The 10 Best Avoma Alternatives

Explore various top-rated alternatives to Avoma that provide similar advanced AI features for meeting collaboration, recording, transcription and analytics.

Someone might look for an alternative to the AI Meeting Assistant offered by Avoma if they require specific features, integrations, or customization options not available with Avoma. The cost might also be a consideration. While Avoma’s AI assistant offers a range of capabilities including transcripts, insights, and follow-up tasks, a potential user may have budget restrictions or find the price point not proportional to their use case. The user might also have concerns about data privacy and security issues in entrusting sensitive business communications to AI technology, thus preferring a manual method or a different, more secure platform.

Why would you look for Avoma Alternative alternative?

One reason to consider an alternative to Avoma might stem from the need for heightened customization and integration capabilities. As businesses evolve, their requirements from software solutions often become more complex and specific. A generic approach might not suffice for unique operational workflows or specialized industries. Seeking out an alternative could provide the adaptability and tailored experience necessary for seamless integration with existing systems and processes, ensuring that all tools work in harmony and support the specific objectives of a business.

Another aspect driving the search for an Avoma alternative could be the desire for improved user experience and support. While Avoma offers a robust set of features, the user interface, ease of use, or customer support responsiveness might not meet everyone’s expectations. In fast-paced environments where time is of the essence, having a platform that is intuitive and backed by prompt, reliable support can significantly impact productivity and user satisfaction. Therefore, exploring other options may lead to discovering a solution that excels in user experience and provides exceptional service, ensuring any issues are swiftly addressed.

The Best Products

Avoma Alternative: Our Recommendations

Pick #1: Our Software


ZipDo, an innovative cloud-based collaboration software for meeting notes, has been transforming the dynamics of team collaboration by reinventing the methods of capturing, organizing, and sharing meeting notes. With its real-time note-taking capabilities, collaborative editing features, and compatibility with well-known calendars and productivity tools, it serves as an invaluable asset for teams, regardless of their size.

One of the key hallmarks of ZipDo is its real-time note-taking capability, which ensures everyone remains aligned during meetings, effectively negating the requirement of traditional note passing. Following the meeting, team members are offered the convenience to modify and contribute to the notes for presenting the most recent updates.

When it comes to note organization, ZipDo is superlative, facilitating smooth categorization into diverse channels or folders. The efficiency is significantly amplified with its searchable notes, paving the way for quick retrieval of specific details, nullifying the need for time-consuming scrolling or manual searches.

ZipDo’s note-sharing function guarantees secure dissemination of information with team members, clients, or associates through its granular access control. The seamless integrations with various calendars further automate the process of collaborative note generation for each meeting, circumventing the necessity of manual entries.

In a nutshell, ZipDo stands out as an easy-to-use platform that provides a comprehensive suite of features aimed at enhancing team productivity, promoting collaboration, and simplifying project management. Through its real-time note-taking, collaborative editing, superior organization, easy retrieval, secure sharing, and practical integrations, ZipDo streamlines the process of managing meetings, thereby guaranteeing efficient progression of projects.

Pick #2 is an innovative technology tool that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to transcribe verbal conversations, meetings, interviews, or any voice-based communications into written text. It also acts as an alternative to AVOMA’s AI Meeting Assistant by recording conversations in real time, transcribing them, and using AI algorithms to extract meaningful insights and actionable items. also provides features such as speaker identification, searchable history, and exporting options. The software can be particularly useful for professionals or organizations that require regular meeting notes, transcription services, or analysis of verbal data.

Better Transcription Capabilities - is well recognized for its higher accuracy in transcribing spoken words into text. Transcriptions are more accurate and cleaner compared to numerous other organizations in the same area.
Collaboration Features - offers advanced features that allow for increased collaboration between team members. Users can share notes and transcriptions easily which boosts teamwork and communication.
Real-time Transcription - With, users get the advantage of real-time transcription which isn't as fluid in some alternatives. This enables on-the-go modifications and quick data capture.
Comprehensive Keyword Search - The application is integrated with a handy function that allows users to search the entire database of their recorded and transcribed content effortlessly with keywords, streamlining data analysis.
Versatile Integration - provides extensive integration functionalities, which enable users to sync their notes with a variety of services such as Zoom for capturing and transcribing meeting data.
Less Comprehensive Meeting Management Tools: Compared to Avoma, lacks some of the comprehensive tools and features specifically designed for end-to-end meeting management. While is great at transcription and note-taking, Avoma offers meeting scheduling, agenda setting, action item tracking and more, making it a more complete solution for meeting management.
Limited Support for Multiple Participants: can sometimes struggle to accurately identify and transcribe speech from multiple participants in a conversation. This can become a problem during large meetings or conference calls with multiple speakers where Avoma may perform better.
Lack of Integration with Other Tools: has fewer integrations with other workplace tools compared to Avoma. This can limit the ability to share meeting summaries, transcripts, or tasks with other tools and platforms your team may be using.
Absence of AI-Powered Meeting Insights: One of the key features of Avoma is its ability to provide AI-driven insights from meetings. It can highlight parts of the conversations that might need further attention, or reveal patterns over time. lacks this AI-powered analytics feature.
No Personal Assistant Features: Unlike Avoma, doesn't have a built-in AI assistant. An assistant feature in Avoma helps users prepare for meetings by providing information about attendees, past meetings, and suggested speaking points, thus adding context and value to the meetings.

Pick #3


Rewatch is a cloud-based video archival and intelligence platform used for organizing, transcribing, and searching through video content from your meetings. Unlike Avoma’s AI Meeting Assistant which primarily focuses on real-time transcription, insights, and next-step actions for meetings, Rewatch offers post-meeting features that allow for a collaborative effort to review, analyze and search all video-related content such as company-wide meetings, product demos, or webinars. The platform allows for the creation of ‘channels’ or ‘collections’ for easy archival of related videos, time-coded annotations for specific points of interest, and detailed analytics for viewer engagement statistics.

Enhanced Search Features: Rewatch has powerful search functionality that centralizes video data, allowing you to easily find specific information. This can be more efficient compared to Avoma, if the company specifically works a lot with video content.
Strong Video Management: Rewatch excels at managing video content. This might suit businesses that rely heavily on video content, providing them with more specialized services compared to what Avoma offers.
Video Channel Organization: Rewatch allows for the creation and management of video channels. These channels can be organized around various topics or teams, providing a more structured way of grouping content together, which isn't a key focus of Avoma.
API Availability: Rewatch offers an API that can be used for numerous functions such as extracting transcript data. This advanced level of customization and extractability might not be available or as prominent with Avoma.
Video Content Focus: Rewatch's entire operation revolves around video content, whereas Avoma offers broader functionality. If a company is solely looking for a video-collaboration tool rather than a wider collaboration tool, Rewatch could be more beneficial for them.
Rewatch might not be as integrated with other essential business tools as Avoma. For instance, Avoma connects with multiple CRMs to sync data, which is a feature Rewatch might lack.
Rewatch primarily focuses on internal communication and doesn't enable users to record and transcribe external calls, while Avoma provides automatic transcriptions of customer meetings and calls.
Rewatch may not provide as holistic an AI-driven analysis as Avoma, limiting the ability to derive actionable insights from conversation analytics.
Rewatch is largely video-centered. If your team doesn't have a habit or requirement of recording team meetings, this functionality might not be fully utilized.
The categorization and organizing system of Rewatch appears to be less sophisticated than that of Avoma. The latter offers better search and sorting capabilities, making it easier to locate specific portions of conversations or meetings.


Avoma proves to be the ideal choice for teams and individuals seeking to enhance their meeting productivity through advanced AI-driven features, such as automated transcription, actionable insights, key moment detection, and comprehensive analytics. Its integration with popular video communication platforms and CRMs makes it especially suited for sales teams, customer success managers, and project leaders who aim to streamline their workflows, improve client engagement, and ensure that valuable information is captured and easily accessible. For organizations prioritizing collaborative efficiency and actionable intelligence from their meetings, Avoma offers a sophisticated, user-friendly solution.

In scenarios where specific, niche functionalities take precedence over comprehensive meeting insight tools, alternative software products may be more suitable. For instance, if the primary need revolves around basic video recording or simple note-taking without the depth of AI analysis, a more specialized, lightweight tool might serve better. Additionally, smaller teams or individuals with a tight budget might explore alternatives that cater to fundamental needs without the extensive feature set that Avoma provides. Choosing an alternative would make sense for those whose demands are centered around simplicity, cost-effectiveness, or very specific features not covered by Avoma’s broad, AI-enhanced capabilities.

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