecisions.com as a Group Meeting App, here are some disadvantages specific to this platform:
Limited Collaboration - The application does not allow for real-time collaboration on documents or agendas. This can slow down the process and reduce efficiency when preparing for meetings with a group.
Absence of Video Conferencing - Decisions does not integrate video conferencing meaning teams have to use another platform for visual meetings. This could lead to possible issues with switching between apps during the course of the meeting which can hamper the smooth continuity of the discussion.
Lacks Integration with Other Platforms - While decisions does integrate with Microsoft Teams and Office 365, this limits participants who rely on other platforms for their meeting needs, such as Google Meet or Slack, creating a potential barrier for usage.
Dense User Interface - Some users might find the interface to be information-heavy and non-intuitive. It may take time for them to get acclimated before they can navigate around easily. It might not be the best solution for those looking for simplicity.
Minimum Requirements - As the application is designed to be fully integrated with Microsoft Teams and Office 365, those who do not use these tools regularly may find it less valuable. It may compel users to go for other standalone options, which do not require a specific toolset to function optimally.

Pick #5


Hypercontext is a comprehensive group meeting software application designed to streamline team interactions and increase productivity. It functions as a collaborative tool where team members can contribute to the agenda, share updates, set objectives, and gather feedback, all in one place. The application fosters a transparent work environment by providing a platform for continuous communication and progress tracking, including scheduling meetings, documenting minutes of the meeting, setting and tracking goals (OKRs), and exchanging individual feedback. The overall goal of Hypercontext is to optimize team efficiency by enabling effective meeting management.

Hypercontext emphasizes creating a collaborative meeting agenda feature. This allows all team members to add topics for discussion, vote on them, and track the flow of the meeting in a systematic manner.
The application facilitates one-on-one meetings as well as team meetings with equal ease. This allows for both intra-team and cross-functional meetings to be conducted on the same platform, promoting transparency and alignment.
Hypercontext has a feature for documenting and storing meeting outcomes. This helps in keeping a record of decisions made, actions items created and ensures accountability.
The application features an integrated metric tracking functionality. This gives teams the ability to monitor key performance indicators (KPI’s), thus providing insights and contributing to informed decision-making.
Hypercontext also provides features aimed at fostering team engagement. These include icebreakers and shout-outs sections, promoting camaraderie and a positive workplace culture.
Lack of Video Conferencing Feature - Hypercontext focuses on meeting agendas, notes, and action items. However, unlike Zoom or Google Meet, it does not offer an integrated video conferencing feature which makes real time collaboration less efficient. This requires users to use a separate app for video communication.
No Real-Time Collaboration - While Hypercontext allows you to plan and strategize for a meeting and follow up later, it lacks a real-time collaborative feature. Unlike Google Docs or Microsoft Teams, meeting attendees can't work on the draft or task list synchronously.
Limited File Sharing Capabilities - This app lacks robust file sharing and collaboration tools when compared to competitors. So, if your projects require sharing ample documents or files, its lack of support may prove problematic.
Limited Integration - While hypercontext does offer integrations, it offers only a few in comparison to other group meeting apps. This may act as a restriction for users who use other apps widely for their different work needs and want to streamline the process in a single platform.
No On-Premise Deployment - Hypercontext is a cloud-based platform making it infeasible for organizations that require on-premise software for data-control or security reasons. Unlike several competitors, it doesn’t provide on-premise deployment which may be a major requirement for some organizations.

Pick #6

Lucid Meetings

Lucid Meetings is a comprehensive group meeting and workflow management application designed to support professional meeting practices in a digital environment. The platform offers a variety of features including tools for running structured meetings, real-time collaborative agenda creation, automatic meeting records management, and a repository for all meeting documents. It facilitates both remote and face-to-face meetings, providing digital channels for communication and collaboration, and is specifically developed to assist teams, organizations and professionals in increasing productivity and effectiveness of their meetings.

Comprehensive Meeting Lifecycle Management: LucidMeetings.com offers a broader view of meeting management, handling everything from agenda setting to follow-ups, thus enabling streamlined flow of all the stages of a meeting.
Meeting Templates: The ability to create templates for recurring or similar type meetings. This significantly reduces the time taken to plan and organize meetings, resulting in improved efficiency.
Real-Time Collaboration: This platform provides an online workspace where stakeholders can collaborate in real-time. This enhances the participatory nature of meetings, by allowing everyone to contribute to discussions and decision-making.
Meeting Analytics: The platform provides meeting analytics to identify meeting trends, the effectiveness of the meetings, and areas for improvement. This data-driven approach ensures continuous improvement for future meetings.
Integrated Meeting Records: All notes, decisions, and tasks from each meeting are automatically recorded and stored in a secure, centralized location. This makes it easy to reference past discussions and decisions. It also improves accountability, as it's clear who committed to what actions during meetings.
Limited Integration: LucidMeetings doesn't offer many integration options compared to its competitors. Other platforms offer extensive integration with other tools such as task management software, time tracking applications, and document collaboration tools.
Non-Intuitive Interface: New users frequently report that the user interface is not very intuitive. This may lead to difficulty in navigating, understanding, and fully utilizing all the features of the software.
Lack of Mobile Optimisation: While the software can be used on mobile devices, its responsiveness and appearance could be improved for more effective mobile usage.
Limited Customer Support: Some users have reported that customer support is not always readily available or helpful. This can be a huge drawback when dealing with technical difficulties or when trying to understand how to use the platform’s features.
Inefficient Document Upload: Reports suggest that the process of uploading documents could be improved. It may be slow or cumbersome, and it does not provide a preview feature commonly seen in other conference platforms to review means before sharing or presenting.

Pick #7


beenote.io is a comprehensive group meeting application designed to streamline the process of planning, organizing, and executing meetings. This tool combines various functionalities including meeting scheduling, setting agendas, task assignment, taking minutes and follow-ups in one platform. It is suitable for teams of all sizes, promoting improved communication, collaboration, and productivity. The application supports multiple meeting formats, and it is integrated with other digital tools like calendars and project management systems, providing a holistic meeting management solution.

Agenda Building and Managing: Beenote has a unique and concise approach towards agenda management. It allows for drafting of meetings agendas, review, and approval from participants. This ensures meetings are purposeful and time-effective.
Task Assignment and Follow-up: The app ensures no tasks are left unaccounted for as Beenote enables tasks assignment to attendees directly from the meeting minutes, and automatically follows up on the progress even after the meeting is over.
Integrated Calendar: Beenote.io comes with an integrated calendar which synchronizes with popular calendar systems (Google, Office 365, Outlook). This makes scheduling and organizing group meetings smoother as it minimizes risk of double booking and allows an overview of all scheduled meetings.
Comprehensive Meetings Records: Beenote is capable of recording comprehensive minutes of every meeting, including decisions, comments, and tasks. These minutes can then be shared within the group or kept private. This helps in maintaining transparency and clear communication within the team.
Collaborative Environment: Beenote is designed to facilitate collaboration. It enables real-time contribution and editing of meeting agendas and minutes, supporting decision-making, brainstorming, and problem-solving in a group context.
Limited customizability. Beenote does not offer much room for personalization according to the specific needs of a team or organization. This could cause problems for groups that have very specific meeting or workflow requirements.
Limited File Sharing. Beenote does not support file sharing within the platform during a meeting. Team members have to use other platforms for this, which could be inconvenient and time-consuming.
Lack of seamless integration. Beenote doesn’t integrate with a wide variety of apps, only major ones like Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Meet. This can reduce its functionality if a team uses different or additional collaboration tools in their workflow.
No real-time collaboration tools. Beenote lacks real-time collaboration features allowing participants to work on a single document or project simultaneously. These features are becoming increasingly important in modern group collaboration software.
Complicated user interface. The interface of Beenote could seem complex to beginners or non-techie people. It may require some time to understand and navigate its features comfortably.

Pick #8


MeetingBooster is a cloud-based group meeting application designed to streamline the meeting process and increase meeting efficiency by providing a wealth of organizational and collaborative tools. This application significantly aids in planning meetings, distributing actionable meeting agendas, managing meeting minutes, and assigning and tracking the progress of action items. It further ensures transparency and accountability through its follow-up features. The overarching aim of MeetingBooster is to optimize time-management, improve the organization, and increase the productivity of professional meetings.

Meeting Agenda & Minutes Automation: MeetingBooster is designed to drive accountability, streamline meeting procedures and reduce the time and effort required to set up and document meetings by automating the distribution of agendas, meeting minutes, and follow-up tasks.
Professional Meeting Management: It offers professional meeting management features, allowing you to run meetings more effectively. You can set up role assignments, manage follow-ups to ensure task completion, and track meeting histories efficiently.
Task Tracking & Management: MeetingBooster facilitates efficient task management with features like automatically-generated tasks from minutes, dashboard overview of tasks, and email reminders for due tasks – keeping everyone accountable and on track.
Effective Decision-Making: MeetingBooster provides structured and tracked discussions allowing decision-making to be traceable, fact-based, democratic and efficient. It can help teams reach consensus more quickly.
Integration Capabilities: The platform integrates with MS Outlook, offering functionality to schedule meetings directly from the application, thus allowing a seamless blend of your already-existing scheduling process with advanced meeting management.
Limited Collaboration Features - While MeetingBooster does offer note-taking, action items, and decision tracking, it lacks real-time collaborative features such as file sharing, whiteboards, or collaborative document editing that many other group meeting apps offer.
No Video Conferencing Integration - While it does connect with Outlook for scheduling, it does not integrate with other video conferencing tools like Zoom or Microsoft Teams. This can create inefficiency having to use multiple platforms for virtual meetings.
User Interface - While the functionality is robust, some users report the user interface is not as intuitive or as modern as other competitors. This can lead to a longer learning curve for new users or create barriers to efficiency.
Rigid Structure - The meeting agenda structure is linear and doesn't allow for easy adjustments during the meeting. If a new topic arises, the software doesn't allow for easy reorganizing on-the-fly.
Need for a Physical Keyboard - During a meeting, it could be cumbersome to be tied of typing out notes due to a lack of speech-to-text feature which other competitive apps offer, this can make note-taking more tedious for some users.

Pick #9


meetingking.com is an advanced group meeting application designed to simplify the process of planning, conducting, and concluding meetings effectively. The app offers unique features such as automatic meeting scheduling, agenda setting, task assignment, and documentation of meeting minutes. It improves the efficiency and productivity of meetings by keeping track of decisions, facilitating communication, and ensuring accountability among participants. The app caters to every kind of meeting need, making it ideal for both professional workspaces and personal collaborations.

MeetingKing provides an intuitive interface for scheduling and planning group meetings, allowing users to effortlessly set meeting dates and times, invite participants, and define agenda items.
The application promotes time efficiency with features like real-time meeting tracking and automatic follow-up task assignment. This means tasks arising from meetings can be immediately distributed, helping to streamline workflow and accelerate completion time.
MeetingKing has a unique feature for creating structured, professional meeting minutes. This feature contributes to maintaining clear records of discussion points and decisions made during the session, thus ensuring no critical information is lost or forgotten.
Collaboration is enhanced as the application provides a platform for team members to comment on agenda items and tasks before, during, and after the meeting.
MeetingKing offers a practical way of sorting and categorizing tasks related to different meetings. This makes it easier to search and prioritize tasks, leading to improved productivity and project management.
Lack of real-time collaboration - Unlike other popular meeting apps, MeetingKing does not appear to offer real-time collaboration features such as shared screens or whiteboards, which can be limiting for dynamic team discussions and brainstorming.
Limited integration with other apps - While MeetingKing does offer some integrations with apps like Evernote and email clients, it does not display a wide range of integrations with other popular workplace apps and tools. This could potentially lead to workflow disruptions.
No video and voice conferencing - It appears that MeetingKing doesn't offer in-app video or voice conferencing, a feature which is commonly provided by other meeting apps. Users have to rely on external tools for this purpose, which again, disrupts workflow meaningfulness.
Limited user interface customization - The user interface of MeetingKing, as per the available screenshots and information, does not seem to offer a high level of customization. This could limit the user's ability to set up a workspace that aligns with their personal preferences.
No offline mode - Unlike some other meeting apps, MeetingKing does not appear to offer an offline mode. This limitation could make it difficult for users to access their info or to prepare for meetings when they're not connected to the internet.

Pick #10

Magic Minutes

MagicMinutes is a digital software solution designed to streamline and optimise the group meeting process. It serves as an integrated group meeting app where users can schedule meetings, create and share meeting agendas, and automatically generate, distribute, and archive minutes immediately after the meeting. The application also offers a dedicated space for task assignment and tracking, facilitating effective follow-ups. By moving these activities to a digital platform, MagicMinutes enables clarity, accountability, convenience and enhances overall meeting productivity.

Automated Minute Taking: Magic Minutes simplifies the process of minute taking during meetings by automatically capturing information and distributing it. This reduces the risk of human error and saves time.
Actions linked to Minutes: Unlike other apps, MagicMinutes allows you to create actions and link them directly to specific meeting minutes. This allows for easy tracking and follow-up, increasing team accountability.
Meeting Preparation: MagicMinutes lets you prepare the agenda and issue meeting notices beforehand. This feature allows all participants to come prepared for the meeting, leading to enhanced productivity.
Seamless Integration With Calendar: Magic Minutes enables you to schedule meetings that directly integrate with your personal calendar app. This feature makes organizing and keeping track of future meetings much easier.
Storage and Recurrence: The App allows users to store previous meeting minutes for review and reference. It also enables setting up of recurring meetings, making for efficient planning within a long-term project or ongoing team meetings.
Magic Minutes is a UK-specific app, which may cause compatibility and usage issues for users from different geographical locations. Differences in time zones, language preferences and local regulations could potentially hinder effective usage.
The tool lacks an efficient mobile experience. Not having a dedicated mobile application for iOS and Android devices limits the flexibility of use and could potentially affect real-time monitoring and time efficiency for users who primarily use mobile devices.
The user interface is quite basic and lacks modern features. This may be less appealing to users who are more familiar with streamlined and interactive software designs, therefore affecting user experience and perhaps deter new users from consistently using the tool.
Magic Minutes focuses on handling meetings and does not appear to have extensive collaboration features such as project management or task delegation capabilities that are present in some other group meeting apps, which could be seen as a disadvantage for larger groups or organizations.
While Magic Minutes supports the archiving of meetings, it doesn't offer a robust in-tool search function. This makes it difficult for users to find specific information from past meetings which can decrease efficiency.

Pick #11


Apollo.ai is a group meeting app that brings efficiency and organization to team collaborations through smart features. It combines AI and automation to schedule meetings, manage agendas, take notes, and assign tasks within a single platform. The app can sync with your calendar and email to provide a streamlined process, while the voice-to-text feature records and transcribes meeting discussions for easy reference. The AI-powered application ensures you stay updated with your meetings and associated tasks, optimizing group productivity and communication.

Intelligent Scheduling: One of the unique benefits of the Apollo.ai Group Meeting App is its intelligent scheduling feature. The AI engine can understand the context of the discussions and based on inputs, can auto-schedule follow-up meetings, reducing the hassle of going back and forth to decide a suitable time for everyone.
Transcribing and Note-taking: The Apollo.ai app can transcribe meetings in real-time, ensuring that nothing important is missed out on. It can also separate voices of different participants, thus making it easier to know who said what. These features can make note-taking and minutes of meeting documentation hassle-free.
Document Collaboration & Sharing: Apollo.ai also enables users to share, view, and collaborate on documents right within the meeting environment. It integrates with common file storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, making it easier for everyone in the group to access and work on shared files.
Action Item & Decision Tracking: Apollo.ai helps in tracking the key decisions taken and the action items assigned during the meeting. Without needing to toggle between different apps, tasks can be assigned, decisions made can be highlighted, and follow-ups can be tracked, right within Apollo.ai.
Meeting Insights & Analytics: The Group Meeting App from Apollo.ai provides insights and analytics for every meeting held. It captures the talking dynamics, discussion topics and can provide an overview of trends over time. This feature allows for more productive meetings by giving teams visibility into their meeting habits.
After researching Apollo.ai, it appears that Apollo.ai is majorly a web-based contact management, sales engagement and analytics platform, it is not primarily designed to service as a group meeting app. Therefore, its limitations in that sense would be:
No Video Conference Features: As Apollo.ai isn't designed primarily as a meeting scheduler or conferencing tool, it lacks the ability to host or manage video conferences directly from the platform.
Lack of In-built Calendar: Features like integrated calendars, which traditional meeting apps have for scheduling and reminders, aren't present in Apollo.ai.
No direct screen sharing option: Useful for collaborative meetings or presentations, this feature is commonly available in dedicated meeting apps which Apollo.ai lacks.
Absence of collaborative tools: Dedicated group meeting apps come with interactive features like whiteboards, collaborative notes, etc., which seem to be absent in Apollo.ai.
Doesn't support different time zones: In a platform used for worldwide communication, it's crucial to support different time zones for scheduling. Insufficient support could be problematic for international teams.

Group Meeting App: Key Features

In today’s digital age, a top-tier group meeting app is defined by its ability to not only facilitate seamless communication but also enhance the productivity of its users. Key features include high-quality video and audio capabilities, ensuring that participants can connect effectively without the barriers of distance or technology. Equally vital is the app’s user-friendly interface, which allows both tech-savvy individuals and novices to navigate and utilize the tool with ease. Real-time screen sharing and interactive whiteboards are additional indispensable features, providing a dynamic platform for collaboration and idea-sharing among teams.

Moreover, a leading group meeting app must guarantee security and privacy for its users, incorporating end-to-end encryption for all communications. Flexible scheduling options, along with integration with calendars and reminders, ensure that organizing and attending meetings can be a seamless part of one’s workflow. The ability to record meetings for future reference or for those unable to attend live sessions adds another layer of functionality, making sure no critical information is lost. To cater to diverse user needs, the app should offer a scalable solution that adapts from small teams to large enterprises, making it a comprehensive tool for virtual collaboration.

Buying Criteria

In the digital age, choosing the right group meeting app is crucial for fostering effective communication and collaboration. Start by considering your group’s specific needs; this will help determine which features are most important to you. Whether it’s high-definition video for clear visuals, robust security for confidential discussions, or interactive tools like screen sharing and virtual whiteboards, understanding your requirements is the first step. Furthermore, considering user-friendliness is essential — an intuitive interface ensures that all participants, regardless of their tech-savvy level, can engage without hurdles.

Next, evaluate the scalability and reliability of the service. A good group meeting app should seamlessly adapt to growing participant numbers without compromising performance. Also, consider the app’s track record for uptime and customer support. In a world where every minute counts, having access to immediate help and a platform that’s consistently available is invaluable. By meticulously assessing these factors, you’ll be well on your way to choosing a group meeting app that not only meets but exceeds your expectations, facilitating smooth and productive meetings.


Investing in a group meeting app makes excellent sense for organizations whose work culture thrives on collaboration and team-based projects. Such tools are indispensable for businesses with remote or hybrid work models, as they streamline communication, bolster project management, and facilitate real-time brainstorming sessions from anywhere in the world. Companies aiming to foster a dynamic and interconnected work environment, reduce email clutter, and efficiently organize meetings across different time zones will find these applications to be a game-changer, empowering teams to achieve greater productivity and cohesion.

Conversely, it may not be prudent to invest in a group meeting app for small enterprises or solo entrepreneurs whose operations are chiefly independent or localized. In scenarios where face-to-face interactions or traditional communication methods suffice due to the close proximity of team members, the cost of such apps might outweigh the benefits. Similarly, for organizations with a set, routine schedule that seldom requires impromptu meetings or for those who prioritize investing in other business growth areas, the functionality of a group meeting app might not justify its expense. In these cases, the traditional modes of communication and organization could be more effective and economically sound.

Popular Questions

What are some popular Group Meeting Apps?

Some popular Group Meeting Apps include Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Slack, and Webex.

Is it possible to record meetings in Group Meeting Apps?

Yes, most group meeting apps such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams have built-in features allowing you to record your meetings. The recorded file is typically saved either on your device or in the cloud, depending on the specific app.

How many participants can join a meeting on these apps?

The number of participants that can join a meeting depends on the platform and the type of subscription. For instance, Zoom allows up to 100 participants in a meeting for free accounts, and up to 1,000 participants for a large meeting add-on.

Are group meeting apps secure?

While no system is entirely foolproof, most group meeting apps use encryption and have implemented various security measures to help protect your privacy. It’s important to always use the latest version of the software as updates often include security patches.

Can I share my screen with other participants in a Group Meeting App?

Yes, most Group Meeting Apps, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet, offer screen sharing capabilities. This function allows other participants to view your screen, which is especially useful for presentations or troubleshooting technical issues.

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