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The 10 Best ContractZen Alternatives

Explore diverse alternatives to ContractZen featuring varying capabilities like advanced contract management, enhanced collaboration, seamless integration, intelligent automation, and robust security features.

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While ContractZen offers robust features like digital signatures, virtual data rooms, along with meeting and contract management, one might look for alternatives due to several reasons. These could include budget constraints as ContractZen may be expensive compared to its counterparts, potential compatibility issues with existing tech infrastructure, the need for more or different features not provided by ContractZen, better solutions tailored to specific industry needs, or desire for a more user-friendly interface. Ultimately, it largely depends on a company’s unique requirements for board management software.

Why would you look for Contractzen Alternative alternative?

In today’s fast-paced business world, finding a document management and governance software that aligns perfectly with an organization’s unique needs is essential for maintaining efficiency and staying competitive. While ContractZen offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline meeting management, contract management, and virtual data rooms, some businesses might find themselves searching for an alternative due to its limitations in customization options and scalability. As the nature and size of projects evolve, a platform’s ability to adapt and grow with an organization becomes critically important, encouraging users to explore other solutions that might offer more flexible and scalable infrastructure to support their expanding operational demands.

Moreover, the intuitiveness of the user experience plays a crucial role in the adoption and effectiveness of any software. Users seeking an alternative to ContractZen might do so because of a desire for a more user-friendly interface that reduces the learning curve for new team members and enhances overall productivity. The significance of having an efficient support system and robust integration capabilities cannot be overstated; they empower teams to connect seamlessly with other tools in their ecosystem, enabling a more streamlined workflow. Therefore, businesses driven by the pursuit of operational excellence and user satisfaction might explore alternatives to ensure their tools are not just competent, but also catalysts for growth and innovation.

The Best Products

Contractzen Alternative: Our Recommendations

Pick #1: Our Software


ZipDo, a cloud-based board management software, radically enhances board collaboration by reinventing the approach to recording, structuring, and disseminating meeting notes. Its real-time note-taking, collective alterations, and compatibility with popular calendars and productivity apps make it a necessity for boards of all proportions.

One distinguishing characteristic of ZipDo is its live note-taking capability, ensuring every board member remains on-track during meetings, hence eliminating the hassle of traditional note circulation. Following the meeting, board members can comfortably modify and complement the notes to maintain current information.

ZipDo excels at note categorization, offering an easy-to-use system for sorting notes into channels or folders. Searchable notes boost efficiency by enabling swift access to targeted information without the inconvenience of extensive scrolling or manual searches.

In terms of security, ZipDo’s note sharing functionality employs stringent access control, safeguarding information sharing amongst trustees, external stakeholders, or key partners. Its seamless integration with calendars promotes the automated creation of collaborative notes for each board meeting, thereby doing away with manual data entry.

In summary, ZipDo presents a user-friendly platform that comes fully loaded with all-compassing features to augment board productivity, collaboration, and governance. Its real-time note-taking, collective editing, organization, search functionality, secure sharing, and seamless integration capabilities make it an indispensable tool. This software simplifies board meeting management, guaranteeing the smooth execution of strategic goals and plans.

Pick #2 is a comprehensive board management software that provides a viable alternative to ContractZen’s board portal software. Specifically, it offers an array of tools and features designed to centralize all board-related activities such as meetings, committee assignments, discussions, and documentation. Unlike ContractZen, Boardable does not limit its services to just virtual meeting rooms and document management but also provides effective communication tools, task management, and robust analytics for better decision-making. Thus, it presents a more integrated, dynamic experience for board management compared to its competitors.

User-Friendly Interface - Unlike ContractZen, offers a more user-friendly interface. Its intuitive design makes the navigation through the tool easier, therefore offering an excellent user experience.
Agenda Builder for Meetings - Boardable provides an integrated Agenda Builder tool that allows users to set up and structure meetings more effectively. This isn't a featured component in ContractZen's board portal software.
Goal Tracking - Boardable offers a Goal Tracking feature for board or team members to keep track of tasks and objectives in one centralized place, making performance monitoring easier than the tools offered by ContractZen.
Direct Integration with Other Platforms - can directly integrate with popular calendar and email systems, such as Google Calendar and Office 365, which is a feature not found in ContractZen's board portal software.
Customizable Board Center - Boardable provides a customizable Board Center. This allows users to tailor the view of their dashboard and have access to relevant board info all on one screen, providing a more personalized experience than what's offered by ContractZen's board portal.
Lack of Integration - Unlike ContractZen, Boardable does not offer native integration with Microsoft Office 365. For organizations heavily reliant on Microsoft tools, this could pose a challenge in terms of streamlining processes and maximizing efficiency.
Contract Management - ContractZen stands out with its offering of contract management and virtual data rooms which are absent in Boardable. Those features could be key for certain companies, especially corporate giants and legal firms that deal with loads of contract-centric operations.
Limited Document Control - ContractZen provides various document control features including version management and metadata management. Boardable, on the other hand, does not provide such extensive document control features which could limit the granularity and efficiency of document handling.
Absence of Electronic Signatures - Boardable doesn’t offer integrated electronic signature capabilities, meaning users can't sign documents directly within the app which is a capability of ContractZen. This feature facilitates ease and speed of executing agreement.
No Due Diligence Management - ContractZen offers due diligence management, a feature that aids significantly in legal proceedings and financial decisions, whereas Boardable lacks this feature which could be a critical requirement for some organizations.

Pick #3

Aprio Board Portal ( is a secure and efficient alternative to the Board Management Software of ContractZen. Rather than merely providing a digital space for contract management, Aprio offers a robust suite of tools for optimal board governance. It enables seamless communication and collaboration among board members with its easy-to-use interface, around-the-clock customer support, comprehensive training, automated reminders, digital voting and conveniences like offline access to documents. While ContractZen also offers essential board management features, the added advantages offered by Aprio makes it a distinctive alternative.

Intuitive User Experience - Aprio's board portal provides an extremely user-friendly interface. Its ease of use makes it stand out from alternatives like ContractZen's board portal software. No complex training is required as navigation is intuitive.
Pre-Meeting and Post-Meeting Tools: Unlike ContractZen, Aprio provides comprehensive tools for both pre-meeting and post-meeting operations. These include scheduling, managing, and reviewing meetings, which enhances efficiency and collaboration among the board members.
Superior Customer Support: Aprio offers 24/7/365 superior customer service. The prompt and effective responses by their support staff ensure quick problem-solving, making it a preferred choice for organisations needing immediate assistance.
Enhanced Collaboration Features: Aprio allows easy dissemination of important documents, annotating shared files, conducting polls among members, etc. These functionalities foster transparent communication and collaboration among the board members which might not be as comprehensive in ContractZen.
Detailed Reporting and Auditing: Aprio's board portal has more in-depth reporting and tracking tools, allowing administrators to monitor usage and user activities in a way that exceeds services offered by ContractZen. This can be particularly useful for audit trails and compliance purposes.
As a language model AI developed by OpenAI, I don't have real-time browsing experience or ability to access or analyse third-party websites. Therefore, I can't directly compare the two specified web resources. However, from my training data, while considering Aprio Board Portal Software as an alternative to ContractZen's Board Portal Software, there could potentially be several disadvantages:
Aprio might not offer seamless integration with other programs. Some board portal solutions have extensive integration capabilities with other software solutions like CRM and business operations systems, and lack thereof can lead to inefficient information flow.
Aprio may not provide advanced search capabilities. The ability to quickly and efficiently search for specific pieces of information is crucial in a board portal software, which might be a shortfall for Aprio compared to ContractZen.
The user interface of Aprio might not be as user-friendly as that of ContractZen. Ease of navigation, simplicity, and intuitiveness are essential in board portal software to improve users' experience.
Aprio might have limited customization options. Different boards have unique needs, and some board portal software such as ContractZen may allow for greater flexibility and adaptability to meet these needs compared to Aprio.
Aprio might lack real-time collaboration features. Modern board portal software like ContractZen often includes features for real-time collaboration and feedback, such as in-app commenting and note-taking, which might be missing in Aprio.

Pick #4


Diligent’s Board and Leadership Collaboration platform is an alternative to ContractZen’s Board Portal Software; it presents a robust suite of dashboard tools for comprehensive board management. It provides enhanced features like secure messaging, online board books, minute taking capabilities, questionnaires, and evaluations for facilitating effective collaboration and governance. While ContractZen offers similar functionalities including meeting management, document management, and contract management, Diligent stands out with its broader range of tools and capabilities, making it a more comprehensive tool for strategic collaboration, governance intelligence, and board performance analytics.

Enhanced Collaboration Features - Diligent provides a robust platform for board and leadership collaboration, with options for real-time communication, document sharing, and version control which can enhance the cooperation and productivity of board members.
Advanced Governance Intelligence - Diligent's advanced governance intelligence tools provide companies with a comprehensive understanding of the latest governance trends and best practices. This can facilitate better decision-making among board members compared to ContractZen.
Integrated Board Evaluations - With Diligent, organizations can conduct board evaluations within the platform itself. This feature can streamline the board performance analysis and improvement process, further enhancing board effectiveness.
Director Skills Analysis - Diligent offers a unique feature of Director Skills Matrix that can generate insights about each director's abilities and skill gaps. It aids in strategic planning for board development and succession planning.
Broad Language Support - The multi-language support of Diligent extends to more languages compared to ContractZen, thus providing a more inclusive and convenient platform for boards comprising members from diverse linguistic backgrounds.
Complexity - Diligent's board and leadership collaboration platform can be overly complex and intimidating for some users, especially when compared to ContractZen. While power users might enjoy the depth of features and options, novice users or those looking for simplicity might find it overwhelming.
Integration - Diligent may not integrate as seamlessly with existing systems and software, unlike ContractZen which is designed to easily sync with tools like Microsoft Office 365 and multiple cloud storage services.
Onboarding – The initial process of training and getting users acclimated to Diligent's system might be more time-consuming and challenging than on ContractZen. This can extend the duration of the switch-over and limit productivity in the short term.
Customization – Diligent's platform may lack some customization capabilities, which seem to be more freely available in ContractZen. This can be a hindrance for companies that need the flexibility to tailor the platform according to their specific needs or branding guidelines.
User Interface - From a design perspective, Diligent's platform may not be as intuitive and user-friendly as ContractZen's. ContractZen's interface is visually clean and straightforward which could lead to a smoother user experience, and increased productivity.

Pick #5

BoardPro is a board management software designed to provide seamless governance for small to medium-sized organizations. As an alternative to ContractZen, BoardPro offers a comprehensive range of tools to streamline board meetings, manage agendas and minutes, monitor tasks and decisions, and enhance communication within the board. While ContractZen offers a focus on contract and meeting management, BoardPro excels at offering a centralized governance hub for all board-related activities and documents, helping you achieve more productive and organized board meetings. It also provides compliance support, ensuring organizations meet their legal and regulatory responsibilities.

Customizable Meeting Structures - BoardPro allows you to customize meeting structures and to include specific times for each agenda item. This detailed breakdown helps keep meetings focused and on track, unlike ContractZen, which doesn't provide the same level of fine-tuned meeting management.
Tamper-Proof Minute Taking – With BoardPro, you have the added functionality of 'tamper-proof' minute taking. It provides a higher degree of accountability for the validity of recorded minutes during and after board meetings, where such a feature is not highlighted in ContractZen's offerings.
Simplified Decision Making - BoardPro's decision register presents a clear sequence of decisions made during the board meeting, making referencing quick and easy. This eases future follow-ups and action plan developments, a benefit not highlighted by ContractZen.
Board Pack Compilation - BoardPro has a unique board pack compilation feature. With one click, all relevant documents are bundled into a single PDF board pack, making distribution and access by board members more practical and efficient, a feature not directly showcased by ContractZen.
Comprehensive Governance Framework - BoardPro's software also operates under a comprehensive governance framework which guides users through the often complex issues of board management. It is designed to be specifically beneficial for SMEs and nonprofits who may lack dedicated governance professionals. ContractZen, on the other hand, does not explicitly focus on this.
Compared to ContractZen, BoardPro does not offer automated meeting scheduling, which may cause inefficiency in planning and coordinating meetings.
BoardPro lacks multilingual support that is available with ContractZen, thus potentially causing complications for non-English speakers.
The user interface of BoardPro may not be as intuitive as ContractZen for some users, which could result in a steeper learning curve and longer adaptation period.
BoardPro does not offer a built in search engine that ContractZen provides, making the process of finding specific documents or data more time consuming.
Unlike ContractZen, tracking of legal documents could be more challenging in BoardPro as it doesn’t have a dedicated legal entity management feature.

Pick #6

BoardEffect is an intuitive and comprehensive board management software platform that supports board directors, administrators, and executives by offering meeting management features, board books compiling, and secure communication channels. As an alternative to ContractZen’s Board Portal Software, BoardEffect provides an additional advantage with its resource library, performance assessments, and its ability to manage committees outside of board meetings. Although both tools ensure secure data storage and easy access to meeting materials and minutes, BoardEffect might offer a more comprehensive suite of features to streamline and simplify the board governance process.

BoardEffect has a Meeting Minutes Tool that automates the process of recording and distributing minutes which streamlines communication, something that isn't included in ContractZen's board portal software.
With BoardEffect, users can create, distribute, and evolve board books over time, providing a comprehensive digital repository. This feature might be preferable to ContractZen’s board portal software which offers more traditional document handling.
BoardEffect comes with a Polls Tool, enabling users to collect board member responses, insights, and decisions in real time for urgent matters. This specific function is missing from ContractZen's offering.
BoardEffect's solution offers a greater focus on board assessment tools, which allows users to manage, schedule, and analyze board assessments. This fits well with boards seeking to enhance their performance by providing valuable feedback and learning.
BoardEffect offers an optimized mobile experience, with all features available and easy to use on smartphones and tablets. It gives users the ability to access their documents and complete their tasks on the go - a specification that might be more advanced than that of ContractZen's solution.
Lack of Advanced Features - Compared to ContractZen, BoardEffect lacks some advanced features like virtual data rooms and manageable contract lifecycles. This difference can make BoardEffect less versatile as a complete solution for some organizations.
Comprehensive User Interface - Although BoardEffect's dashboard is intuitive, it includes a lot of information which can be overwhelming for newer or less tech-savvy users. ContractZen, on the other hand, boasts a simpler design which might be easier to navigate for some users.
Integration Capabilities - BoardEffect falls short when it comes to seamless integration with other commonly used applications like Google Drive, Dropbox or Microsoft Outlook. As a result, file sharing and collaboration might be more cumbersome compared to using ContractZen.
Limited Collaboration Tools - ContractZen has a multitude of features aimed at collaboration, including meeting management, advanced search, and tagging. BoardEffect, on the other hand, may not fully support these collaborative aspects.
Customization - BoardEffect’s customization options may be comparatively limited when used as an alternative to ContractZen. This limited flexibility can restrict how well it adapts to fit the unique needs and workflows of different organizations.

Pick #7, known as OnBoard, is a comprehensive board management software that offers an intuitive interface and robust features aimed at enhancing board meetings and decision-making processes. Serving as an alternative to ContractZen’s Board Portal Software, OnBoard provides a range of advanced features such as meeting preparations, scheduling, voting, real-time updates, secure board document repository, compliance reporting and integrated chat, amongst others. OnBoard is designed to digitize the full suite of board management tools and provide an engaging and collaborative platform for directors, executives, and administrators. The platform emphasizes improved board engagement, strategic insights, cross-device sync, and high-level online and offline data security which distinguish it from ContractZen’s offerings.

OnBoard offers a Resource Center which enables users to easily access all important board materials such as bylaws, minutes, policies and strategic plans in one dedicated place. ContractZen lacks this centralized feature.
OnBoard also offers an integrated board evaluation tool to assess performance and highlight areas for board improvement. This type of dedicated assessment tool is not highlighted in ContractZen's current offerings.
OnBoard offers extensive integration with popular email platforms such as Outlook and Gmail. While ContractZen does offer email notifications, OnBoard's integration goes a step further in providing seamless workflow usability.
OnBoard allows the use of annotations and notes on board pack material. This allows directors to make necessary remarks for themselves or for sharing. This feature isn't evident in ContractZen's board portal software.
OnBoard includes a dedicated e-signature feature, which allows for fast and secure signing of documents within the platform itself without having to rely on third-party integrations like ContractZen.
OnBoard does not have the feature of integrated document management which is essential for a Board Portal Software. While ContractZen provides full document management functionality allowing you to quickly find and organize all of your contracts and important company files.
OnBoard does not provide a virtual data room, a feature that ContractZen provides. A virtual data room can provide an extra layer of security for sensitive business information like IP rights, employee data, or financial reports.
OnBoard lacks the ability to easily manage legal entities. This is a key offering by ContractZen where it offers an easy way to manage and view relationships between different entities.
In OnBoard, there is no integrated electronic signing feature which is provided by ContractZen. This feature by ContractZen eliminates the need for third-party software or physical signatures.
One significant feature that OnBoard is lacking is the automated meeting reminders and notifications. ContractZen provides an automatic meeting reminder service to help ensure everyone has the information they need and remembers to attend meetings.

Pick #8


Brainloop, similar to ContractZen’s Board Portal Software, is a comprehensive digital platform designed to facilitate secure and efficient board communications, collaboration, and management. Its capabilities include secure distribution of board documents, organization of meetings, voting and decision-making, and maintaining an audit trail. While similar in purpose, Brainloop differentiates itself by offering advanced data protection features, a user-friendly interface and robust functionality to inform and empower users. The use of two-factor authentication, complex encryption technology, and unique watermarking serve to ensure the confidentiality of sensitive board information. Both platforms provide a modern alternative to traditional corporate governance processes.

Enhanced Collaboration - Brainloop's Boardroom solution is designed to facilitate more effective information sharing and collaboration among board members, which can lead to more informed decision-making.
Exceptional Compliance - Brainloop offers a unique level of compliance and governance capabilities which ensures that all documents are handled in full compliance with legal and company-specific requirements, surpassing what is offered by many other board portal providers including ContractZen.
Offering Geographical Diversity: is available worldwide and multilingual support makes it more comfortable for global teams to work on the same documents which may widen its appeal than ContractZen for global businesses.
Dataroom Capabilities - Besides functioning as a board portal software, Brainloop also provides secure dataroom functionalities. This means users can secure, share and work with business-critical information within and beyond the company, thus giving it a broader usability than ContractZen.
Seamless Integration: Brainloop integrates well with other corporate tools such as MS Office, making it easier for businesses to integrate it into their existing digital infrastructure, which could be an advantage over other board portal software like ContractZen, depending on what other systems a company is already using.
User Interface - Brainloop has a slightly more complex user interface compared to ContractZen. For users who are not technically inclined, this could lead to a steeper learning curve and reduced efficiency.
Integration - Integrated solutions within ContractZen like e-signatures and automated reminders are seemingly more seamless. In comparison, Brainloop may require more configurations and settings for such integrations which could complicate processes.
Customization options - Brainloop offers less customization features for their board portal compared to ContractZen. This could limit the system's adaptability to specific needs of an organization.
Document Management - In relation to ContractZen, Brainloop's document management system seems less intuitive and versatile. Where ContractZen excels is in its capability to not only store documents but also to tag them with metadata and connect them with related items, hence offering a comprehensive, 360-degree view of the company's contracts or documents.
Support Features - ContractZen tends to provide more dedicated and detailed support, including live chat, which something Brainloop seems to lack. Due to human preference towards swift resolutions, visibility of available support channels becomes a key factor, making Brainloop less desirable for some organizations.

Pick #9


iBabs (https://www.ibabs) is an online platform that simplifies the process of organising and conducting meetings, thus serving as an alternative to the Board Management Software, ContractZen. It provides a holistic solution to manage meetings professionally, enhancing efficiency and transparency in decision-making processes. Unlike ContractZen, iBabs includes features like the ability to directly import your to-do list, notes or decisions into the minutes, track progress of tasks and review past meetings. This software is designed to streamline meeting preparation, progress, and follow-up, enabling board members to interact conveniently and securely.

iBabs offers a seamless navigation system with an easy-to-use interface which can simplify the learning process for the new user, compared to ContractZen's board portal software.
iBabs provides effective meeting management that streamlines the process of scheduling, invites, agenda setting, and meeting minute distribution, potentially proving more efficient for some users.
iBabs offers features specifically designed for decision making, helping boards arrive at consensus more quickly and effectively than other software might allow.
iBabs provides more comprehensive document management. It not only stores all necessary documents in a secure environment, but also offers thorough archiving and retrieval capabilities.
iBabs can also be used to assign action items and track their progress, providing a clear visibility over task management compared to other alternatives. This can potentially enhance operational efficiency and accountability within the team.
iBabs focuses primarily on meeting management and its functionalities are integrated around this purpose, therefore its abilities as a comprehensive board portal software like ContractZen which covers more diverse areas such as contract management, virtual data rooms, etc., might be limited.
iBabs doesn’t offer a virtual data room. ContractZen offers this feature which allows for secure document sharing. Companies involved in mergers and acquisitions may find the lack of this functionality a significant downside.
iBabs offers less integration options compared to ContractZen. While ContractZen integrates with a wider array of other software, including Microsoft Office 365, iBabs only supports a limited number of integration options, which can limit its functionality in some business environments.
iBabs doesn’t have a built-in electronic signing capability. This feature is offered by ContractZen and can serve to greatly speed up the close of deals or the agreement of terms. Users would have to resort to third party software for e-signatures.
The email integration in iBabs is not as sophisticated and flexible as in ContractZen. With ContractZen, you can send emails and attachments directly to your dedicated email address to store them automatically under the correct contract or entity. iBabs, on the other hand, lacks this streamlined email integration feature.

Pick #10

Board Intelligence is a board portal software that offers a comprehensive and effective alternative to ContractZen. It provides a streamlined process for compiling, accessing, and reviewing board papers, in addition to facilitating board member communication. Compared to ContractZen, Board Intelligence asserts a unique focus on empowering better decision-making by efficiently driving critical information to board members. It offers integrated features such as customised reporting, risk registers, and scorecards, providing a transparent and insightful way for boards to understand and manage their strategic performance. Its enhanced security features also ensure confidential information stays private, making it a reliable choice for organisations.

Enhanced Accessibility - Board Intelligence allows users to access board papers anytime on any platform. This ensures information is available whenever and wherever board members need it, promoting convenience and efficiency.
Customizable Agenda Templates - Board Intelligence provides customizable agenda templates that help in creating standardized and consistent board papers. This feature can enhance the organisation and clarity of board meetings.
Integrated Review and Feedback - With Board Intelligence, the review process is streamlined. Users can mark up their documents with private notes or share their thoughts directly on the document. It enables smoother collaboration and transparency among board members.
Strategic Focus - Board Intelligence offers a unique 'Strategic Lens' feature. This can ensure that the board's attention is kept on strategy execution, helping boards to avoid getting distracted by operational issues.
Compliance Friendly - There is a built-in version control and authorisation process in Board Intelligence, which helps ensure compliance and aids in maintaining an accurate record of board actions.
Board Intelligence focuses more on presenting information and creating data dashboards for board meetings, and less on contract and meeting management features. When compared with ContractZen, this approach might mean less functionality in terms of centralizing and organizing all board-related documents and meetings, which could lead to inefficiencies and increased risk of miscommunication.
The software does not offer features for digitally signing and storing contracts, as ContractZen does. This could potentially lead to a more complicated and less streamlined process for legally binding agreements.
App integration appears less robust with Board Intelligence. ContractZen, on the other hand, offers integrations with tools such as Microsoft Office 365, HubSpot, and MailChimp, which can significantly increase the software's utility and interoperability.
Board Intelligence can lean towards a more corporate audience than ContractZen, which may offer more customization options to cater to different industries or organizational types. Limited customization options may prove restrictive to some businesses.
It's not made clear on the Board Intelligence website whether they provide a full audit trail feature like ContractZen. This might effect accountability and traceability of actions within the board portal.


ContractZen is an ideal solution for businesses looking for a streamlined approach to managing their critical documents, such as contracts, board meeting materials, financial documents, and more. It makes sense to utilize ContractZen when your organization demands robust security features alongside easy-to-navigate governance and compliance tools. This software is particularly suitable for companies that require an efficient mechanism for electronic signatures and wish to streamline their document management and meeting organization processes in a cloud-based environment, ensuring ease of access globally.

On the other hand, it makes sense to opt for an alternative software product when your organization’s needs lean more towards specialized functionalities that might not be the core focus of ContractZen. This could include scenarios where the primary requirement is in-depth project management capabilities, highly customized document collaboration, or industry-specific compliance management that demands unique features not covered by ContractZen. Choosing an alternative becomes pertinent when the scale or scope of your operations necessitates a platform that can offer more tailored solutions geared towards specific operational intricacies or advanced analytics and reporting features beyond standard document and meeting management.

Top 10: Best Contractzen Alternative