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How To Run A Funny Staff Meeting

To run a funny staff meeting, integrate humor into the agenda, including ice breakers, funny stories, and team-building games that lighten the mood and boost employee engagement.

A Funny Staff Meeting is a lighthearted, humorous approach to conducting regular team gatherings. This kind of meeting aims to ease tensions and make the work environment more enjoyable and relaxed. It typically involves incorporating funny elements into the meeting, such as starting with a joke, engaging in quick, amusing ice-breaker activities, or even infusing elements of gamification into the agenda. The goal of a funny staff meeting is not just to evoke laughter but also to strengthen team bonding, foster creativity, and improve overall productivity by reducing stress levels. It brings a unique dynamic to the typical professional setting, making meetings an experience that team members look forward to, rather than view as a chore.

What is the purpose of a Funny Staff Meeting?

Running a funny staff meeting as a leader serves the purpose of fostering a positive work environment. Injecting humor during meetings can increase engagement, boost morale, and improve team dynamics. It helps to break the ice, relieve stress, and encourage creative thinking, ultimately enhancing productivity and job satisfaction among the team.

How To Run A Funny Staff Meeting: Step-By-Step


Step 1: Setting the Mood,

Start your meeting with a humorous yet appropriate joke or anecdote related to your domain. Such an approach doesn’t only serve as an effective ice-breaker, but also provides a positive head start. This strategic method elevates the meeting’s atmosphere, encouraging active participation and productive discussions.

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Step 2: Costume Contest,

Encouraging employees to dress up according to a fun, unconventional theme – for instance, superheroes, beloved movie characters, or an 80s throwback – can infuse a sense of light-heartedness and camaraderie into the agenda. This not only sparks creativity but also promotes friendly competition as the best-costumed colleague is awarded, making the overall meeting experience memorable and productive.

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Step 3: Funny Presentation,

In this step, highlight a slide-show featuring a mix of memes, lighthearted news related to your industry, or amusing anecdotes. This strategy is designed to balance the weight of serious discussions with humor, thereby maintaining an upbeat atmosphere, keeping participants engaged and ensuring the meeting remains interesting and lively.


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Step 4: Use of Fun Facts,

Adding a touch of liveliness during meetings can help in offering a break from serious discussions. Try incorporating fun facts relevant to your team members, your business, or even your industry. This invigorates the atmosphere and also provides an opportunity for people to learn something interesting and new. These lighter moments can trigger creative thought processes and encourage team bonding as well.

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Step 5: Walk and Talk,

Encourage your staff to physically move around during meetings; it can be an individual movement or group activity. This simple directive can greatly change the meeting’s atmosphere by invoking a sense of lightness and boosting morale. Notably, it stimulates genuine laughter among staff, fostering better relationships and increased productivity.

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Step 6: Organize a Mini-Game Session,

To inject a bit of excitement in a meeting, consider planning a surprise mini-game session. Games like desktop ping pong or a funny trivia quiz can be fantastic options. Not only do these games rejuvenate a sluggish room, they also foster team interaction. Providing some leisurely fun can effectively eliminate the routine monotony, grant individuals a brief mental break, and just improve the overall energy of the meeting.

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Step 7: Award Ceremony,

Wrapping up your meeting with humorous awards, like ‘Best Dressed’, ‘Most Energetic’, etc., drawn from meeting happenings, injects light-hearted fun, enhancing team morale. A perfect endnote, it leaves behind a positively charged atmosphere, ushering a fresh, motivated outlook towards work.

Questions to ask as the leader of the meeting

1. “What is one funny or memorable incident that happened at work recently?” – This question helps to lighten the mood and create a positive atmosphere by encouraging laughter and sharing amusing stories or moments.

2. “Can you share a joke or a funny quote to kick-start our meeting?” – This question sets a humorous tone at the beginning of the staff meeting, creating a relaxed environment and promoting camaraderie among team members.

3. “If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?” – This question injects some fun and creativity into the meeting, allowing team members to momentarily escape the confines of work and engage in lighthearted conversations.

4. “What is the funniest thing that has happened to you during a virtual meeting or conference call?” – This question acknowledges the challenges of remote work and encourages people to share funny mishaps or technological blunders, providing much-needed laughter and connection during these times.

5. “Share a funny customer or client interaction that you’ve had recently.” – This question allows team members to share amusing anecdotes from their interactions with customers or clients, bringing some laughter and entertainment to the meeting while celebrating the lighter side of their work.

6. “If you were a comedian, what would your signature joke or one-liner be?” – This question sparks creativity and humor, giving team members an opportunity to flex their comedic muscles and share their imaginative humor with the group.

7. “What is the most embarrassing fashion faux pas you’ve ever committed?” – This question taps into nostalgia and personal experiences, prompting team members to share humorous stories of their fashion blunders and creating a light-hearted atmosphere.

8. “Tell us about a funny or unexpected talent that you have.” – This question allows team members to showcase their unique talents or hidden skills that may surprise and amuse others, fostering a sense of fun and discovery during the meeting.

9. “If you could swap jobs with any fictional character for a day, who would it be and why?” – This question sparks imagination and playful banter as people share their fantasy job swaps, bringing an element of comedy into the meeting and encouraging creative thinking.

10. “What is the most hilarious or memorable office prank you’ve ever witnessed or been a part of?” – This question invites team members to share stories of office pranks, generating laughter and creating a sense of shared humor and camaraderie among colleagues.

Learn how to prepare a Funny Staff Meeting

As a leader, preparing a funny staff meeting agenda can help lighten the mood and create a positive work environment. Include humorous topics, funny icebreakers, and lighthearted team-building exercises. Adding funny anecdotes or jokes to the agenda can also inject some humor. However, strike a balance and ensure the agenda still addresses important issues and goals.

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Software tools to facilitate a Funny Staff Meeting

Software can be invaluable for leaders looking to run a funny staff meeting. With features like pre-designed templates for humorous presentations, interactive tools for team engagement, and even joke generators, software streamlines the process of injecting humor into meetings. From icebreaker games to witty visuals, these tools help leaders create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere that fosters team bonding and productivity.


Incorporating humor into your staff meetings isn’t just about making the atmosphere enjoyable, rather, it’s an incredibly powerful tool that fosters a more open, creative, and collaborative environment. When humor is appropriately utilized, it can uplift moods, boost engagement, and turn monotonous meetings into an exciting collaborative stage. However, always remember to strike a balance. Respect the importance of the meeting and the valuable time of your team. Encourage a joyful atmosphere, but don’t lose sight of the meeting’s objective. With a little creativity, a keen sense of timing, and adherence to professional boundaries, your funny staff meeting can transform from being just another task on the schedule to something your team looks forward to.


What makes a staff meeting 'funny'?

A ‘funny’ staff meeting typically refers to adding elements of humor and laughter to the agenda. This can be achieved through ice-breakers, team-building games, joke-sharing sessions, and light-hearted discussions.

Why should we incorporate humor into staff meetings?

Incorporating humor into staff meetings can have various benefits. It can lighten the atmosphere, boost employee engagement, foster creativity, and facilitate better team bonding. It can also make the meetings less tedious and more enjoyable.

Can a funny staff meeting still be professional?

Yes, absolutely. A funny staff meeting doesn’t mean that meetings are not serious or productive. It just means creating a lighter and more relaxed atmosphere to encourage participation, boost morale and foster better relationships amongst employees.

How can we ensure that humor in staff meetings remains appropriate and professional?

It’s important to set some ground rules. Avoid offensive or inappropriate jokes and ensure the humor is inclusive and respectful to all team members. Also, humor should not deflect from the key agenda items or objectives of the meeting.

What activities could we include to make our staff meetings funnier?

Activities could range from simple ice-breakers to team-building games. You could have a joke of the day, play a funny video, or introduce a creative problem-solving exercise. The aim should always be to invoke laughter and lighten the mood while maintaining productivity.