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The 10 Best Board Pro Alternatives

Explore an array of top-tier Board Pro alternatives offering robust features for board management, such as real-time collaboration, secure data sharing, meeting planning, and intuitive interface tools.

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While BoardPro offers many attractive features such as meeting management, action item tracking, and document management, a user may seek alternatives for a variety of reasons. For example, they might desire features not present in BoardPro’s offering, such as more extensive collaboration and communication tools, or advanced analytics. They might also look for alternatives because of pricing concerns, as the cost might not align with their budget, especially for smaller businesses or startups. Additionally, concerns about usability or customer support based on personal experience or reviews may convince them to consider other options. Lastly, compatibility with their existing tech infrastructure might cause potential customers to seek alternatives.

Why would you look for Boardpro Alternative alternative?

Searching for an alternative to Boardpro stems from the desire to find a solution that precisely aligns with the ever-evolving needs of board management. As organizations grow and their requirements become more complex, the limitations of any single tool can quickly become apparent. A shift towards a more versatile platform might be prompted by the need for advanced features, such as improved integrations with other tools, enhanced security measures, or more customizable options for meeting and agenda management. The quest for an alternative often reflects the fundamental need for a solution that can adapt and scale alongside the organization, ensuring that board management processes remain as efficient and effective as possible.

Moreover, user experience plays a pivotal role in the consideration of alternatives to Boardpro. Different teams have varying preferences and comfort levels with software interfaces, and what works seamlessly for one might be cumbersome for another. Usability issues, such as a steep learning curve or a less intuitive design, can hinder the productivity of board members, leading organizations to seek options that prioritize ease of use without compromising on functionality. Additionally, cost-effectiveness is a critical factor; finding a solution that offers better value for the investment or more favorable pricing structures can be a compelling reason to explore other solutions. The right tool should not only meet the current needs but also foresee and adapt to future requirements, providing a blend of functionality, usability, and affordability.

The Best Products

Boardpro Alternative: Our Recommendations

Pick #1: Our Software


ZipDo, a cloud-based board management software, radically enhances board collaboration by reinventing the approach to recording, structuring, and disseminating meeting notes. Its real-time note-taking, collective alterations, and compatibility with popular calendars and productivity apps make it a necessity for boards of all proportions.

One distinguishing characteristic of ZipDo is its live note-taking capability, ensuring every board member remains on-track during meetings, hence eliminating the hassle of traditional note circulation. Following the meeting, board members can comfortably modify and complement the notes to maintain current information.

ZipDo excels at note categorization, offering an easy-to-use system for sorting notes into channels or folders. Searchable notes boost efficiency by enabling swift access to targeted information without the inconvenience of extensive scrolling or manual searches.

In terms of security, ZipDo’s note sharing functionality employs stringent access control, safeguarding information sharing amongst trustees, external stakeholders, or key partners. Its seamless integration with calendars promotes the automated creation of collaborative notes for each board meeting, thereby doing away with manual data entry.

In summary, ZipDo presents a user-friendly platform that comes fully loaded with all-compassing features to augment board productivity, collaboration, and governance. Its real-time note-taking, collective editing, organization, search functionality, secure sharing, and seamless integration capabilities make it an indispensable tool. This software simplifies board meeting management, guaranteeing the smooth execution of strategic goals and plans.

Pick #2

Boardable is a robust board management software that serves as an excellent alternative to BoardPro. While both platforms offer features for meeting management, document storage, and member communication, Boardable distinguishes itself with its user-friendly interface, cost-effectiveness, and comprehensive training resources. It also provides unique features such as a “People Directory,” policy & procedure storage, and unlimited committees, making it more flexible and adaptable to a variety of board requirements and structures. Boardable’s abilities to integrate with other software like Google Drive, OneDrive, and Outlook is another advantage that makes it a strong competitor against BoardPro.

Smooth Integration: Boardable seamlessly integrates with popular calendar applications like Outlook, Google Calendar, or iCalendar, ensuring no scheduling conflicts and efficient management.
Document Repository: Boardable provides a central document repository where all board materials can be securely stored and accessed. This feature is highly efficient in providing a centralized platform compared to BoardPro.
Meeting Center: Boardable's Meeting Center allow users to schedule, manage and organize meetings effectively. Meeting agendas, minutes and attendance can all be recorded in one place unlike BoardPro where these tools may not be as integrated.
Personalized Experience: Boardable's user interface is customizable and individually tailored. Users can set up their own preferences, notifications, and dashboard, giving the users a more personalized experience in comparison to BoardPro.
Project Management Tools: Beyond meeting tools, Boardable also offers robust project management tools. It allows users to create and assign tasks, set deadlines, and track task completion, giving it an edge over BoardPro which may not provide the same range of functionality.
Limited Integration Capabilities: Unlike BoardPro, Boardable might not integrate efficiently with many third-party applications. This can lead to inefficiencies and a reduction in productivity.
Insufficient Customization Options: Boardable has less room for user customization compared to BoardPro's feature-rich customization options, which could limit the user's ability to make the platform work exactly how they want.
Lack of Features: Boardable might offer fewer features compared to BoardPro, such as detailed reporting systems, action reporting, and minute-approvals, which can limit the overall functionality for users.
No Decision-Making Tool: Unlike BoardPro, Boardable does not have a decision-making feature. Having an integrated decision-making tool gives BoardPro an edge because it simplifies the process of making choices collectively as a group.
Lower User Capacity: Depending on the specific plan, Boardable may support fewer users than BoardPro. As a result, larger organizations may find Boardable less suitable as a BoardPro alternative.

Pick #3

BoardDocs is a cloud-based board management platform like BoardPro, but it primarily focuses on servicing the needs of schools, municipalities, and other public governing bodies. While BoardPro offers streamlined meeting management, simplified decision making, and improved governance outcomes for organizations in general, BoardDocs specializes in providing similar services, such as centralizing board policies and publications, managing meetings, and enhancing transparency in an educational or public governing context. Comparatively, BoardDocs suits organizations needing to share governance-related data with the public more effectively while BoardPro focuses on seamless governance for businesses and corporations.

Advanced Search Function: offers an advanced search functionality not found in This lets users locate specific board resolutions, policies, or meeting minutes swiftly, thus enhancing efficiency and the board's performance.
Greater Customization Options: BoardDocs has more robust customization options compared to BoardPro. Users can tailor the platform to their specific needs, including board layouts, system integration, user roles, and much more.
Comprehensive Policy Development Management: BoardDocs offers a unique policy development and management tool which allows users to create, revise and implement policy information. This is advantageous in managing the iterative process of policy development, providing a clear history of revisions.
Integration with Other Platforms: BoardDocs exhibits more compatibility with multiple other platforms, making it user-friendly for organizations already using solutions like Google Docs or Microsoft Office. This ensures seamless workflow and reduces the complexities typically associated with software integration.
Availability of Different Packages: Unlike BoardPro, BoardDocs offers different package types - Lite, Pro, and Plus. These packages are designed to cater to different sizes and needs of organizations. This can be beneficial for entities that are either in their initial stages or those wanting specialized features and functionalities.
Limited customizability: Compared to BoardPro, BoardDocs functionality is less configurable to meet unique organizational needs.
User interface: BoardDocs has a less modern and intuitive interface than BoardPro, which may lead to a steep learning curve for some users.
Insufficient integration options: BoardDocs does not offer as extensive integration options with other business software compared to BoardPro.
Lack of visual collaboration tools: While BoardPro provides a range of visual collaboration tools like shared boards and diagrams, BoardDocs lacks in this regard.
Lesser reporting capabilities: BoardPro has extensive reporting capabilities for efficient tracking of board activities while BoardDocs is comparatively limited.

Pick #4

Granicus is a leading provider of cloud-based software solutions that enhance the efficiency and transparency of government operations. As an alternative to BoardPro, a board management software, Granicus offers a comprehensive suite of tools specifically designed to streamline the legislative process, support government transparency initiatives, and enhance citizen engagement. Its solutions include agenda and legislative management, digital services, website design and hosting, records and document management, as well as citizen engagement tools, and digital meeting solutions. Therefore, in comparison to BoardPro, Granicus offers a more comprehensive, government-focused set of solutions encompassing a broader scope of administrative and community engagement functions.

Comprehensive Government-Focused Systems: Granicus is designed specifically for use by government entities, meaning its features, workflows, and systems are all built with the needs and challenges of public sector organizations in mind.
Public Engagement Tools: Granicus offers tools specifically designed to enhance public engagement which might be particularly valuable for government bodies. These include tools for public outreach, social media management, and website management.
Integrated Legislative Management: Unlike BoardPro, Granicus offers integrated legislative management tools. This allows for a smoother flow between legislation, meeting management, and public engagement.
Cloud-Based Infrastructure: With Granicus, the entire suite of applications is cloud-based which means no complex installations or updates are required. This also simplifies matters like disaster recovery and prevents the loss of data.
Comprehensive Suite of Solutions: Granicus provides a broader suite of digital government solutions than BoardPro. Alongside meeting management tools, Granicus offers tools for digital services, communications, agenda and legislative management, and records and e-Discovery. It allows the consolidation of multiple functions onto one platform, increasing efficiency and coherence.
Granicus focuses a lot on government and public sector engagement, making it a less suitable for private businesses or corporations looking for a solution similar to BoardPro, which is designed for business environments specifically.
Functionality difference lies in the way meetings are managed. While BoardPro offers a comprehensive board meeting management system including agenda management, minutes, and action items, Granicus’s main focus is on wider public sector operations. So, for Board operations, there might be lack of some specific features in Granicus.
User interface complexity; Granicus, while powerful, can be less intuitive for some users when compared to the simple and streamlined interface that BoardPro utilizes, potentially slowing down adoption rates and efficiency.
In comparison with BoardPro, Granicus might not provide robust reporting and analytics. With BoardPro, users have access to custom reports, an essential tool for effective decision-making.
BoardPro has a dedicated upcoming meetings view which can be a major selling point. This meeting-centric approach may not be as prominent or prioritized within the Granicus tool given its broad public sector focus.

Pick #5 is a board management software alternative to, aimed at empowering organizations to streamline and simplify their board management processes. Similar to BoardPro, BoardEffect offers tools that facilitate efficient communication, document sharing and collaboration among board members. Yet, BoardEffect differentiates itself with its robust features such as calendaring, performance tracking of board members, automated agenda and minute creation, and board self-assessment capabilities. It also offers the solution on mobile platforms for easy accessibility. BoardEffect is known for its flexibility, allowing customization that suits the unique needs of different organizations.

Streamlined Communication: BoardEffect provides an integrated suite for communication, making it easier for members to send and receive messages. This feature is more comprehensive than the one in BoardPro and reduces the need for using separate communication tools.
Customizable Workflow Management: With BoardEffect, organizations can create their preferred workflow patterns which takes into consideration their unique needs and process differences. This is a level of customization which isn't as prominent in BoardPro.
D&O Questionnaires Module: BoardEffect has a unique Director & Officer Questionnaires module, making it easier for board directors to deal with evaluation or compliance-related questions. This feature isn't available in BoardPro.
Advanced Document Management: BoardEffect offers more advanced options for document management. This includes in-built annotations and highlighting tools that are not as sophisticated in BoardPro's solution, facilitating better collaboration and understanding of board materials.
Accessibility and Integration: BoardEffect platform is designed to be accessible from desktops, laptops, tablets, or smartphones, ensuring all board members can access the needed documents and communications regardless of their device preference. The integration functionality of BoardEffect also provides better interoperability with other IT systems compared to BoardPro.
Lack of directness and simplicity - Compared to BoardPro, BoardEffect may be a less straightforward experience for users. BoardPro is known for its intuitive and simple user interface, while BoardEffect may require a steeper learning curve.
Limited Integration Capabilities - BoardPro offers better integration with other software platforms compared to BoardEffect. Therefore, organizations may face challenges in integrating BoardEffect with their existing software infrastructure.
Limited Board Evaluation Functionality - BoardEffect may not have as extensive tools for board evaluation as BoardPro. This includes predefined templates or automatic calculation capabilities, which can hinder the evaluation process.
Lacks Customizability - BoardPro provides more customization options compared to BoardEffect. This includes the ability to create custom workflows or add specific, tailor-made sections in the board's portal. With BoardEffect, organizations may find the system rigid and less flexible to their specific needs.
Inefficient Support - User reviews point towards delayed and less effective customer support from BoardEffect compared to BoardPro. This could lead to delays and frustration when issues arise that need immediate resolution.

Pick #6

Board Intelligence is a cloud-based digital platform that helps board members prepare for meetings, make informed decisions and stay compliant with legal requirements. As a potential alternative to BoardPro, Board Intelligence focuses on streamlining the process of creating board packs alongside providing tools for board performance evaluation, risk assessments, and regulatory compliance. Its dashboard view offers a robust repository for members to access and review actionable insights to help manage their strategic priorities. While BoardPro also provides similar features, the distinctions lie in how each platform caters to different user experiences and business requirements.

Enhanced Customization: Board Intelligence provides an option to customize the look and feel of the portal to keep in line with the company’s brand guidelines. This gives your boardroom a more personalized and engaging experience, which isn't necessarily a feature of BoardPro.
Real-Time Board Pack Editing: Board Intelligence has a feature that allows you to edit your board packs in real-time. Which means you can always have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips, streamlining the decision-making process.
Board Effectiveness Reviews: With Board Intelligence, organizations can conduct board effectiveness reviews, something which might not be available with BoardPro. These help assess the performance of board members and identify areas of improvement.
Tailored Board Reporting: Board Intelligence's platform offers tailored board reporting, allowing for better visibility on key data points relevant to your boardroom. This can lead to more effective and strategic decision-making.
Risk Registry: Board Intelligence includes a risk registry feature that can help in identifying, assessing, and monitoring all risks relevant to the organization. This feature promotes a proactive approach to managing risks, enhancing the board's performance efficiency.
Board Intelligence's focus is primarily on board reporting, whereas BoardPro provides a solution that manages the end-to-end needs of a board such as meeting scheduling, minutes, actions, and decision tracking. This could mean that using Board Intelligence as an alternative, some functionality may be unavailable or underdeveloped.
BoardPro offers a structured meeting and agenda workflow that guides users through the meeting process. With Board Intelligence, the meeting process may not be as streamlined or intuitive, potentially reducing efficiency.
Board Intelligence lacks the Risks and Opportunities module, a feature that is available in BoardPro. This means businesses using Board Intelligence would miss out on a strategic tool for identifying and addressing business risks and opportunities.
Board Intelligence's platform is heavily dependent on the input of managers and directors to populate its reports. Whereas, BoardPro provides a library of templates, checklists, and guidebooks which can save much valuable time for the board.
BoardPro offers a comprehensive Decision and Action Tracking feature. This allows you to link actions from one meeting to the next and monitor the process throughout. It's unclear if Board Intelligence's approach is as comprehensive in tracking actions and decisions tied to specific board meetings.

Pick #7


BoardPAC (https://www.Boardpac) is a robust alternative to BoardPro, serving as a board management software specifically designed to simplify the process of conducting and managing high-level meetings for both top executives and board members. Being an iPad-based system, BoardPAC brings a unique focus on intuitive user experience and mobility, promoting easy access to board papers, past meeting minutes, and other related strategic functions with real-time updating. Along with this, it also has additional integrated features such as RSVP tracking, meeting scheduling, and action item tracking to provide comprehensive management functionalities, making it a strong counterpart to BoardPro’s solutions.

User-Friendly Interface: BoardPAC has a very user-friendly and intuitive interface that is designed to be easy for individuals to navigate. This could be more efficient and less confusing for users who are not as technologically savvy, making it a more accessible alternative to BoardPro.
Audience Interaction: This platform offers features that encourage board members to interact during and after the meeting, which may not be provided by BoardPro. The availability of a Q&A section and the option to like or comment on posts makes the management of meetings more dynamic and interactive.
Modular Functionality: BoardPAC operates on a modular functionality basis, which allows the platform to be easily customized to the specific needs of a particular organization or board. This could be more effective in catering to the unique needs of different boards, compared to the one-size-fits-all model of BoardPro.
Advanced Meeting Management: BoardPAC incorporates advanced meeting management features, such as meeting scheduling, automated notifications, and an integrated meeting console. This can create a more integrated and seamless management process.
In-depth Analysis and Reporting: BoardPAC offers extensive capabilities in terms of data analysis and reporting. This includes the ability to create comprehensive reports with detailed analytics and insights, which may surpass the reporting capacities of BoardPro and provide better insight into board performance and decision-making.
Unlike BoardPro, BoardPac lacks an intuitive document management system. This means that the file organization may become cumbersome when dealing with a large number of documents.
BoardPac does not support real-time updates and collaboration to the same extent as BoardPro. This can lead to miscommunication or outdated information being used.
BoardPac's user interface is less user-friendly than BoardPro's interface. Newer users may find it more difficult to navigate and find the information they need.
While BoardPro offers a comprehensive suite of tools for board meetings, agendas, minutes, and actions, BoardPac is less robust in this regard. This can make managing meetings, setting agendas, and keeping track of minutes and actions more challenging.
BoardPac does not offer integration capabilities with popular third-party applications, such as calendar apps, as extensively as BoardPro. This limits the ability of users to incorporate the software into their existing workflows.

Pick #8

Diligent’s suite of products for board and leadership collaboration is a robust, integrated solution designed to streamline the workflows and enhance the decision-making processes of boards and leadership teams. Functioning as an alternative to BoardPro, Diligent provides secure, cloud-based management tools that facilitate collaboration, strategic planning, and governance. Its capabilities range from secure document sharing, communication tools, and real-time updates to meeting management, board evaluations, and reporting functionalities. Diligent’s comprehensive platform also incorporates features for entity and compliance management, ensuring companies fulfill their responsibility of regulatory adherence while staying efficient and effective in their governance processes.

Expanded Suite of Tools: provides not just a board and leadership collaboration tool but extends its services to a broader range of governance tools like entity management, risk and compliance management, and ESG solutions, giving companies a more comprehensive governance framework compared to Boardpro.
Deep Analytics Capabilities: provides advanced analytics capabilities to help decision makers understand key performance indicators (KPIs), trends, and risk factors better, which is a feature that may not be as robust on Boardpro.
Meeting Logistics: offers simplified meeting logistics, with features like smart agendas, easy material distribution, and meeting briefings, providing a more robust platform for meeting management compared to Boardpro.
Global Customer Support: offers 24/7/365 global customer support, providing companies with real-time assistance for any technical problems or questions, a feature that may not be as comprehensive or readily available in Boardpro.
Language Support: supports multiple languages, making it more suitable for international organizations that require multi-language capabilities for their board and leadership collaboration, which may not be as widely available on Boardpro.
Diligent does not provide features for Guided Decision-Making, unlike BoardPro, which has module-based structural insights for board members to help them make informed decisions. This can create communication challenges and potentially hinder optimal decision-making processes.
Diligent’s onboarding process can be more complex and time-consuming compared to BoardPro. BoardPro offers simple and clear user-guides and their onboarding process is a lot smoother.
The interface and usability of Diligent may not be as user-friendly as BoardPro. BoardPro offers a highly intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface, making it more user-friendly and decreasing the time it takes for users to familiarize themselves with the platform.
While Diligent comes with robust features, it lacks the intuitive meeting management system that BoardPro offers. This includes scheduling, reminders, agendas, and minute-taking, which significantly streamline meeting procedures.
Diligent may not integrate as seamlessly with other applications as BoardPro does. BoardPro's more flexible integration capabilities can result in more harmonious workflow and enhanced productivity.

Pick #9


iBabs is a comprehensive, cloud-based board management solution, which is an alternative to BoardPro. It streamlines the process of organizing and conducting meetings for institutions and businesses, offering features such as agenda creation, minute tracking, task management, decision making and document sharing. iBabs focuses on ensuring efficiency and security in the handling of sensitive information, similar to the functions of BoardPro. However, what sets it apart is its customizable nature, a noteworthy feature that provides companies with the flexibility to tailor the platform to their optical needs and work processes.

Advanced Search Capabilities: iBabs has a robust search engine that allows users to easily find specific text or items within meeting minutes, agendas, and attached documents. This can be particularly useful for board members who need to quickly access historical information or previous decisions.
Compliance Tracking: iBabs offers features that assist with governance and compliance management, allowing you to keep track of actions and decisions that may have legal or regulatory implications. This could be a plus point for organizations in regulated industries.
Seamless Integration: iBabs offers easy integration with common business software such as Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, and Google Drive. This allows users to work within their preferred systems without having to navigate away from them to use the board portal.
Meeting Logistics Management: iBabs offers a robust function for managing the logistics of board meetings, such as agenda management, minute tracking, and action item assignment. It can help streamline the administrative side of meetings and save time.
Read and Annotate Functionality: iBabs provides users the ability to read and annotate documents directly within the application. It thereby eliminates the need for board members to download, edit, and re-upload files and maintain versions, which could enhance efficiency and productivity.
iBabs lacks the in-built board evaluation feature that BoardPro offers. BoardPro's in-built board evaluation allows for consistent evaluation of board members and board meetings, helping in improvement over time.
iBabs interface can be a bit complex to navigate for new users. On the other hand, BoardPro is known for its intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes it easier for boards to start using it.
iBabs does not permit viewing of previous versions of modified documents. This added layer of transparency can be crucial in ensuring all members are on the same page in decision-making processes, a feature offered by BoardPro.
Unlike BoardPro, iBabs does not have a feature to track the meeting attendance. It's essential for boards to track meeting attendance to ensure effective governance.
iBabs lacks the robust reporting and overview capabilities that BoardPro has, for instance, the board pack compilation, which provides an overview of all relevant documents, decisions, and actions at a glance.

Pick #10

Nasdaq Boardvantage

Nasdaq Boardvantage is an leading board portal software platform used by various organizations to enhance their boardroom practices. Designed to streamline meeting processes, increase collaborations, and improve decision-making, it offers various functionalities such as document management, task assignment, voting, e-signatures, and more. As an alternative to BoardPro, Nasdaq Boardvantage presents a more comprehensive, versatile, and high-security solution which caters to the needs of different sectors like corporate, non-profit, and public sectors. While both platforms cater to board management needs, Nasdaq Boardvantage presents a more robust suite of tools ideally suitable for complex governance needs of larger or multi-national corporations.

Enhanced Collaborative Environment - Nasdaq Boardvantage offers features that foster a more collaborative, transparent, and efficient boardroom. Meeting preparation tools, task assignments, and inline discussions enable teamwork and ensures everyone is on the same page. This element is less pronounced in BoardPro.
Advanced Document Management - Nasdaq Boardvantage's commitment to paperless board meetings is highly commendable. The platform supports bulk upload, drag-and-drop functionality, and auto-save, making document management easy. While BoardPro also offers similar features, the level of sophistication in Nasdaq Boardvantage is higher.
Personalized Interfaces - Nasdaq Boardvantage offers fully customizable interfaces that allow each user to adjust their settings and workspace according to their preference, which makes for a more user-friendly experience compared to other platforms like BoardPro.
Tool Integration - Nasdaq Boardvantage integrates with other useful software like Microsoft Office, allowing a seamless transition between applications. Although BoardPro offers integrations too, Nasdaq Boardvantage's ability to work with a wider variety of software could be a defining advantage.
Entity Management - Nasdaq Boardvantage allows users to efficiently manage various entities under one platform. This feature, which gives a comprehensive view of all company affairs, may not be as refined in BoardPro, making Nasdaq Boardvantage a preferred option for complex organizations.
Boardvantage is primarily targeted and designed for large corporations and institutions with its robust and sophisticated tools. This makes it a less than ideal Boardpro alternative for smaller businesses or startups that need a simple and straightforward board management solution.
BoardVantage's user interface has been noted to be not as intuitive and user-friendly as Boardpro. New users may require more training to effectively navigate and fully utilize the system.
BoardVantage does not support as many integrations with other software systems as BoardPro. This can limit workflow flexibility and may mean that users cannot interface as seamlessly with their existing technology stack.
The mobile experience on BoardVantage may not be as smooth or as well as on BoardPro. This can detract from the flexibility and convenience of accessing board materials on the go.
Boardvantage requires users to use their inout model for certain processes which can be a limitation for organizations needing a more flexible and customizable workflow. BoardPro, on the other hand, seems to be more flexible and more easily tailored to the unique needs of individual businesses.

Pick #11

OnBoard Meetings is a comprehensive, intuitive, and secure board management software that serves as an alternative to BoardPro. It offers robust features like virtual board rooms, board member profiles, meeting schedulers, comprehensive task management, and collaborative tools that ensure smooth and effective board meetings. Equally compatible with all devices, it also highlights an unparalleled focus on data security, supporting features such as two-step verification and encryption to safeguard the sensitive information of organizations. It’s meticulous and responsive customer service, along with its interactive interface, provides ease of use, setting it apart from alternatives like BoardPro.

After carefully investigating the features and advantages of OnBoard Meetings and comparing them to BoardPro, here are 5 specific benefits to using OnBoard Meetings as a BoardPro alternative:
OnBoard Meetings offers seamless integration with other tools and platforms. This is particularly illustrative when it comes to popular platforms like Microsoft and G Suite which BoardPro lacks robust integration.
OnBoard Meetings comes with a virtual meeting room feature. This provides the functionality of hosting meetings virtually within the platform, which isn't offered by BoardPro.
OnBoard Meetings have an unlimited storage capacity for meeting materials and board documents as opposed to BoardPro which could have limitations depending on the subscription plan.
OnBoard Meetings provides real-time updating. Any changes made to documents or the meeting agenda get updated in real-time which provides more up-to-date information for participants compared to BoardPro.
In OnBoard Meetings, you can annotate documents directly in the web browser, which is a feature that BoardPro does not offer. This makes it more comfortable for users to make notes and comments for discussion directly on meeting materials.
After analyzing both and, here are five potential disadvantages of using OnBoard as an alternative to BoardPro:
OnBoard does not have a "Decision Log" feature, which is specifically present in BoardPro. This feature allows users to track the decisions made during meetings for future reference. This could reduce transparency and traceability of board decisions when using OnBoard.
OnBoard doesn't feature a "Meeting Pathways" interface like BoardPro, which provides clarity on the structure and order of meetings. This can make the meeting process less intuitive and possibly disorient end-users.
OnBoard may present a steep learning curve for some users, especially those who are not tech-savvy. On the other hand, BoardPro prides itself on usability and simple navigation.
BoardPro offers an integrated "Meeting Minutes" feature, which enables the seamless creation and distribution of structured meeting minutes. This feature is not as robust or integrated in the OnBoard platform which might affect meeting efficiency.
BoardPro offers an "Interest Register" where Board members can log potential conflicts of interest. This feature is not available in OnBoard and can lead to ethical issues not being transparently recorded and managed.
Please note, these disadvantages depend on the specific needs and requirements of an organization. For some users and groups, these features might not be as essential or relevant.


BoardPro is the optimal choice for organizations seeking a user-friendly and efficient tool to manage board meetings and streamline governance processes. Its intuitive interface and comprehensive features make it ideal for small to medium-sized businesses or nonprofit organizations that require a straightforward solution for setting agendas, sharing documents, and collaborating on decisions. BoardPro shines in environments where ease of use and quick implementation are key to improving board management and engagement without the need for extensive training or a steep learning curve.

On the other hand, it makes sense to opt for an alternative software product when the organization’s needs exceed beyond basic board management functionalities. For large corporations or enterprises dealing with complex governance structures, a software solution that offers advanced customization options, deeper integration capabilities with existing business systems, and robust security features might be more appropriate. Such organizations might benefit from a platform that can support a wider range of governance activities, including detailed reporting and analytics, to handle the intricate aspects of corporate governance and compliance requirements with greater precision.

Top 10: Best Boardpro Alternative