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The 10 Best Diligent Boards Alternatives

A collection of high-performing alternatives to Diligent Boards that offer diverse features such as meeting management, document handling, collaboration tools, and robust security measures.

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There could be several reasons one might consider looking for an alternative to Diligent’s Board Management Software. They might find the pricing plans too expensive or feel that the software is not suitable for their organization’s size or industry. It might also be the case that they need specific features or integrations that Diligent’s software does not offer or they might find the interface hard to navigate. Users might have also faced issues with customer support, or perhaps they are simply exploring other options before making a final decision. Additionally, there might be compatibility issues with their existing infrastructure or they might be seeking a solution with more flexible deployment options.

Why would you look for Diligent Alternative alternative?

When searching for corporate governance and compliance solutions, it’s essential to find a platform that seamlessly aligns with your organization’s unique needs and enhances operational efficiency. Diligent has been a go-to for many, but some companies may find its features and user interface not entirely in sync with their workflow or organizational structure. This misalignment can lead to a search for alternatives that offer more customizable solutions, better integration capabilities with existing systems, or a more intuitive user experience. The goal is to ensure that the software empowers stakeholders, streamlines processes, and ultimately contributes positively to the company’s decision-making and governance practices.

Moreover, budget constraints often play a critical role in the decision-making process for IT investments. While Diligent offers a comprehensive suite of tools, its pricing model may not fit within the financial framework of all organizations, particularly small to medium-sized enterprises or startups tight on budget. Seeking out an alternative could provide a more cost-effective solution without sacrificing essential features needed for effective governance and compliance management. In addition, companies might be in search of software that offers more scalable options that can grow with their business, allowing for adjustments in functionality that can meet the evolving demands of their operations and board management needs over time.

The Best Products

Diligent Alternative: Our Recommendations

Pick #1: Our Software


ZipDo, a cloud-based board management software, radically enhances board collaboration by reinventing the approach to recording, structuring, and disseminating meeting notes. Its real-time note-taking, collective alterations, and compatibility with popular calendars and productivity apps make it a necessity for boards of all proportions.

One distinguishing characteristic of ZipDo is its live note-taking capability, ensuring every board member remains on-track during meetings, hence eliminating the hassle of traditional note circulation. Following the meeting, board members can comfortably modify and complement the notes to maintain current information.

ZipDo excels at note categorization, offering an easy-to-use system for sorting notes into channels or folders. Searchable notes boost efficiency by enabling swift access to targeted information without the inconvenience of extensive scrolling or manual searches.

In terms of security, ZipDo’s note sharing functionality employs stringent access control, safeguarding information sharing amongst trustees, external stakeholders, or key partners. Its seamless integration with calendars promotes the automated creation of collaborative notes for each board meeting, thereby doing away with manual data entry.

In summary, ZipDo presents a user-friendly platform that comes fully loaded with all-compassing features to augment board productivity, collaboration, and governance. Its real-time note-taking, collective editing, organization, search functionality, secure sharing, and seamless integration capabilities make it an indispensable tool. This software simplifies board meeting management, guaranteeing the smooth execution of strategic goals and plans.

Pick #2 is a digital platform designed as an alternative to Diligent Board Management Software. The main aim is to streamline the complex operations of board management by providing easy-to-use tools for better collaboration between board members. It features a well-organized dashboard for easy access to meeting papers, archives, and integrated advanced annotations. Additionally, it emphasizes secure, reliable, and immediate document sharing with advanced encryption. This platform is marketed as cost-effective and intuitive, ensuring efficient board governance with less training and shorter adoption time compared to the Diligent Board Management Software.

Dedicated Customer Support - Aprio provides 24/7/365 immediate customer support. This personalized client support model can be beneficial for companies seeking immediate help and resolution of issues.
Customized Training - Aprio provides organized, personalized live training for all users as part of its standard subscription at no extra cost. This is an excellent benefit for users who may need more guidance in navigating the software.
Transparent Pricing - While avoiding generic price discussions, it's worth noting that Aprio's transparent, all-inclusive pricing model ensures no hidden costs or surprises. This includes software updates, customer support, and training, providing predictability for budgeting.
User-Friendly Design - Aprio prioritizes user experience with a clear, intuitive interface. Whether it's onboarding new members, distributing documents, or setting up polls and discussions, the tool makes it easy and straightforward.
Full Feature Access - Unlike some tiered plans, Aprio provides full feature access to all clients. From board evaluations to resource archives, all features are included, which encourages comprehensive usage and streamlined experience.
Functionality - While Aprio does include various different tools for board collaboration, its feature set may not be as comprehensive as Diligent's. This could include various nuanced features such as advanced integrations, cutting-edge data analytics, or the ability to adapt dynamically to different corporate governance models.
Interface - Aprio's user interface might not be as intuitive or well-designed as Diligent's. A less intuitive platform could require more training for board members and can slow down productivity.
Customization Options - Compared to Diligent, Aprio may not allow for as much customization. This restricts how well a company can tailor the board portal to their specific needs, which can be essential for creating efficient workflows.
Scalability - Aprio may not scale as effectively for larger boards or corporations as compared with Diligent, potentially affecting performance and usability. This might make Aprio less useful for larger businesses or those intending to grow significantly.
Customer support - While Aprio does offer customer support, it might not be as responsive or effective as that provided by Diligent. If problems arise, getting them resolved quickly and effectively is critical, and Diligent's better support might sway customers in their favor.

Pick #3 is an alternative Board Management Software to Diligent’s board and leadership collaboration products. It provides a range of functionality for board administrators and directors, such as meeting organization, document management, scheduling, and member directory features. is often appreciated for its user-friendly interface and cost-effectiveness. It aims to streamline board management processes and enhance collaboration, similar to Diligent’s product, but often at a lower price point, making it an attractive alternative for organizations with budget constraints.

User-friendly Interface - Boardable provides a simple, intuitive user interface, making it easy for users of all technology levels to navigate and function effectively without taking a lot of time to adapt compared to Diligent.
Meeting Focused Features - Boardable provides specific features such as 'meeting-centers' that enable users to easily plan, schedule, and follow up on meetings, something that is less of a priority in Diligent's more general-purpose platform.
Integrated Polls and Voting - Unlike Diligent, Boardable incorporates integrated poll and voting functionality, allowing board members to log their decisions directly within the software and eliminating the need for third-party voting systems.
Document Annotation and Commenting - Boardable offers robust document annotation and commenting features. It allows users to not just view, but also mark-up and discuss documents right in the platform, which is less prominent in Diligent’s tool.
Strong Collaboration and Interaction - Boardable focuses on helping users increase interaction through functions like Discussion Boards. These features are designed to facilitate better communication among the team compared to what Diligent offers.
Lack of extensive features: While Boardable provides basic board management features like scheduling, it falls short of Diligent's extensive capabilities which include providing companies with governance intel, analytics, secure communication channels, and a suite of integrated governance support tools.
Limited Integration: Boardable offers fewer integrations compared to Diligent. This could cause some inconvenience for companies that are already using certain systems and tools that are not compatible with Boardable.
Scalability: Boardable might lack the scalability that Diligent ensures. This makes Diligent a more suitable option for larger corporations who have complex structures and a larger team size to manage.
Customizability: Compared to Diligent, Boardable does not offer as much room for customizations. This means that organizations might have to adjust their workflows to fit into Boardable's system rather than the other way around.
Industry Expertise: Diligent, being an established player in the industry, offers industry-specific board and leadership collaboration software, which provides a range of tailored services and solutions specific to the needs of different industries whereas Boardable might not have this level of depth in their features and services.

Pick #4 is an alternative to Diligent’s Board & Leadership Collaboration software, focusing on improving the process of board meetings for organizations. Like Diligent, BoardDocs offers features such as board management tools, policy management, goal tracking, and other collaborative measures. It is widely used among public governing bodies like schools and municipalities. With an easy-to-use interface and efficient services, BoardDocs helps in enhancing transparency, reducing operational costs, and saving time, aiming to streamline board meeting processes similar to what Diligent offers.

Policy Development and Management - BoardDocs has comprehensive tools for drafting, approving, and managing policies. It helps in maintaining a centralized policy management process which can streamline the governance process more effectively than the alternatives.
The Global Search Feature - BoardDocs has a robust global search capability, allowing users to easily locate documents, policies or even specific texts within those documents. This can improve efficiency during meetings as board members can readily access needed information.
Transparency and Public Access – BoardDocs provides easy and immediate access to meeting agendas, minutes and policies which promotes transparency. It allows for uploading and public viewing of documents which might not be as readily accessible in the alternative software.
Integrated Meta-Data - BoardDocs allows users to assign specific metadata to documents, making categorization and searching much more efficient. This integrated meta-data feature surpasses typical document sorting capabilities seen in many alternative solutions.
Strategic Goal Tracking - BoardDocs offers a unique goal tracking feature, allowing organizations to publicly display their progress on strategic goals. This feature helps in maintaining a clear view of the organization's objectives, something that might be less developed in the alternative platforms.
Limited Customization: Compared to Diligent, BoardDocs solution offers less flexibility and customization options. Customers may subsequently have a harder time tailoring the platform to meet their individual requirements and processes.
User-Interface: While Diligent is praised for a user-friendly interface, some users have mentioned that BoardDocs' user interface is less intuitive. The design can be less appealing and navigation can become challenging for first-time users compared with Diligent.
Limited Integration Capabilities: BoardDocs may not integrate as smoothly with other software or platforms as compared to Diligent. This could result in workflow disruptions and productivity loss as users may need to switch between systems.
Document Management: Compared to Diligent, BoardDocs may fall short in providing robust, powerful document and version management features. This may make it challenging for users who need to deal with a large number of documents and iterations.
Features Absence: Some users report that BoardDocs lacks some important features, such as built-in E-signatures, support for different file types, or advanced search options that are found in Diligent. This can limit the software's functionality and cause inconvenience to the users.

Pick #5

Granicus is a technology platform designed to help governments create better lives for their people. While it is not explicitly a Board Management Software like Diligent, it still offers robust solutions for meeting management and policy making. The platform allows for the digitization of public sector workflows, engagement of citizens, automating agenda and legislative management, and providing transparency to constituents through live-streamed public meetings and searchable records. Unlike Diligent, which is tailored for private sector board management, Granicus focuses on optimizing public sector processes while increasing engagement and transparency.

Specific Public Sector Focus - Granicus is designed specifically for government organizations. This means it is highly customized to meet the specific needs and workflows of public sector environments, unlike Diligent which has a broader focus.
Civic Engagement Tools - Granicus offers advanced civic engagement tools designed to connect government agencies with citizens. It has powerful functions for community engagement and public outreach, something that is not a main feature of Diligent.
Integrated Government Solutions - Granicus encompasses other government-focused solutions beyond board management, including digital service delivery, a full-featured CMS for government websites, and a 311-system for citizen inquiries. Diligent, on the other hand, primarily focuses on board and leadership collaboration.
Legislative Management Functionality - With Granicus, users can simplify their legislative process with comprehensive agenda and legislative management tools. This includes functions like automatic agenda creation and annotation tools that enhance legislative meetings. Diligent’s capabilities in this area are less comprehensive.
Specialized Training and Support - With its focus on public sector entities, Granicus provides specialized training for government policies and regulations compliance, ensuring that staff and leaders have the understanding and knowledge they need to effectively use the platform in their roles. While Diligent also offers support, it may not be as tailored to the specific needs of the public sector.
Limited Collaboration - Granicus appears to be primarily a communication platform, not a dedicated board and leadership collaboration tool. It might lack advanced collaboration features like shared task and document management, meeting scheduling, or decision tracking that can be found in Diligent.
Lack of Board-focused Features - Granicus, being primarily a government communication tool, may lack board-centric features like agenda management, executive summaries, and voting protocols which are very important for leadership collaboration.
Fewer Integration Capabilities - Diligent seems to be more compatible with other corporate software (like ERP or CRM systems), allowing for better business process integration. Granicus might not provide these same integrations.
User Interface - Granicus is built primarily for mass communication and might not have the user-friendly, intuitive interface that a board or leadership team might expect. This could potentially make it less appealing or harder to use for these users.
Support and Training - Granicus, as a more general-purpose tool, may not provide the same level of targeted support and training for board or leadership teams as Diligent, which is specifically built for this audience.

Pick #6


https://www.Ansarada is a board management software similar to https://www.Diligent, offering a comprehensive set of tools for board communication and collaboration. This platform enables secure frictionless access to critical materials anytime, anyplace, driving efficiency for board meetings and activities. Ansarada aims to eliminate the risk of confidential materials being sent via personal emails and drives accountability with complete audit trails. In comparison, Diligent is a pioneer in this field and offers similar features but Ansarada focuses on user-friendly design and intuitive, simple technology to make the process as simless as possible for all users.

Advanced AI - Ansarada boasts powerful AI technology that is able to perform predictive analysis. This assists in user decision-making by providing probable outcomes based on historical data, offering a unique advanced insight.
Specific Meeting Tools - Unlike many other collaboration tools, Ansarada Board provides specific meeting tools such as auto-generated meeting minutes, smart agendas, and direct integration with calendars. This focuses the attention on productive meetings leading to efficient use of time and resources.
Specialization in High-Stakes Transactions - Ansarada was created with major transactions and deals in mind. It caters and thrives especially in high-stakes situations where delicate management is required.
Tailor Made Workflows: Every company or board team is unique, and Ansarada recognizes this by allowing customized workflows. This ensures the software can accommodate the specific needs of any organization, providing a significant degree of flexibility in managing board activities.
Enhanced Due Diligence Features: Unlike many other board and leadership collaboration tools, Ansarada has a particular strength in the provision of due diligence features. It contains advanced document classifications, Q&A capabilities, and auto-redaction of sensitive information, all of which can assist in the due diligence process when dealing with high-stakes transactions.
Ansarada's Board tool does not always provide real-time collaboration features. This can create potential lag in decision making when compared to Diligent's Board and Leadership Collaboration platform, which excels in real-time collaboration.
Ansarada's Board is primarily built to cater to deal-making and M&A transactions, while Diligent has a broader range of applicability in handling board meetings, leadership interactions, and corporate governance, thus limiting its versatility when compared to Diligent.
Ansarada's user interface can be more complex to navigate compared to Diligent's products, making it less user-friendly for less tech-savvy users.
Ansarada's Board does not have an extensive integrated governance tools suite in comparison to Diligent. This could require additional effort for implementing governance tools alongside using Ansarada's board software.
Lastly, Ansarada's Board is a newer product, thus it lacks the longevity and customer trust that has been established by the Diligent brand over an extended period. This might increase user’s hesitation to move away from a more tried-and-tested product.

Pick #7

BoardEffect is a robust digital solution that serves as an alternative to Diligent’s Board Management Software. It is designed to streamline and simplify board communications and operations for improved governance. Similar to Diligent, BoardEffect provides features like agenda management, document sharing, scheduling, and voting tools, among others, while emphasizing its accessibility, user-friendly interface, and high levels of security and support. It differentiates itself with its commitment to customization and a “guided-setup” process that aims to make the transition to a digital boardroom as smooth as possible, catering to the unique needs of each organization.

Comprehensive Board Book: BoardEffect allows for the creation of comprehensive board books that go beyond simple document sharing. They provide an interface that supports both text and interactive charts, which might make the discussion and interpretation of the material more effective and interactive.
Task Management: BoardEffect offers built-in task management functionality. This means it supports assigning tasks, tracking task progress and task-driven workflows, which could lead to better organizational efficiency.
Customizable Permissions: BoardEffect has a sophisticated access rights and permissions structure, enabling granular control over who can see and edit various parts of the platform. This could allow for a high level of customization in terms of privacy settings.
User-friendly Interface: The platform is designed to be intuitive with an easy-to-understand interface. The learning curve could be less steep for new users, resulting in quicker adoption and use.
Meeting Management Features: BoardEffect allows for efficient scheduling, minute tracking, agenda setting, and facilitation of board meetings. This could lead to more effective meeting management and enhancement in the productivity of board meetings.
BoardEffect may not be as robust as Diligent when it comes to supporting large enterprises or multinational corporations. Some users have reported that while BoardEffect works well for small to medium-sized organizations, it can struggle with the increased complexity and depth of larger companies.
BoardEffect's user interface has been described as less intuitive and harder to navigate compared to Diligent. This could increase the learning curve for board members and slow down the overall operating efficiency.
Although BoardEffect offers features such as document management and meeting management, the range and capability of these features may not match Diligent's. For instance, Diligent has more comprehensive tools for enterprise governance management.
BoardEffect's customer service might not be as responsive or efficient as Diligent's. Users have mentioned longer response times and lack of 24/7 global support in comparison to Diligent's acclaimed customer service.
BoardEffect's redesign and updates might not be as frequent or timely as Diligent's. As a result, some users have found that the platform occasionally seems outdated and lacks certain technological advancements that Diligent has implemented.

Pick #8 is an innovative platform which provides a suitable alternative to existing Board Management Software such as Diligent’s Board and Leadership Collaboration. It is designed to empower boards with better information, equipping them to make more targeted and strategic decisions. Boardintelligence works by breaking down information silos, combining sources to deliver insights directly relevant to board-level decisions. It offers a secure portal for board pack management, facilitating convenient digital access while maintaining high data security standards. Its unique focus on delivering quality insights sets it apart from other similar platforms, making it a strong contender in the board management software arena.

Board Intelligence's PENSIVE® Technology - This unique technology allows for boards to have more meaningful conversations by using AI to analyze board reports and highlight the most relevant information. This feature provides a way to sift through the significant amount of information presented at board meetings, making discussions more focused and efficient.
Customizable Platform - Board Intelligence provides a configurable platform tailored to the specific needs and goals of the organization. This can include custom layouts, modules, and functions specific to the company's operations and feedback, leading to a more personalized user experience.
Strategy and Goals Alignment - There is a strong emphasis on aligning board activities and reviews with company strategy and goals. This results in more strategic thinking, decision-making and ultimately better organizational outcomes.
Board Intelligence Coaching - Board Intelligence provides a coaching service, offering tailored advice to improve board performance. This includes workshops and webinars which can significantly help in increasing the board's effectiveness and productivity.
Real-Time Shareable Annotations- Board Intelligence’s platform allows board members to add real-time annotations to the board packs which can be shared with all members. This feature encourages collaboration and a common understanding of issues discussed.
Level of Customization - Although Board Intelligence features a range of useful management tools, it may not offer the same level of customization that Diligent provides. The latter allows for extensive personalizing of the portal to fit each company's brand and needs, which Board Intelligence may not fully match.
Integration with Other Software - Board Intelligence may not have the same level of smooth software integration as Diligent. Diligent's product is well known for seamlessly integrating with a wide range of other software platforms to ensure ease of use.
User Interface - The User Interface of Board Intelligence may not be as intuitive and user-friendly as that of Diligent. Users new to such board portals might find Diligent's interface simpler to use.
Training - While Board Intelligence offers training through webinars and in-person sessions, Diligent offers a more comprehensive training program including a dedicated customer success manager. This could result in a higher learning curve for Board Intelligence.
Updates and Feature Additions - Board Intelligence's updates and new features may not be as frequent or expansive as Diligent. In the quickly evolving tech world, regular updates are a significant factor in maintaining optimal software performance.

Pick #9

OnBoard Meetings ( is an alternative Board Management Software to Diligent. This platform offers digital meeting materials, secure messaging, voting, minutes management and more. It’s designed for efficiency, ease of use and enhanced governance, striving to provide a superior user experience compared to other traditional board management tools. OnBoard Meetings is engineered for the end-users and administrators, that eases and simplifies their workflow, creating a more effective board meeting environment, making it a viable alternative to Diligent.

Seamless Integration: OnBoardMeetings offers seamless integration with popular productivity tools such as Microsoft Office 365, giving team members the ability to create, edit, and save documents without having to leave the platform. Real-time Collaboration: Onboard Meetings provides real-time collaboration tools, including document sharing and in-app messaging. This allows for quick decision-making, even if team members are dispersed or in different time zones.
Intuitive User Interface: Compared to Diligent, OnBoardMeetings offers a more intuitive and user-friendly interface. This makes it easier for team members to navigate and use, leading to increased adoption and use.
Task Management: Unlike Diligent, OnBoardMeetings also serves as a project management tool, providing task assignment, tracking, and notifications. This feature helps the team stay on top of their tasks and objectives.
Customizable: OnBoardMeetings offers customizable branding and board materials for organizations. This lets organizations match the look and feel of their OnBoardMeetings platform with their organization's branding.
OnBoard does not have the continued focus on corporate governance that Diligent strives for. This means that while it might have the requisite tools for board meeting organizations, it might not cater to the wider needs of board governance like risk management, corporate secretary responsibilities, and compliance that Diligent does.
The customizability of OnBoard might be lacking compared to Diligent. For companies that have very specific ways they organize and conduct their board meetings, they might find OnBoard’s template/process restrictive or limited.
OnBoard’s integration with other systems is comparatively limited. Diligent offers a suite of compatible software applications for comprehensive governance management while OnBoard does not provide as vast an ecosystem of integrative products/services.
OnBoard includes fewer features for meeting analytics and follow-up tasks in comparison to Diligent. It's less robust in providing action item tracking and meeting analytics, which can be critical for board and leadership collaboration.
OnBoard does not have the same level of global support that Diligent does. This could be a disadvantage for multinational companies that need assistance in multiple languages and locations which Diligent can comfortably provide.

Pick #10


Sherpany is a robust board management software that serves as an alternative to Diligent’s board and leadership collaboration tool. It provides an efficient, secure and intuitive platform specifically designed to streamline and optimize the decision-making process for board, leadership, and governance meetings. Offering features such as secure document distribution, task management, and collaboration tools, Sherpany aims to simplify the preparation, conduct, and follow-up of meetings, facilitating seamless executive decision-making while saving valuable time. It’s also equipped with the latest security standards, ensuring the utmost confidentiality of sensitive business information.

User-friendly Interface - Sherpany boasts of an intuitive user interface that can be easily understood and navigated even by the less tech-savvy board members. This reduces the learning curve and ramp-up time as compared to Diligent.
Smart Preparations - Sherpany allows users to prepare for meetings effectively with features like time-boxing, individual pre-reads, and document annotations specific to the content. This can enable board members to strategize and focus on essential matters during the meetings, perhaps more effectively than Diligent.
Time Optimization - Sherpany offers features that help ensure board and leadership meetings are more efficient, such as time stamps for items on the agenda and the ability to assign objectives to each topic. This level of optimization can be seen as an advantage over Diligent.
AI Meeting Assistant - Sherpany's use of AI as a Meeting Assistant, which proposes agenda topics based on previous decisions, can help streamline meeting planning and ensure significant issues aren't overlooked. This specific feature might be more advanced than capabilities offered by Diligent.
Multilingual Support – Sherpany supports five languages (English, German, French, Italian, and Portuguese). In today's global business landscape, where board members often represent multiple regions, this linguistic versatility constitutes a significant advantage over Diligent if such multilingual support isn't provided.
Sherpany focuses heavily on meeting management functionalities. Although this is a needed feature, it might lack in comprehensive tools for strategic planning, risk management, and governance tracking that are evident in Diligent's services.
Sherpany's user interface, while modern and simple to use, might not be as intuitive or as user-friendly as Diligent's offering, which may limit its appeal especially to non-technical users.
Sherpany’s features set is more limited when compared to Diligent, which leaves less room for customization and does not always allow organizations to tailor the platform to their unique needs.
Unlike Diligent's global presence, Sherpany’s main focus is on the European market. This might result in limitations when it comes to dealing with different languages, local legislations, or time-zones for global or trans-national companies.
Sherpany may not offer the same level of direct integration with third-party apps (like Office 365 or other productivity software) that Diligent does, potentially impacting productivity and seamless workflow execution.


Diligent software proves exceptionally beneficial in scenarios where organizations prioritize robust security measures, comprehensive governance, and risk management solutions. This is particularly relevant for large enterprises or those in heavily regulated industries, such as finance or healthcare, who require stringent data protection and an integrated approach to managing governance, risk, and compliance across multiple global locations. Its advanced security features, coupled with a suite of tools designed for board management and regulatory compliance, make it the ideal choice for organizations that need to ensure their sensitive information remains under wraps, while also streamlining their governance processes.

On the other hand, alternative software products might be more suitable for smaller businesses or startups that are looking for more cost-efficient solutions without the need for extensive governance and risk management features. These alternatives can offer basic yet effective tools for collaboration, project management, and communication, catering to the needs of teams looking for simplicity, user-friendliness, and quick deployment. For companies with less complex regulatory requirements or those just beginning to establish their governance frameworks, these alternatives can provide the necessary functionality to support growth and operational efficiency without the added complexity or investment demanded by more comprehensive solutions like Diligent.

Top 10: Best Diligent Alternative