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The 10 Best Dilitrust Governance Alternatives

There are ten notable alternatives to Dilitrust Governance that each offer different features and benefits related to corporate governance, improving board efficiency, and enhancing data security.

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Someone might look for an alternative to the DiliTrust Board Management Software due to a variety of reasons. One primary reason could be the cost, as DiliTrust might be out of their budget range. The software’s user interface could be another factor; users might find it non-intuitive or difficult to navigate, necessitating a more user-friendly alternative. Additionally, the customer service and support experience provided by DiliTrust may be unsatisfactory for some users. You might also require specific features or capabilities that DiliTrust does not offer. Despite DiliTrust’s robust functionalities, it might not provide scalability for businesses anticipating growth. Moreover, software compatibility issues with the existing technology stack could also prompt someone to search for alternatives.

Why would you look for Dilitrust Alternative alternative?

The search for an alternative to DiliTrust Governance may stem from the desire for a solution that offers more tailored features to meet specific organizational needs. As businesses evolve, their requirements for software functionalities can outgrow the capabilities of their current systems. Companies might seek a platform that offers greater customization, improved user experience, or more advanced security measures, ensuring that their governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) processes are not only up to date but also forward-looking and scalable. This pursuit of an optimal fit underscores the importance of adaptability and efficiency in software solutions for corporate governance.

Furthermore, cost-efficiency plays a critical role in the decision to explore alternatives to DiliTrust. Organizations are constantly looking for ways to optimize their operational expenses without compromising on quality or compliance standards. An alternative solution might offer a more attractive pricing model, including scalable options that better align with the size and budget of the company. Additionally, enhanced customer support and user training services can significantly influence the choice, as businesses seek partners that provide value beyond the software itself, ensuring smooth implementation, ongoing support, and a clear pathway for user adoption and satisfaction.

The Best Products

Dilitrust Alternative: Our Recommendations

Pick #1: Our Software


ZipDo, a cloud-based board management software, radically enhances board collaboration by reinventing the approach to recording, structuring, and disseminating meeting notes. Its real-time note-taking, collective alterations, and compatibility with popular calendars and productivity apps make it a necessity for boards of all proportions.

One distinguishing characteristic of ZipDo is its live note-taking capability, ensuring every board member remains on-track during meetings, hence eliminating the hassle of traditional note circulation. Following the meeting, board members can comfortably modify and complement the notes to maintain current information.

ZipDo excels at note categorization, offering an easy-to-use system for sorting notes into channels or folders. Searchable notes boost efficiency by enabling swift access to targeted information without the inconvenience of extensive scrolling or manual searches.

In terms of security, ZipDo’s note sharing functionality employs stringent access control, safeguarding information sharing amongst trustees, external stakeholders, or key partners. Its seamless integration with calendars promotes the automated creation of collaborative notes for each board meeting, thereby doing away with manual data entry.

In summary, ZipDo presents a user-friendly platform that comes fully loaded with all-compassing features to augment board productivity, collaboration, and governance. Its real-time note-taking, collective editing, organization, search functionality, secure sharing, and seamless integration capabilities make it an indispensable tool. This software simplifies board meeting management, guaranteeing the smooth execution of strategic goals and plans.

Pick #2


Aprio Board Portal is a comprehensive alternative to DiliTrust’s Board Management Software designed for optimization and facilitation of board communication and collaboration. It provides a secure environment for managing board documents, meetings, votes and resolutions, discussions, calendars, and other board-related tasks. With an intuitive interface, this sophisticated board portal offers granular access controls, a robust search function, and real-time updates to ensure accuracy of information. Its enhanced security measures protect sensitive data and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. While similar to DiliTrust in its functions, Aprio’s key differentiator lies in its full-service training, personal support, and competitive pricing, making it an efficient and cost-effective solution for board management.

Enhanced Collaboration Features: Aprio Board Portal provides board members the ability to annotate documents collaboratively. There is also the ability to hold discussions on specific documents, thereby enhancing the level of teamwork and productivity.
User-friendly Interface: Aprio is known for its intuitive, user-friendly interface. This makes it easier for less tech-savvy board members to get up to speed quickly, reducing the learning curve often associated with new software.
Comprehensive Training and Support: Unlike many other solutions, Aprio not only provides initial training but also on-going support to help users resolve any issues. They have a dedicated support team available 24/7 which ensures smooth operation and less downtime.
Powerful Document Management: Aprio allows board materials to be uploaded in any format and then automatically converts them into a secure board-ready PDF. They also have advanced search capabilities within document text and across all past board packets.
Board Evaluation Tools: Aprio offers integrated board and director evaluation tools which allow you to create, distribute, and aggregate results. It provides crucial insights for governance and helps with continuous improvement.
Lack of Customization - Compared to DiliTrust, Aprio may not provide as many options for customization of its interface and functionality. This can be an issue for organizations that require a high level of customization to meet their specific needs.
Limited Multilingual Support - While DiliTrust offers multilingual support which makes it ideal for organizations with international board members, Aprio might not offer the same degree of language support which could lead to communication challenges.
Less Intuitive User Interface - Users have reported that the user interface of the Aprio Board Portal does not match up to DiliTrust in terms of ease of navigation and intuitiveness. This could represent a steeper learning curve for new users.
Limited Integration Options - Aprio Board Portal may not have as many integration options with other enterprise software and tools as DiliTrust does. This lack of interoperability can increase the complexity of IT infrastructure and reduce efficiency.
Lower Scalability - As an alternative to DiliTrust, Aprio may provide limited scalability that can pose a challenge for growing organizations. As the company grows and board management needs evolve, moving to a more scalable solution like DiliTrust might be necessary.

Pick #3


Boardable is a board management software designed to facilitate seamless communication, collaboration, and organization within boards and committees. As an alternative to DiliTrust, Boardable offers features such as meeting scheduling, agenda management, document management, task assignments, discussions, polls, and voting tools, all in one centralized and secure digital platform. The platform is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy even for non-tech-savvy users to navigate and utilize effectively.

Boardable offers a centralized portal where all board-related activities, from scheduling meetings to the distribution of documents, can take place. This makes it easy for board members and administrators to stay organized and keep track of all tasks in one place.
Boardable has a feature called Board Pulse, which allows users to quickly gauge the board's views on any topic. This helps expedite decision-making and allows immediate feedback in real-time, something that might not be as intuitive or available with other software.
Boardable provides a thorough onboarding process, which is customized based on the client’s needs. This goes a long way towards improving user adoption rates and ensuring that all members are comfortable with the software.
Boardable has a robust mobile application, offering their comprehensive functionality on the go, something not all board management software providers focus on. This allows users to respond to crucial issues, even when they aren’t near a computer.
Boardable has a Polls and Voting feature, which allows for anonymous voting and results in real time. This is a unique feature that may not be as straightforward or easy to use in other board management software.
Boardable lacks the advanced compliance tracking capabilities that DiliTrust has. DiliTrust offers global regulation compliance, including ISO 27001 and GDPR, which is not available in Boardable.
DiliTrust offers intuitive archiving and legal life cycle management. While Boardable does provide document management, it may not offer the same organized archiving capability that many businesses require.
Boardable offers less sophisticated user rights management compared to DiliTrust. DiliTrust provides companies with the ability to manage multiple types of access rights, allowing them to carefully control who can access various documents and data.
DiliTrust provides secure digital signature capabilities for signing documents within the software, whereas Boardable lacks this important feature. This could make business processes inefficient for Boardable users as they may have to utilize external digital signature tools.
DiliTrust offers a sophisticated data room feature which is critical for managing business transactions like fundraising, audits, and due diligence processes. This comprehensive, secure space for handling and sharing sensitive documents is not available in Boardable.

Pick #4

Board Docs

BoardDocs is an advanced, board management software primarily used by school boards, local municipalities, and other public governing bodies. As an alternative to the DiliTrust Exec platform, BoardDocs offers paperless meeting solutions that facilitate document publication, access control, annotation, and collaborative functions. It provides a highly east-to-navigate public portal for policy access and fosters transparency with stakeholders. As with DiliTrust, BoardDocs also ensures the security of sensitive information, supports legal compliance, and promotes effective governance. While DiliTrust is typically favored by corporations and businesses, BoardDocs is often more suitable for entities in the public sector.

Feature-Focused: BoardDocs provides a suite of features specifically designed for the effective management of Board meetings. This includes goal tracking and management, strategic planning, and performance measurement modules. These tools can improve overall Board efficiency and effectiveness compared to DILITrust.
Intuitive User Interface: BoardDocs stands out with its simple and user-friendly interface, making it easier for Board members to access information and documents, which can enhance their user experience compared to the more complex structure of the DILITrust system.
Comprehensive Search Engine: BoardDocs boasts a powerful, comprehensive search feature. This allows users to find and retrieve documents, resolutions, and policies instantly, which can be more convenient and efficient than the search functionality offered by DILITrust.
Greater Transparency: BoardDocs offers a unique capability for Boards to communicate with stakeholders and share documents publicly. This facilitates greater transparency and accountability which may not be as handy in the DILITrust system.
Meeting Automation: With BoardDocs, meeting automation is possible wherein packets can be generated, agendas can be set, and notes can be logged automatically. This could potentially save a significant amount of time and administrative effort compared to DILITrust.
Limited Features: Compared to DiliTrust Governance, BoardDocs may not provide as comprehensive a set of tools and features, such as third-party integrations or advanced data mapping options, limiting its functionality.
User Interface: While DiliTrust offers a modern and intuitive interface, some users might find the user interface of BoardDocs as less intuitive or visually appealing, which could necessitate additional training time.
Customization: While DiliTrust allows for a high level of customization to match a company's governance requirements, BoardDocs may not offer the same level of customization, potentially necessitating compromises in how governance processes are handled.
Customer Support: DiliTrust is known for providing excellent customer service. However, there are concerns about the responsiveness and effectiveness of BoardDocs’ customer service, which may impact the user experience negatively.
Collaboration: DiliTrust’s platform is built to support easy collaboration with robust communication tools. BoardDocs may lack equivalent collaborative features, making it harder for teams to communicate and collaborate on governance tasks.

Pick #5


Granicus is a cloud-based platform that provides technology for the public sector to better manage information and improve transparency. As an alternative to Board Management Software like DiliTrust, Granicus offers solutions that enhance citizen engagement, communications, and productivity. It strengthens government effectiveness by enabling streamlined meetings, advanced agenda item workflows, secure voting for board members, comprehensive legislation tracking, and storage of critical documents. Unlike DiliTrust, Granicus focuses primarily on public sector entities like local government bodies, administrative agencies, and public boards, helping them transform online services, communications, meetings, and events.

Enhanced Civiconnect Functionality - Granicus offers a CivicConnect platform that helps to engage the community through interactive applications, allowing more user-friendly experiences for users in governmental institutions.
Full Range of Integrated Solutions - Unlike Dilitrust which primarily focuses on legal and corporate governance solutions, Granicus offers a broader range of integrated solutions such as communications and meetings, website designs, record keeping, and agenda and meeting management solutions under one platform.
Civic Engagement - Granicus’ solution suite is focused on better civic engagement, facilitating effective communication between governmental organizations and citizens. It provides tools for better outreach, content sharing, and feedback generation.
Disaster Recovery - Granicus ensures business operations continuity with robust disaster recovery plans. This is especially crucial in public sectors where maintaining services amid disruptions is key.
Specialized in Public Sector: Granicus specializes in solutions for government institutions, thus understanding the unique demands, workflow, and compliance requirements of public sectors. This might not be the area of specialization for Dilitrust.
Limited Document Management Features: Granicus, as compared to DiliTrust, has less comprehensive features in terms of document management. DiliTrust offers functionalities like version control, audit trail, and archiving which are not as prominent or well-implemented in Granicus.
Less User-Friendly Interface: DiliTrust provides a user-friendly interface with intuitive design making navigation easy. In contrast, Granicus has a more complex user interface which has a steeper learning curve.
Lacking in Customizability: Granicus does not offer as much customizability or flexibility in terms of designing workflows, generating reports, or organizing data in specific ways as compared to DiliTrust.
Limited International Compliance: Granicus is principally designed for the U.S. market. Its compliance with international standards and different languages can be restrictive in comparison to DiliTrust which offers multi-language support and adherence to multiple global regulatory compliances.
Constrained Collaboration Features: DiliTrust offers advanced collaboration tools allowing for real-time collaborative editing, annotations, and task assignment. These features are not as robust or seamlessly integrated in Granicus.

Pick #6

Ideals Board

iDeals Virtual Data Room is a secure online platform used by businesses and organizations to store and share sensitive data, often during financial transactions or collaborations. As an alternative to the Board Management Software by DiliTrust, it offers similar advantages like secure data storage, communication tools, and permission-based access control. However, its primary use is in financial transactions like M&A deals, due diligence, etc., while DiliTrust’s focuses on governance and corporate secretarial functions. iDeals also excels in providing a user-friendly interface, advanced document security controls, and 24/7 customer service. Nevertheless, the choice between the two could boil down to specific organizational needs regarding confidentiality, collaboration and compliance.

Advanced Document Security: iDeals Virtual Data Room provides dynamic watermarks, secure spreadsheets, and encrypted viewing, among other features, offering a higher level of document security compared to DiliTrust.
Project Management: iDeals offers comprehensive project management functionality inclusive of granular access rights, audit logs, and tracking to ensure improved management and efficiency in comparison to DiliTrust.
Dedicated 24/7 Support: iDeals has a strong reputation for dedicated round the clock customer support, providing immediate assistance, and easing the process of data management in critical moments more efficiently than DiliTrust.
Intuitive Interface: iDeals provides a user interface that is intuitive with simplified navigation which makes it easier for users to understand and operate in comparison to DiliTrust.
Customizable Features: iDeals allows customization, permitting users to tailor various elements like user access, report generation and interface according to their preference, a feature which isn't as notable in DiliTrust.
iDeals does not provide an integrated platform for governance, risk, and compliance (GRC). Unlike Dilitrust, which offers a unified platform to manage GRC operations, iDeals is primarily a virtual data room software, making this scenario problematic for firms that seek an all-in-one solution.
The collaboration and document sharing feature of iDeals can be limiting compared with Dilitrust. iDeals primarily focuses on secure sharing of confidential documents, but its collaborative tools don't match Dilitrust when it comes to structured and controlled collaborative workflows.
iDeals does not have an extensive partner ecosystem like Dilitrust has established. Businesses may find integration with other systems more challenging as compared to Dilitrust, which can impact seamless data exchange.
Despite offering customizable security settings, iDeals might still lack the comprehensive access control provided by Dilitrust. For instance, while Dilitrust offers features such as dynamic watermarking and secure document viewing, these are not as robust in iDeals.
The iDeals interface might not be as user-friendly as Dilitrust. The menu and toolbar structure of iDeals can be confusing for some users compared to the intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface provided by Dilitrust.

Pick #7

Ansarada Boards

Ansarada Board is an innovative board management software that serves as an alternative to DiliTrust Exec. It is designed to assist board members and top-level executives in enhancing their decision-making process by offering a secure and interactive platform for managing board-related activities. Among its functionalities are seamless collaboration, secure document sharing, meeting scheduling, voting, and more. Ansarada Board leverages the latest data security protocols to ensure sensitive board materials are protected, offering a blend of simplicity, security, and efficiency DiliTrust is known for. It aims to offer a more specialized solution focused on achieving business efficiencies, simplifying board management tasks, and improving governance in a digital environment.

Seamless integration: Ansarada Board offers superior integration capabilities, enabling users to easily connect with their existing business applications. This streamlined integration is crucial for a seamless business workflow.
Advanced AI assistant: An unique functionality of Ansarada Board is its AI assistant, which can understand user's request, offer intelligent search results and recommend future actions based on past data. This greatly enhances the user experience and decision making process.
Extensive customization options: Ansarada Board provides abundant customization features which allow organizations to personalize their board portal according to the specific needs of their teams or projects. This customization extends to data viewing, access control, reporting, and more.
Built-In Due Diligence Toolkit: Ansarada Board's features include a built-in due diligence toolkit, offering deal scorecards and pathfinders for preparing, executing and optimizing deal processes. This combined functionality can offer efficient management options which are not available in every alternative.
Accessible and User-friendly: Despite its sophisticated technology, Ansarada Board is designed to be user-friendly, allowing users to quickly understand and navigate its features. Its intuitive design reduces learning time and enhances productivity.
Limited flexibility. Ansarada Board was primarily designed for M&A transactions and hence, might not be as flexible as DiliTrust for usage beyond this purpose. Its limited functionality might not cater to all the needs for an organization looking for a comprehensive board management software.
Lower ease of use. While Dilitrust provides a straightforward, intuitive user interface, Ansarada Board could be bit complex for non-technical users.
Absence of real-time collaboration tools. DiliTrust has advanced features supporting real-time collaboration, which might be missing in Ansarada Board, impacting the overall productivity of the board members.
Less customization options. Ansarada Board may not allow users to personalize as per their specific preferences to the extent that DiliTrust does, requiring users to adapt to its set format and structure.
Lower scalability. As the organization grows, the need for a more advanced and scalable solution also increases. DiliTrust is designed for scalability, however, Ansarada Board may not be able to keep up with the same pace, thus impacting the overall growth of the organization.

Pick #8

Board Effect

BoardEffect is a secure board portal software designed to optimize and streamline board management processes for various entities including nonprofits, universities, hospitals and government bodies. As an alternative to DiliTrust’s Board Management Software, BoardEffect offers robust features such as meeting management, collaboration tools, document management, and workflow automation. Furthermore, it ensures high-level security and adherence to compliance standards. Similar to DiliTrust, it provides a centralized space for communication, resource sharing, and board activities but differs in certain features, interface, and pricing models, making it a competitive choice for organizations in need of efficient board management solutions.

Enhanced Meeting Management: BoardEffect has a comprehensive meeting tool that allows scheduling, agenda creation, and distribution of board materials. It supports both virtual and in-person meetings and enables real-time sharing of documents and notes.
Simplified Document Management: The platform has a highly intuitive interface that allows for easy storage, search, access, and management of critical board documents in a logical way.
Easy Integration: BoardEffect integrates well with other systems like Outlook, Google Calendar, dropbox, etc for smooth and effective data transfer, which offers more flexibility compared to DiliTrust.
Versatile Access: BoardEffect is easily accessible on multiple devices, allowing board members to access important documents and meetings from anywhere, anytime. It has a feature-rich mobile application that supports streaming of video content and offline access too.
Robust Evaluation Features: BoardEffect has a unique feature for conducting self-assessment tests for board members and the management, providing a handy tool for measuring and improving performance over time.
BoardEffect lacks the robustness in its solution when compared to DiliTrust. DiliTrust offers an all-in-one governance solution while BoardEffect focuses more on board meeting management. This could limit the range of governance functions that can be managed with BoardEffect.
BoardEffect's user interface may not be as intuitive as DiliTrust. This could make navigation and use more challenging for some users, reducing efficiency and productivity.
BoardEffect is less customizable compared to DiliTrust. DiliTrust’s software can better adapt to the specific needs and contexts of different organizations, while BoardEffect's customization capabilities are more limited.
BoardEffect lacks advanced reporting and dashboard capabilities found in DiliTrust. DiliTrust provides more comprehensive reporting tools which are key in assessing and improving governance strategy.
BoardEffect does not provide the level of legal entity management and compliance automation capabilities found in DiliTrust. This could mean more manual processes and potential for human error or non-compliance in governance operations.

Pick #9

Board Intelligence

Board Intelligence is a comprehensive platform that provides a unique and innovative solution to board management. Unlike most traditional board management software like Dilitrust, Board Intelligence highlights a strategic focus on effective decision-making and driving board performance. This includes a set of tools designed to promote meaningful conversations, informed decisions, and strategic board papers. Its services include the creation of board packs, setting agendas, tracking actions, and online and app-based portals for accessing crucial board information. Therefore, it promotes greater transparency, governance, and accountability making it an attractive alternative to traditional board management software.

Simplified Board Pack Creation - Board Intelligence offers intuitive tools for compiling and formatting board packs. This budgeting, planning, and forecasting tool helps to streamline the process and reduce administrative tasks for users.
User Friendly Dashboard - Board Intelligence is renowned for its simple, clean, and intuitive interface. It effectively presents critical data in a user-friendly dashboard, making it easier for board members to access and understand information.
Board Paper Editing - Board Intelligence lets users to edit board papers directly within the platform. This not only makes the process more efficient, but also reduces the risks associated with emailing confidential board papers in editable formats.
Integrated Risk Management - Board Intelligence has a risk module that helps expose risks and assist in risk management. It allows board members to visualize risk information in real time, making it easier to make informed decisions.
Improved Governance - With Board Intelligence, organizations can elevate governance with transparency, accountability, and efficiency, going beyond just board meetings to ensure continuous and integrated governance.
One of the disadvantages of Board Intelligence when used as an alternative to DiliTrust is the lack of integration capabilities. DiliTrust offers a wide range of integration possibilities with other applications, which can be hugely beneficial for users. Board Intelligence, on the other hand, has limited integration options, which can restrict its functionality in certain scenarios.
Board Intelligence does not offer a broad variety of features compared to DiliTrust. It focuses mainly on board meeting management and might fall short in offering other governance-related functionalities like Legal Entity Management, Document Management, which DiliTrust provides.
Board Intelligence is relatively newer and might lack the robust expertise and user trust that comes with a company like DiliTrust that has been operating in the industry for a longer period of time.
Unlike DiliTrust, which offers support for multiple languages, Board Intelligence is primarily available in English. This could impose constraints on its adoption by non-English speakers, hence limiting its reach in global markets.
Board Intelligence does not offer a full digital safe or a digital vault like DiliTrust does. Users looking to safely store and manage a wide variety of digital assets may find Board Intelligence limited in this respect.

Pick #10


BoardPAC is an effective digital solution that serves as an alternative to board management software like Dilitrust. It is a highly secure and intuitive platform widely used by board members and senior management for seamless coordination and management of meetings, agendas, board packs, reviews, and so forth. Offering the ease of use on multiple devices like iPad and Microsoft surface, it also supports real-time content updates. With its advanced capabilities like a built-in messenger, ease of annotation, advanced search, and more, BoardPAC simplifies governance and decision-making processes in organizations.

BoardPAC incorporates a highly user-friendly interface. This means that board members, irrespective of their technological skills, can easily navigate and utilize the system to its fullest potential.
The Meetings Life Cycle Management of BoardPAC enables users to take comprehensive control of all aspects of their meetings, starting from planning phases all way through to action tracking and review stages, offering a seamless and efficient process.
BoardPAC's Q&A feature facilitates a two-way communication channel between management and directors. This results in clear, straightforward communication, expediting decision-making processes.
BoardPAC offers a unique feature, the Presenter View which allows users to control the flow and scale of the meeting, making it more engaging and interactive.
BoardPAC supports multiple types of content formats. This feature enables users to view and share a wide range of documents and files, thus enhancing the richness and diversity of information available for making decisions.
Less Customizability: Though BoardPAC carries numerous handy features, it tends to offer less customizability compared to DiliTrust. DiliTrust provides configurable workflows and data fields which may not be as robust in BoardPAC.
Intuitive User Interface: Some users have reported that BoardPAC’s interface isn't as intuitive and user-friendly as that of DiliTrust. It may require a slight learning curve to fully understand and utilize its full capabilities.
Lower Integration Capability: BoardPAC may have less integration with other enterprise systems compared to DiliTrust. This limitation can hinder the performance and usability for large corporate structures which usually integrate different software systems.
Less Functional in Offline Mode: BoardPAC might not offer as much functionality in offline mode as DiliTrust. This can be limiting for users who need to work without internet connectivity regularly.
Limited Language Support: BoardPAC supports fewer languages than DiliTrust which might limit its usability for global or multinational corporations, where language support is crucial for adoption.

Pick #11

Board Pro

BoardPro is a highly efficient, software-as-a-service solution designed primarily for small to medium-sized organizations. It provides an intuitive, streamlined alternative to board management software like Dilitrust. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools, enabling users to manage board meetings, monitor action items, review documents, establish governance frameworks, and more. The platform facilitates secure communication between board members, provides a central digital archive for key documents, and streamlines governance processes. BoardPro, like Dilitrust, focuses on security and convenience, offering a user-friendly alternative for organizations seeking to optimize their board management processes.

Enhanced Board Governance: BoardPro covers a wide range of needs for governance bodies such as scheduling meetings, minutes, actions, and decision tracking. This offers a comprehensive solution for better board governance.
Centralized Data Management: BoardPro provides a centralized location for the distribution and storage of governance material. This is beneficial for organizations to keep all board-related documents easily accessible and organized.
Increased Transparency and Accountability: With BoardPro, board members can see who is responsible for what and monitor the progress on tasks. This increased visibility encourages accountability and promotes the completion of tasks.
Streamlined Meeting Process: BoardPro is particularly well suited to streamline the entire meeting process – from preparing and distributing agendas and board papers, to creating minutes and tracking actions – thus helping to simplify the administrative workload.
Customized Reporting: With BoardPro, boards can have personalized and compact reports that cater directly to their specific needs. This helps in making informed decisions and lends to better strategic planning.
BoardPro does not include an eSignatures feature, unlike DiliTrust. This could affect the flow of approval processes and might slow down certain procedures.
There is no compliance management feature in BoardPro, unlike in DiliTrust. This makes it harder for users to monitor and control regulatory compliance within the organization.
BoardPro lacks the financial management feature that DiliTrust provides, which can present a challenge in tracking and controlling all financial data and activities.
DiliTrust provides a 24/7 customer support service through live online chat, whereas BoardPro's support availability may be limited and mostly in the form of emails and guides.
BoardPro lacks data management and analytics features that DiliTrust has, which means there might be a lack of in-depth insights into board activities. This could prevent boards from making informed decisions based on accurate data analysis.


DiliTrust makes the ideal choice for organizations seeking a secure, comprehensive governance and corporate compliance solution. Its robust framework is exceptionally suited for businesses operating in highly regulated industries, such as finance, healthcare, and law, where stringent compliance requirements are the norm. DiliTrust’s platform excels by offering an integrated suite of tools designed for managing legal operations, contracts, compliance, and corporate governance with top-tier data security measures. For firms prioritizing a seamless consolidation of governance-related tasks and sensitive data protection, DiliTrust emerges as the go-to software, streamlining processes while adhering to global compliance standards.

On the other hand, an alternative software product may be preferable for smaller enterprises or startups that prioritize flexibility and cost-effectiveness over comprehensive, enterprise-level features. If an organization’s governance and compliance needs are more basic, focusing primarily on straightforward document management or less complex legal procedures, opting for a simpler and possibly more intuitive solution might make more sense. Such alternatives can offer the essential functions required for effective governance and compliance without the breadth or depth of features—and associated costs—that come with more advanced platforms like DiliTrust. This avenue allows these smaller organizations or those in less regulated industries to maintain operational efficiency and compliance without overextending their resources.

Top 10: Best Dilitrust Alternative