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The 10 Best Escribe Alternatives

Explore a variety of Escribe alternatives that provide similar features such as hardware and firmware configuration, customizable settings, firmware updates, and intuitive interfaces for vaping devices.

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While eScribe offers a competitive range of features for board management, including meeting agendas, minutes, related documents, reports and action items tracking, some users may seek alternatives for a variety of reasons. These could include the need for more robust features in specific areas such as budget management or strategic planning. Some users might require a more user-friendly interface, better customer service, or desire a more customized solution that aligns more closely with their organization’s unique needs. Others could be looking for a more cost-effective solution, as licensing cost is also a critical deciding factor when selecting a board management software. Therefore, while eScribe may be suitable for some, others may feel that an alternative software could better meet their requirements.

Why would you look for Escribemeetings Alternative alternative?

In the ever-evolving landscape of meeting and collaboration software, finding an alternative to escribemeetings becomes a consideration for those who seek advanced functionalities and customization options that better align with their specific project management needs. Whether it’s the pursuit of more robust integrations with other tools, superior audio and video quality, or more intuitive user interfaces, exploring other platforms can lead to finding a solution that more effectively facilitates seamless collaboration and productivity among teams. This exploration is not only about enhancing efficiency but also about ensuring that the software scales with the growing demands of a business, adapting to new workflows and expanding features that keep pace with innovation.

Moreover, the quest for an alternative to escribemeetings may stem from the need for improved security measures and more comprehensive customer support. As businesses handle sensitive information and rely heavily on these platforms for critical communications, the assurance of top-tier security protocols becomes paramount. Additionally, having access to prompt and reliable customer service can significantly impact the overall user experience, encouraging a smooth adoption across teams and minimizing downtime. By considering alternatives, companies open the door to solutions that offer a better fit for their unique operational challenges, thereby enhancing team dynamics and contributing to the overall success of their projects.

The Best Products

Escribemeetings Alternative: Our Recommendations

Pick #1: Our Software


ZipDo, a cloud-based board management software, radically enhances board collaboration by reinventing the approach to recording, structuring, and disseminating meeting notes. Its real-time note-taking, collective alterations, and compatibility with popular calendars and productivity apps make it a necessity for boards of all proportions.

One distinguishing characteristic of ZipDo is its live note-taking capability, ensuring every board member remains on-track during meetings, hence eliminating the hassle of traditional note circulation. Following the meeting, board members can comfortably modify and complement the notes to maintain current information.

ZipDo excels at note categorization, offering an easy-to-use system for sorting notes into channels or folders. Searchable notes boost efficiency by enabling swift access to targeted information without the inconvenience of extensive scrolling or manual searches.

In terms of security, ZipDo’s note sharing functionality employs stringent access control, safeguarding information sharing amongst trustees, external stakeholders, or key partners. Its seamless integration with calendars promotes the automated creation of collaborative notes for each board meeting, thereby doing away with manual data entry.

In summary, ZipDo presents a user-friendly platform that comes fully loaded with all-compassing features to augment board productivity, collaboration, and governance. Its real-time note-taking, collective editing, organization, search functionality, secure sharing, and seamless integration capabilities make it an indispensable tool. This software simplifies board meeting management, guaranteeing the smooth execution of strategic goals and plans.

Pick #2


Diligent’s suite of Board and Leadership Collaboration tools is a robust alternative to eSCRIBE Meeting Management software, designed to streamline the work of board members and organisation leaders. While eSCRIBE offers comprehensive meeting management features like agenda preparation and report generation, Diligent helps users simplify board meeting preparation, enhance communication, and improve decision-making. Diligent provides additional functionalities such as secure collaboration tools, real-time updates, information archives, and more. This ensures board members can securely access board materials anytime and anywhere, engage in discussions, sign resolutions electronically, and stay up-to-date with the information that governs their organisation. In summary, while eSCRIBE focuses on meeting management, Diligent offers a broader scope for collaboration among boards and leadership teams.

Streamlined Collaboration - Diligent provides a sophisticated collaboration platform, offering a range of features to facilitate secure decision-making, task allocation, and collaborative work environments. This extends beyond the capabilities of eScribe, providing a broader scope for project management and workflow streamlining.
Diligent Boards Integration - Diligent products integrate smoothly with Diligent Boards, which is a widely used board management software. This seamless integration provides a more cohesive and efficient way to manage board materials, compared to using multiple individual tools like eScribe.
Comprehensive Training and Support - Compared to eScribe, Diligent provides extensive training resources and round-the-clock support to ensure optimal utilization of the platform. This continuous support system makes it more user-friendly and ensures issues are resolved promptly.
Longer Track Record - Diligent has a longer history in the field of providing collaboration and board management solutions than eScribe. This means they have a strong foundation of experience and a proven track record of delivering reliable solutions.
Global Accessibility - Diligent offers comprehensive language support and is used widely across various countries. This makes it more suitable for multinational corporations needing to conduct overseas conference calls and meetings as compared to eScribe.
Diligent's platform is largely designed to serve the needs of boards of directors rather than being a general-purpose meeting platform. As such, entities which need broad-based meeting collaboration tools, such as Escribemeetings offers, may find the specialized focus of Diligent's platform too restrictive.
Diligent's platform encompasses a suite of different services and tools, which may create unnecessary complexity for organizations only seeking a streamlined platform specifically dedicated to organizing and running meetings, a gap easily filled by Escribemeetings.
Diligent's tools like 'Director & Officer Questionnaires' and 'Entity Management' are corporate governance focused. Entities that are not corporations such as NGOs, cooperative societies etc., might find some features largely irrelevant, as Escribemeetings focuses more on universal meeting functionalities.
For users who are not technologically savvy, the breadth and depth of Diligent's functionality can be overwhelming and less intuitive compared to Escribemeetings which has a more user-friendly interface and easier navigation.
As compared with Escribemeeting, Diligent focuses on mostly high-level strategy meetings and less on small to medium scale everyday business meetings. Hence, its usefulness may not extend across the entirety of an organization in a manner comparable to what Escribemeetings offers.

Pick #3

BoardEffect is a comprehensive board management software that offers a sophisticated suite of tools for streamlining board-related activities, bolstering security, and facilitating better organizational governance. As an alternative to eSCRIBE Meetings, BoardEffect distinguishes itself through features such as secure communication channels, unlimited storage for board materials, online voting and approvals, and a robust mobile app for on-the-go access. Moreover, it offers advanced capabilities like dynamic agenda and meeting management, governance resource center, and customizable user permissions, thereby providing a more intuitive, secure, and flexible platform for efficient board management.

Comprehensive Board Management - BoardEffect provides a full-featured board management solution that effectively manages all board-related activities in a single place. This includes meeting scheduling, document creation, voting, and discussion forums.
Board Performance Tools - This platform offers tools geared specifically toward evaluating and improving board performance. This includes board self-assessments and the ability to track and analyze performance over time, which can provide valuable insights for driving strategic improvement.
Streamlined Communication - BoardEffect facilitates centralized communication and collaboration, allowing board members to connect and cooperate more easily. This includes real-time notifications and alerts, discussion boards, and a dedicated feature for online board books.
Robust Reporting and Analytics - BoardEffect offers powerful analytics and reporting tools, enabling users to generate detailed reports on board performance, compliance, governance health and more. This data-driven approach can assist organizations in identifying trends and making informed decisions.
Comprehensive Training and Support - BoardEffect provides extensive training resources, including webinars and tutorials, to help users get the most out of the platform. This continuous support helps ensure a smoother transition for organizations and promotes optimal usage of the platform over time.
BoardEffect has a steep learning curve, and is not as user-friendly as eSCRIBE. It requires more technical knowledge and training to utilize effectively.
BoardEffect lacks some comprehensive meeting functionalities that eSCRIBE is known for like action item tracking and follow-up system which simplifies meeting follow-through.
While eSCRIBE offers public portal support for open and transparent meetings, BoardEffect has limited features for public access and engagement.
BoardEffect may not be as customizable as eSCRIBE. The latter offers more personalization options to match corporate branding, meeting procedures, and agenda templates.
eSCRIBE has strong functionalities in legislative management and built-in voting system that are lacking or are not as advanced in BoardEffect.

Pick #4

Boardable is an alternative to as a board management software. While both platforms are primarily designed to streamline board management, Boardable distinguishes itself with features such as centralized communication, document management and collaboration tools, meeting scheduling, task management, and a dedicated mobile app for ease of access. On the other hand, eSCRIBE primarily focuses on the meeting lifestyle, including development, execution, and follow-ups. It’s crucial to pick one based on the specific needs of your team, as the choice will impact the efficiency and ease of your board’s tasks and communication.

Document Center - Unlike Escribemeetings , Boardable has a centralized Document Center that allows users to easily access and store documents. This feature would be great for organizations that deal with a large number of documents such as meeting minutes, agendas, reports, etc.
Meeting Scheduler - Boardable comes with a built in meeting scheduling tool that enables you to quickly and easily schedule meetings, overcoming that functionality that might be lacking in Escribemeetings. These features can save valuable time for administrators and board members in finding convenient meeting times.
Polls and Voting - Boardable enables quicker decision making through its Polls and Voting feature, something that you might not find in Escribemeetings. This feature makes it easier for members to express their opinions or make decisions remotely, which can be crucial for boards that include members who can't make it to every in-person meeting.
Boardable Mobile App - Boardable offers a dedicated mobile app for iOS and Android devices, which is not identified with Escribemeetings. This gives board members the flexibility to access information, review documents, participate in discussions, and vote on decisions, no matter where they are.
Meeting Center - One of the standout features of Boardable is its Meeting Center. It offers a single space to organize and manage all aspects of a meeting including, documents, notes, and tasks – something not identified with Escribemeetings. This feature simplifies the process of preparing for and conducting meetings.
Limited Meeting Management Features: Boardable, in comparison with Escribemeetings, does not provide advanced meeting guidance features. Escribemeetings has a strong focus on AI-powered meeting agendas and minutes, but Boardable lacks in this aspect.
No AI Assistance: Escribemeetings offers AI assistance to help write and prepare minutes and agendas. On the other hand, Boardable does not have this feature, which may increase the manual efforts needed to prepare for meetings.
Less Intuitive Interface: While Escribemeetings is praised for its user-friendly interface, some users may find the user experience and interface design of Boardable less intuitive, especially for complex tasks.
Compatibility Issues: Depending on the software and hardware infrastructure used by an organization, Boardable may face compatibility issues as it is not as flexible and comprehensive in its integration capabilities as Escribemeetings.
Fewer Collaboration Features: Escribemeetings offers various built-in collaboration features like to-do list management, doc file sharing, and more. While Boardable does offer collaboration tools, they are more basic and fewer in comparison, which could limit teams in their collaborative efforts.

Pick #5

OnBoard Meetings is a comprehensive and secure board management software that serves as an effective alternative to eScribe Meetings. It is recognized for its user-friendly interface, making it more accessible and efficient for board members to utilize. With key functions such as collaboration tools, agenda preparation, document review, and voting capabilities, it allows boards to streamline their work progress virtually. Additional features like video conferencing, granular access controls, and robust security measures further reinforce OnBoard’s position as an effective board management solution. Unlike eScribe, it also offers offline access to board packets, enabling uninterrupted productivity regardless of internet connection.

User-friendly Interface - OnBoard Meetings offers a minimalistic and simple interface which makes it easier for users to navigate and use the platform.
Meetings Intelligence - OnBoard Meetings offers an intelligent system that analyses meeting data to provide insights, enabling organizations to make more informed decisions.
Streamlined Board Processes - OnBoard Meetings is designed specifically for meeting management and allows seamless scheduling, agenda setting, and other board processes.
Real-Time Collaboration - OnBoard Meetings includes built-in collaboration tools that allow users to work together in real-time, encouraging active participation and promoting productivity.
Role-Based Access Control - OnBoard Meetings provides a robust access control mechanism ensuring the specific privileges of each participant, catering to different roles within an organization, thus enhancing the confidentiality and integrity of information.
OnBoard lacks extensive integration capabilities. Compared to eScribe, OnBoard has limited third party integration capabilities. While eScribe allows integration with several platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom, OnBoard is more restricted which can limit functionality.
OnBoard has no Document Production and Distribution. eScribe has built-in functionality for document production and distribution, which OnBoard doesn't offer. As such, eScribe is more suited to organisations with heavy dependence on document management.
Easier Public Participation functionality in eScribe. While both platforms allow remote meeting participation, eScribe has more comprehensive public participation tools, including webcasting. OnBoard's functionality in this area is more limited, which could present a disadvantage for organisations that need to engage the public regularly.
OnBoard lacks a web-based option. eScribe offers a robust web-based platform but OnBoard functions primarily as an app-based solution. This limits access from various devices and could potentially exclude users who prefer web-based applications.
Language Support is limited in OnBoard. eScribe provides a broader range of language supports and translation capabilities as compared to OnBoard. Therefore, if your team is multilingual or spread across different geographic locations, eScribe could be a more inclusive tool.

Pick #6

board docs

BoardDocs is an advanced, cloud-based board management solution designed for the specific needs of governance bodies. It is an alternative to eScribe meetings software that offers almost similar features. It simplifies the preparation of board meeting packets, enhances communication among board members, and houses important governance documents. It allows the management of board meetings, policies, strategic planning among other things directly from the cloud enabling an organization to operate effectively. It also provides efficient search functionalities, collaborative tools, and it’s greatly customizable compared to eScribe. Despite similarities, the choice between the two depends on an organization’s specific needs, size, budget, and style of operation.

Robust Document Management: BoardDocs offers a comprehensive document management structure that allows organizations to maintain and organize all their files electronically in one place. This extends beyond just meeting-agenda items to include a wide range of information.
Advanced Search Functionality: The built-in search function in BoardDocs pushes the envelope when it comes to meeting visibility. Users can complete keyword searches for meeting agendas, minutes, policies, and other documents making it easier for members and stakeholders to find the information they need.
Policy Development and Management: BoardDocs comes with a policy development and management tool. It allows for the entire policy workflow, including drafting, reviewing, approving, and publishing, to be managed and tracked effectively.
Goals Tracking: BoardDocs features a tool that allows for the tracking of strategic goals and the progress made towards achieving them. This feature is particularly useful for organizations that wish to keep their strategic planning and oversight in line with their meeting management.
Seamless Integration: BoardDocs can seamlessly integrate with existing systems, helping organizations streamline their processes. These systems can include district websites, calendars, the school directory, and many others, breaking down silos and enhancing communication across the organization.
Limited customization: BoardDocs doesn't allow for as much customization as eSCRIBE does. This can cause limitations when trying to tailor the system to a specific organization's needs.
Less intuitive UI: While both platforms require training, users often find eSCRIBE's user interface to be more intuitive and easier to use than BoardDocs', which can lead to a steeper learning curve for your team with BoardDocs.
Integration capability: eSCRIBE offers seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook, Teams, and OneDrive which simplifies processes and improves workflow, while BoardDocs has limited integration opportunities.
Mobile compatibility: Although both solutions are accessible on various devices, eSCRIBE tends to provide a better mobile experience than BoardDocs. This might influence organizations that heavily rely on mobile usage.
Reporting Capability: eSCRIBE provides an advantage in terms of reporting, offering comprehensive statistical, analytical, and summary reporting tools that are more detailed when compared to BoardDocs which provides more basic reporting options.

Pick #7


iBabs is a leading, comprehensive board management software providing an efficient and secure solution for meeting management, similar to eScribeSoftware. As an alternative to eScribe, iBabs enables users to organize, manage, and stay on top of meetings effectively. It offers features such as the ability to view and annotate documents, automatic meeting set-up, action point tracking, and secure record keeping. Its mobile capabilities provide agility, ensuring the availability of documents, meetings, and decisions wherever and whenever needed. In comparison, eScribe provides a robust legislative meeting management and workflow system primarily targeting the public sector. The choice between the two often depends on the specific needs of an organization.

Advanced Integration Options - iBabs supports seamless integration with numerous systems such as Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, and Google Drive. This makes it easier to sync and use essential platforms directly with iBabs.
Robust Document Management - iBabs provides users with more comprehensive document management features than eSCRIBE. Users can easily annotate, track changes, and reference documents within meetings, ensuring everyone is focused on the same data.
Comprehensive Meeting Management Tools - iBabs allows users to manage meetings more effectively with features such as the ability to manage tasks, add decisions, and allocate actions within the meeting overview itself.
Mobile Compatibility - iBabs provides strong mobile support that enables easy access to documents and meeting data from virtually any location. Though eSCRIBE too has mobile accessibility, iBabs' mobile app is more user-friendly and provides a streamlined experience.
User Experience - iBabs has an intuitive interface and design, which simplifies the process of conducting and managing meetings. On the other hand, some users find eSCRIBE's interface to be less intuitive and more complex.
Unlike eScribe, iBabs lacks an integrated content management system, which means users must rely on external CMS platforms for content storage and management. This could lead to potential issues in content organization, retrieval, and information flow continuity.
eScribe offers advanced reporting and analytics features, allowing users to generate comprehensive meeting statistics and track meeting productivity over time. The absence of similar robust analytics tools in iBabs can render it less useful for those needing detailed meeting insights.
eScribe features tools for public participation in meetings (e.g., surveys, public registrations), which are not available in iBabs. This could make iBabs less suitable for government organizations or corporations aiming to increase citizen or employee participation.
While eScribe offers a fully integrated suite that covers different facets of meeting management, iBabs is more narrowly focused on the basic components. Users might find it less helpful for comprehensive planning and execution of multifaceted, complex meetings.
iBabs does not support multi-language character sets as eScribe does. For international organizations, this could significantly limit user-friendliness and accessibility, and increase challenges in global communication.

Pick #8

BoardPro is a robust alternative to eSCRIBE Meeting Management Software, specifically designed to streamline and automate board management processes for small to medium-sized organizations. This cloud-based platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools that encompasses every aspect of board management – from setting meeting agendas and distributing minutes, to tracking action items and managing policies. It prioritizes user experience and simplicity, offering an intuitive interface that requires minimal learning curve for non-technical users. Unlike eSCRIBE, BoardPro supports integration with other applications such as Dropbox, further enhancing its usability. Ultimately, BoardPro’s affordability and simplicity make it an advantageous alternative to eSCRIBE for smaller organizations and startups.

Seamless Task Delegation - BoardPro's approach to task tracking and management is streamlined and effective. It has the 'Actions' feature that assigns tasks directly from the meeting minutes, accountability is straightforward making follow-through simpler.
Board Pack Creation - BoardPro streamlines the situation with their built-in board pack creation feature. This allows instant, easy creation of comprehensive board packs whilst traditional and some other software like Escribemeetings may require manual compilation.
Focus on meeting preparation - BoardPro offers a service called 'Board Packets' which enables administrators to easily prepare for meetings by allowing them to create an agenda, and attach all related reports and documents in one place. This differs from Escribemeetings where all documents would need to be sent or shared separately.
Decision Tracking - Besides minutes and actions, BoardPro also has a decisions module which is beneficial to track board-level decisions beyond just items that require tasks. EscribeMeetings doesn't offer a similar feature which might make it challenging to handle governance at scale.
Easy integration - BoardPro can easily integrate with other platforms such as Microsoft Office Suite and Google Drive allowing for smooth workflows and easy access to documents. This sets it apart from Escribemeetings, which may not have as many available integrations.
Boardpro's interface may seem not as intuitive and user-friendly compared to Escribemeetings, particularly for those who are not tech-savvy. The setup and navigation may entail a steeper learning curve for new users.
Compared to Escribemeetings, BoardPro doesn't offer the “Live Collaborative Editing” feature. In BoardPro, once a document is uploaded, board members cannot make changes to it in real-time which could be a limitation for teams that need to collaboratively work on the same document.
BoardPro's focus is primarily on board meetings whereas Escribemeetings caters to a wide variety of meetings. If an organization has various types of meetings outside of board meetings, BoardPro might not be as comprehensive or flexible in its functionality.
BoardPro does not have a native video conferencing tool, whereas Escribemeetings comes embedded with video conferencing within the platform. This could be a disadvantage for those preferring an all-in one solution without integrating or switching between apps.
Escribemeetings allows customization of workflows and processes to fit an organization’s unique needs, but BoardPro might fall short in terms of customization options, as it provides a more standardized framework for meeting management. This could limit an organization's ability to tailor processes according to their specific requirements.

Pick #9


Ansarada Board is a secure, digital platform designed to streamline board management processes. This versatile technology facilitates data-driven decision-making by providing insightful track changes, intelligent suggestions, and an intuitive design to suit each user’s personal style. As an alternative to eSCRIBE Meetings, Ansarada Board establishes itself through its robust AI offering, ease of use and advanced security measures. It offers unique features like automated task management and real-time insights, which go beyond traditional document management and meeting scheduling to provide users with a comprehensive view of their board’s activities. It seeks to increase efficiency and produce greater outcomes by tackling the challenges of modern board governance head-on.

Advanced AI Insights: Ansarada Board uses AI to provide executive insights and track team engagement. This enables users to assess team performance and engagement in a more meaningful way, something not prominently featured in eSCRIBE Meetings.
Simplified Board Management: Ansarada Board offers a user-friendly, streamlined board management system that consolidates critical information into one dashboard, enabling quick access to documents, decisions, tasks and more. While eSCRIBE does offer board management, Ansarada places an emphasize on user experience and simplification.
Digital Signature: Ansarada Board offers built-in digital signature capabilities which adds to its convenience factor, making it easier for members to sign off on important documents directly within the platform. eSCRIBE Meetings, on the other hand, does not seem to offer an inbuilt feature like this.
More than Just Meetings: Beyond meeting management, Ansarada Board helps with strategic planning, task management, and risk & compliance tracking. eSCRIBE Meetings is primarily focused on scheduling, paperless board meetings, while Ansarada offers broader management functionality.
Task-oriented: Ansarada Board's functionality is centered around managing and tracking tasks, making it advantageous for teams focused on achieving certain objectives. eSCRIBE is more focused around meetings and meeting output rather than tasks and task progress, making Ansarada a potentially better choice for those interested in a more project-management type approach.
Ansarada Board is not as user-friendly as eSCRIBE Meetings. eSCRIBE has a somewhat intense focus on a user-oriented interface, whereas Ansarada Board can be somewhat complex to navigate for first-time users.
Ansarada Board lacks the level of meeting management that eSCRIBE offers. For instance, eSCRIBE allows for the seamless creation of meeting agendas, minute management, and voting, features which are not as robust in the Ansarada.
Ansarada Board also lacks the diversity of integrations which eSCRIBE Meetings has. eSCRIBE Meetings is compatible with various systems, but Ansarada Board has limited third-party integrations which can hinder workflow.
Ansarada Board does not provide the same level of customisation options that eSCRIBE Meetings offers. While eSCRIBE Meetings is highly configurable to meet unique needs, Ansarada Board is more rigid and less adaptive.
Ansarada Board does not have the same legislative compliance capabilities as eSCRIBE. eSCRIBE is designed with public sector organizations in mind and ensures adherence to legislative requirements, which is not the case in the Ansarada Board. This can bring about potential legal risks and complications.

Pick #10

Nasdaq Boardvantage

The platform https://www.Nasdaq Boardvantage, also known as Nasdaq Boardvantage, is an innovative board portal software that offers a comprehensive, secure suite of governance and collaboration solutions for boards, committees, and leadership. It is designed to drive efficiency, enhance collaboration, and ensure security. It serves as an alternative to Escribemeetings’ Board Management Software by providing services like intuitive interface, document annotation and sharing, meeting and event management, voting and approvals, and robust search capability. Moreover, Nasdaq Boardvantage’s ability to integrate with other Nasdaq Governance Solutions can potentially offer a more holistic approach to governance, making it an appealing alternative in the board management software landscape.

More Mature Platform: Nasdaq Boardvantage is developed by Nasdaq, a global provider of trading, clearing, exchange technology, listing, information, and public company services. This means that the platform has access to significant resources for product development, resulting in a more mature and feature-rich platform than eSCRIBE.
Integration with Nasdaq’s Suite of Governance Solutions: Nasdaq Boardvantage is part of Nasdaq's suite of corporate governance solutions, enabling seamless integration with other tools. This gives organizations comprehensive governance support beyond meeting management.
Extensive Customization Options: Nasdaq Boardvantage offers broad customization possibilities, allowing organizations to tailor their use of the system to best suit their needs. This contrasts with many alternative solutions that often offer limited customization options.
Training and Support: Nasdaq provides extensive training and ongoing support for Boardvantage as part of their service. This ensures that users can take full advantage of the platform’s features and resolve any issues quickly.
Mobile Responsive Design: Nasdaq Boardvantage has a mobile-first design, catering to modern board members' busy and mobile lifestyle. With quality mobile access, users can review documents, annotations, approvals, and other features directly from their smartphones or tablets.
While Boardvantage provides a centralized space for board documents and communication, it may not offer the same level of content assistance compared to Escribemeetings. Escribemeetings has features like automatic minute taking and action items tracking, which can reduce manual work, something which Boardvantage may lack.
Boardvantage requires users to go through a learning curve to fully utilize its features effectively. This might not be ideal for organizations who want an immediately user-friendly system like Escribemeetings.
Compared to Escribemeetings, Boardvantage may not be as efficient for smaller corporations or teams as it is designed supporting the complex need of large corporations. This could lead to unnecessary complexity for small scale users.
The customization feature of Boardvantage could be limited compared to Escribemeetings. While both platforms offer document management tools, Escribemeetings may offer more flexibility when it comes to personalizing the workspace.
Boardvantage does not seem to offer a pre-meeting workflow like Escribemeetings does. This could lead to less streamlined and efficient preparation processes for meetings.

Pick #11

Govenda ( is a powerful alternative to eSCRIBE Meetings management software, with a primary focus on streamlining board meeting processes, communications, and governance tasks. Unlike eSCRIBE, Govenda provides an intuitive and user-friendly platform, offering features like real-time collaboration, simplified agenda creation, secure document handling, executive evaluations, and automated workflows. Its aim is to enhance board effectiveness while ensuring the highest level of data security and accessibility, thus positioning itself as a solid alternative to eSCRIBE for those looking for diverse functionality in a board management tool.

Streamlined Decision-Making: Govenda offers a feature called “Dashboard” that gives a complete overview of board activities. This feature assists in making informed decisions and contributes to better board governance, a feature not found in eScribe.
Document Management: Govenda provides intuitive document and board book management solutions in comparison to eScribe, giving the users a seamless manner in organizing their important files.
Real-time Voting: Govenda supports real-time confidential voting on matters discussed during the meeting. This offers a greater level of engagement for users, a feature which is not specifically mentioned on eScribe meetings.
Offline Access: Govenda offers a complete offline reading feature where users can access important documents without an internet connection, allowing members to be more prepared and productive, a convenience not specifically outlined in eScribe meeting's features.
Tailored User Experience: Govenda offers a customizable platform that matches your board's unique identity by featuring your brand/logo within the app, something that eScribe does not specifically mention. Thus, it offers a more tailored user experience.
Govenda's board management software is slightly less intuitive and user-friendly than eSCRIBE Meetings, which can cause difficulties for less tech-savvy board members.
Govenda has less extensive workflow and approval process capabilities compared to eSCRIBE, which could prove as a hindrance in managing necessary procedures effectively.
eSCRIBE Meetings offer more robust meeting management features such as YouTube streaming and comprehensive voting reports, while Govenda lacks in this area.
Even though Govenda offers integration options, users report they are not as numerous or comprehensive as eSCRIBE's, leading to possible poor compatibility with existing business systems.
According to user reviews, Govenda has less-robust customer service compared to eSCRIBE, which could lead to longer resolutions for technical or client-related issues.


escribemeetings is the go-to software for those seeking a seamless integration of high-quality transcription and translation services directly into their meeting platforms. It’s an ideal choice for multinational corporations, academic researchers, and global conferences where the precise capture and understanding of multilingual discussions are critical. When your meetings involve participants from diverse linguistic backgrounds and require accurate record-keeping or content analysis, escribemeetings ensures that language barriers do not hinder productivity or collaboration.

On the other hand, opting for an alternative software product might be more appropriate in scenarios where the primary requirement is not language services but rather advanced project management features or industry-specific compliance tools. If your meetings are heavily focused on detailed task assignments, progress tracking, and adherence to strict regulatory standards, a specialized platform designed with these priorities in mind would offer functionalities that better align with your needs. This ensures that your chosen software not only facilitates effective communication but also integrates deeply with your operational workflows.

Top 10: Best Escribemeetings Alternative